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the intros sound shockingly similar? who wrote the theme songs? why do they sound so similar to each other
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>konosuba vs love live
>the topic is the fucking intro song
>pic is kashima from kancolle
>drawn by asanagi
What a ride, OP.
I'm native to /b/ and /r9k/ where retarded combinations like this are common. I should come here for hentai sauce
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When are we going to have an anime where asanagi does the character designs? His (her?) women are completely perfect.

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What is this girls problem?
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my dick isn't in her anus
low iq fat butt no pan goddess
She's not pregnant with my baby.

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best sports anime
>prove me wrong
Wish there was merchandise for this, I would kill for a smile figure
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Hory fucking shit the art is uggly as fuk.

It was pretty fucking good. .

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Urusei Yatsura
Kate Kano
Oniisama e
Flip Flappers
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Vaporwave AMVs are so dumb.
Kemono fucking Friends
i have fapped to this image once

What exactly is the purpose of this character?
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otaku weeb pandering

When will you admit that Kyoukai no Kanata has one of the most beautiful line art and coloring in TV anime history?
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mirai fainted.jpg
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When I'm not drinking baby you are on my mind
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Bitch respect my mind.

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This is what peak performance looks like
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It's irritating me that a girl with no ability to sense her own time resets would develop a habit of resetting time at all. She could be as morally upstanding as Jesus or whatever your peak morale performance is. That's completely irrelevant.
She has never succeeded in resetting time, as far as she herself is concerned. From her perspective, her ability doesn't work. Every memory she has of attempting it is a failure.
Before she teamed up with Kei, "resetting" would have been as unnatural to her as attempting to fly.
And yet she keeps doing it, and for some reason she even has a memory of how to do it correctly (which can be stolen).
If you try to view the premise of the story from the perspective of Haruki, it ceases to make sense.
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She's gonna buy all the kit-kats, someone stop her.

Think of their abilities as like natural instinct for animals. Also Haruki thinks the events will change if she resets even if she doesn't remember the reset itself.
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this is it we have finally reach single digits posters

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Wait, aren't they supposed to be racing?
That's pretty slow.
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>That's pretty slow.
No it isn't.

50km/h is the speed limit inside of cities here in germany. Its awfully slow.
Probably racing at the speed limit.

50 kmh is almost stopping for a car.

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That's a big tank.
because they're inside of a dream
"penetration achieved" the tank design

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What's so special about Lain and why do neckbeard NEET STEM wannabes love it so much?
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It's the 90's Internet and its communities personified.
takes seriously the internet as an embodiment of the collective unconscious. Filled with references to nerdy computer science stuff (hypertext, Xanadu).
I want to fuck Lain.

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Why didn't they just create a sword with a flavor text that allows them to go back to their world?
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Because they are living in a database.
And? If the flavor text of items becomes real then what stops them from making super powerful shit with ridiculous flavor texts when some blacksmith chick already rewrote a flavor text anyways?
Because they are living in a database.

Why is that hard to understand?

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Why the fuck hasn't anyone subbed this film yet? The BD is out and everything now and it's easily one of Yuasa's greatest achievements.
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The dub is really underrated
Are you talking about the shitty gag dub?
>shitty gag dub
>literally translated most of Shinnosuke's jokes as it was, like his Mr. elephant dance and his wordplay jokes (welcome home instead of I'm home)
eat a dick it was awesome
plus shin-chan is a really hit or miss show
sometimes the audience is kids
other times it is adult

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But SZS and PPD exist
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' _7 '.png
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>Satoshi Kon is kill
>Ryutaro Nakamura is kill
>Kenji Nakamura has only produced cringefest shows after his masterpiece Kuuchu Buranko

Is there anyone besides Masaaki Yuasa who can save us from the shitty state of the Anime industry?
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He said someone who can save us from the shitty state of the Anime industry.
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Katabuchi, duh. He did it last year too.
his anime looks so korean

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