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Would you love an actual inhuman monster?
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You dumbshit. Of course 2d girls look bangable but if you are to ask me to transfer how she looks on a 3d girl, then fuck no. You can't bang 2d you idiots, only 3d. Fuck. I hate explaining this crap.
Dunno why I love this guy's art so much, creepylewd is hot.
what he said.
irl I'd probably be dry heaving on the floor the moment I saw her

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dumping raw
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Quick someone catch her before she gets to the front page
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But anon
She's running towards page 10
not even a sage

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Don't you dare
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giant forehead ugly bitch

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>the last anime you watched now takes place in eastern europe

what happens ?
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>tsurezure children

All the guys are small time criminals and the girls are whores.
Literally when are we getting a SoL anime about slavs being poor and doing drugs?

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>get up to last epsiode of anime
>never feel like watching it anymore
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>last epsiode of anime
good one, stuff never ends anymore and if we are lucky get past the 12 episode crap.
I have a good 15 different series that I dropped on the 11th episode because I don't want to be in the position where it's finished.
>show airs
>fucking love the show and want more
>3 years later a movie comes out
>don't give a shit anymore and never watch it

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>Sora to Umi no Aida takes place in the near future Earth, where all the fish suddenly vanishes from the ocean and whales being the only ones remaining. In this world, scientists have been taking measures to find a way to cultivate fish using giant tanks in space that are handled by space fishermen.
>Space fishermen mostly consists of men, but due to equal employment laws the demand for space fisherwomen has increased, and the story revolves around the six new young girls who are new to the field.
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I like it already
That's a very cute boy on the right.
What is this, a reverse So Long and Thanks For All the Fish?

Gals are pure.
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I had a nice chuckle.
I said pure.

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ITT: we create a pleb filter

I'll start

>watches dubs
>likes garbage like Naruto, Bleach or Dragon Ball
>watches cute girls do cute things anime like K-ON or etc.
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K-on may be shit, but Hidamari and Azumanga are patrician
>watches anime
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Isn't CGDCT essentially the backbone and mascot(s) of 4chan.

Freddie > Red > White > Green > Purple > Black > Blue
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red a shit
White > Red > Freddie >> Green >>> Purple >>>>> shit >>>>> Blue > Black


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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon CH.45
+ Kanna no Nichijou CH

Against all odds I finished the translation of this chapter sooner than expected. So I also did one more of the kanna spin-off.
Both happen to feature Iruru and Saikawa. Enjoy.

Previous chapters:
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Ok ok, what the fuck was that?
The so-called box that made everyone shit their collective pants was just a legal document with an extra article? That's it?
Also, the Gundams turned super saiyan . Why? That was way too over the top, even with insanity like Amuro deflecting an entire asteroid.
It was a nice series but the ending was a bit disappointing. At least people will live peacefully now. right?
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Amuro deflecting an entire asteroid was over the top, but it was the right amount of over the top. I never really had a problem with it, I even think it was cool. Unicorn was just a disappointment overall.
It was a legal document that proved the EF was full of shit all along and were knowingly lying to everyone on Earth and in the colonies. All of the Zeon-led wars in UC wouldn't have happened if they didn't try to cover it up.

And of course there's no lasting peace. Late UC exists and proves that it never sticks for long.
Oh no, I'm not complaining about Amuro deflecting Axis; in fact (and ironically Unicorn talked about it a lot) it was a miracle becoming true thanks to the psychoframe and the hopes of the people.
Something very different to all the shit the Unicorn did during the last OVA.

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Has anyone on /a/ ever tried drawing themselves/making an animation short?

How many of you would actually like to be part of this industry as something more than a consumer?
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Of course I would like to, but I mean, it's practically impossible to do much of anything with anime in the west. The closest is something like Avatar, and that isn't saying much.
Not to mention, it's a shitty business to get into yourself. Like making video games.
>it's a shitty business to get into yourself. Like making video games.

Vidya has more than 2 orders of magnitude more money in it than animation. It's the largest entertainment industry, currently. Many indies make a good living
I would make a manga for shits and giggles if I knew how to draw.

Is A-kun cool?
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No he is a shit like friend, brother and maybe person
Literally me

Enchanté, /a/. Would you be so kind as to explain why it is that Koume is undisputedly the best urara?
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Juicy body made for the cock.
I want to squeeze her pudgy tummy.
Because Tarot Card girl is always best girl.
This is a fact.

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