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Just wondering, is there a rule against posting official scanned releases on /a/? The only Reason I ask is because I kinda wanted to start doing chapter dumps of the rest of Volume 10.
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if you fucking do this you're gonna ruin it for everyone. Next volume comes out in less than a week don't fuck this up anon.
What? Literally no one translates this series anymore and most people don't buy official releases. Dump it.
Is it against the rules/will it cause trouble, is what I'm asking. If so, I won't dump the chapters.

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Hououin Kyouma's Revival.jpg
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Starting with Hououin Kyouma.
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>/thread'ing your own post

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go go go
bonus points if paint
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I'm not the best artist and I'm trying to use paint on a laptop, but here's my attempt.
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so Bandai heard you like Isekai, /a/.
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>banagher lookalike with glasses
how bad can it get?
either give him a delta plus or fuck off
I was reading some synposis of anime from a decade ago. Looks like things haven't changed one bit.

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>Hello Mam, if you need he-
>*runs out of the store*

I really hope none of you actually do this.
I don't go to stores to avoid that

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What's your OP of the season? I don't even think it's close
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Aho since its always changing and pure fun.
the koi OP sucks though, it's the worst anime OP ive ever heard

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I miss you Mikan.
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Mikan and Lala.jpg
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>Males Only, Anal, Pregnant.
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With the power of SCIENCE and MAGIC combined, it's possible.
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>Females Only, Big Dick

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Where the fuck is it
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Where the fuck is what?

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It's time for your daily dosage
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8 8 3
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Thanks Papika

>spends an entire two chapters refusing to take part in this conflict and constantly trying to throw out the lizard and avoid any sort of responsibility
>meets the girl once and she says some dumb shit about wanting to destroy the world
>immediately bows down and pledges his life and agrees to help with zero hesitation
This is only three chapters in and it's already retarded. How do people like this so much?
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>Not bowing down and pledging your life when a JK loli asks you to
Anon your life has no worth, she wouldn't want it anyway.
read narutaru.
it's the same.
but better
dude hates the world, everything and everyone in it and his life, wants to die, but not before killing everyone else including (and especially) his grandfather

lizard shows up and tries to convince him to save the world, "fuck you"

princess power punch shows up and tries to convince him to destroy the world. "yep, lets roll!"

it's not surprising in the least.

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>Tries to prevent the spiral nemesis and the destruction of the universe, further reinforced by the fact that Lordgenome said this was the truth
So the Anti-Spiral literally did nothing wrong?
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He appeared in a shitty anime.
Well, he lost so he objectively did something wrong
You're not getting this (You)

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Hoshikawa Hikayu.jpg
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How would you react if Hikayu's fandisc is a Muv-Luv style Alternative universe set in a LOGH-esque space opera setting, with Hikayu as heir to a star empire?

Also, EP 16 pv:

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i'm a simple man, i just want to see her panties
There was no pantyshot in the show until now.
>that preview
What did they mean by this?

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What's your favorite episode & gag? Who's your favorite girl?
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>favorite episode
Don't really have a favorite episode. I liked it all.

"You were there?"
>"Yes, always."

Tie between Kitsu Chiri and Tsunetsuki Matoi.

Anyway, where are people downloading this series nowadays?
My favorite gag was the "He has heard it 1000 times before" my favorite girl was Chiri of course.
Chiri is best SZS

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You haven't seen the greatest mahou shoujo ever.
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That's not Moetan.
Sad the actual clothes change is instant, but that's still pretty cool.

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