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Mikuru is Kyon's sister
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Considering there is a future Ashahina, it makes sense there are multiple Asahinas.
all rook same
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Kyon wants to fuck his sister!

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Now that Fairy Tail is ending, say something nice about it.
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I mean the girls are pretty hot.
Lucy was literally designed for breeding.
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Just got back from my local theater to watch the first 3 episodes. As a non-manga reader, it feels like watching Natsume Yuujinchou in a classic victorian setting like GOSICK and Dantalian no Shoka. The story, pacing and its magic exposition are somewhat similar to Flying Witch, and the background art is stunning. Nothing much to say other than I hate Chise being so emotional, crawling-in-my-skin type girl, and I'm excited to see more of her cute interaction with Elis. Also, I want Silky to be my bride.

Thoughts, /a/?
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Just also finished it in theater too. And goddamn I feel awkward watching this heavy stuff with other people. This show only good when you sit by yourself in your own room and watched it. But I commend the art and the fucking OST, fucking OST is haunted the fuck of me out right now
Up to date on manga, watched by myself.

This is damn good and emotional
What the fuck, for some reason I thought this adaptation was a series and not a movie, I was reading the manga slowly until they begin broadcasting it, but I don't know what to say now.

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is Piccolo a husbando or waifu?
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don't ask me, ask Vegeta
they are asexual, like freiza, they are neither.
Does that mean Piccolo can't be in the waifu or husbando claiming threads?

Why are so many people on /a/ obsessed with the idea of having a weak action/adventure protagonist? Why do so many people on /a/ pretend that heroes who lose all the time are rare? Why do so many people on /a/ spread the lie that anime is overflowing with overpowered leads?

If you want to see a hero lose, watch any series with battles in it. They're not hard to find. The problem is you complain whenever the lead accomplishes anything. If an isekai character spends five episodes getting his ass kicked and finally does something right on the sixth episode, you bitch and moan what unrealistic wish fulfillment it is. But the bigger problem is, why the hell do you want that? Why do you want to see a hero who's weak and can't do anything? It's one thing if you're watching a realistic drama. But in an action/adventure series, the hero is supposed to beat the villain. That's literally what it's about. You're basically going to an Italian restaurant and whining that there are too many tomato-based dishes.
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Mostly because OP from the start MC is common as fuck. We want more characters with a weak start, then gradually become OP as fuck.
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I know right, mary sues are the greatest thing ever! I love mary sues! I love self-inserting! Fuck people saying that it's bad!
>Mostly because OP from the start MC is common as fuck
No they aren't

>We want more characters with a weak start, then gradually become OP as fuck.
You have too many already

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How do you make him happy again?
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Is there a single character that suffers more than Kazuma?
>Is there a single character that suffers more than Kazuma?

I gotcha you, nigga.
Honestly I'd take his place

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How do we stop them?
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That's what I'd like to know
Weren't they making a Robotech revival like the Voltron one?
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we run this shit.png
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With the power of pop music.

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S2 Soon(tm)
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lol I wish
Reminder that Mao and Emi is canon OTP and there's nothing that you can do about it. Sorry.

Ruins your series
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Joke's on you, it was ruined since the begining
Ever since Super happened, its been ruined.

Its a dead horse that has been beaten so much it has rotted away to nothing. They seek only money now. Every cent they can milk.

Toriyama is a hack. He always was.
she's literally perfect fag

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Do you like girls who look like boys?
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Only a faggot wouldn't.
It's more accurate to say they are girls who look like boys that look like girls

How is it possible for one girl to have such a lewd body?

Where the fuck is season two, Doga Kobo.
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Good main-role debut for her VA, too.
How can one girl be so perfect?

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This guy is a real niga
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>draw a girl
>call it a boy
wHOAH, That change in his eyes
I have bad news for you.

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Yellow > other colors
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> Color Wars was seven years ago
Time sure flies.
Blue > Red > others
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Green a best.

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3x3 thread
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Go to bed digi
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Hi digi

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Deadmans Wonderland
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Whoops torrent
Edgy shit without any merit.
starts off promising as some kind of prison escape manga with a mystery and some super powers. Not too far in though and it becomes a tournament shonen and all the main characters are all misunderstood or wrongly convicted. The manga had the balls to show edgy shit, but not make actually evil humans be the heroes, in a manga set in the largest prison in japan/the world.

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