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What the fuck? You can't just say something like this to a 12 year old girl!!!
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How would you have phrased it then?
Fill your belly with children.
Then I'm going to fill your belly with my white seed just like your mother wanted.

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>btw I have AIDS
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That's what you get for sharing needles, druggie.
That's what I was also thinking.
Although, I doubt AIDS exists in this world if there are heroes like Recovery Girl, or if there are some super-intelligence quirks.

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Would you take her virginity?
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Only if she showers first desu
no shes gross
She'd probably vomit or shit herself from the panic attack. No.

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Finally Edited version:
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>No sex of any kind
Shit chapter
Well, this is plot driven thing, not episodic.
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Shoichi Masuo passed away today.
He was 57 years old.

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Did he love to play the piano?
He is a famous animator.
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What makes C.C. so special?

She's the biggest Femme Fatale in anime.
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she's the ultimate waifu
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You'll understand when you get older

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Akagi is the male lead that all male leads should be. Not the other way around
They dont have to be players, they dont have to be popular, they dont have to be completely enveloped in the pussy. THEY JUST HAVE TO BE ALPHAS. This is the true nature of strong male leads. The ALPHA is the dominate one in any relationship. HAREMS ARE NO EXCEPTION. In fact all harems should have the male be dominate. Not the male be dominated by literally every girl he is affiliated with.
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It's "dominant", you /pol/refugee.
Sorry for my bed england
I selled my wife for internet connection
Alpha leads are even more blatant wish-fulfillment self-inserts and just as boring as betas in their own way.

I just want normal people.

New episode out. You guys still alive there?
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But I can't watch the episode today.
I'm still alive. I really wish more people would watch this, just to see their reaction to the bullying.
Man, this is even shorter than Tsurezure Children.

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I really miss Spike guys
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poor man's lupin
Don't worry, you'll see plenty more of him in the live action adaptation!
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>implying it will actually happen
fuck you man seriously, i hope we won't ever get it, Cowboy Bebop remains the best anime and nothing else, neither manga nor live action. We saw all we needed, more of it would sucks

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When does this get better? I started reading the manga and so far it's really mediocre. The first 7 chapters are just rehashed with a new bad guy showing up and him getting defeated. After that some new dumb bad guy group shows up out of nowhere and wants to destroy the newspaper club just because. The art teacher shows up again and their plan is "we can kill Tsukune because he's a human". I mean for fucks sake every fucking chapter someone tried to kill him or the girls. Even the girl that worked with them tried to kill him and Moka.
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You sound new to anime. Are you?
I said I'm reading the manga. And no, I don't think so. I know this is nothing new, but I'm just getting tired of all the tropes and shit after all these years. I started watching anime 13-14 years ago if I'm not mistaken.
I honestly like the first half more. Gets too battle shoneny at the end. Also Moka's mom cucks Moka super hard.

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>Put traps in it and you will become a billionaire

Fuck off this is overdone..
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Himegoto's MC was a trap but that was poorly received, both critically and in terms of sales.
Name one
Having a trap doesn't guarantee sales, it just guarantees pixiv fanart.
Being a Fate spinoff guarantees sales, however.

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Who is your favorite isekai/fantasy genderbend MC? Yun a cute. I hope /a/ feels the same.
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Im sorry for being silly but what manga is this may i ask?
Here's the spoon:

Only sense online.

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What do you want to see happen in the 22/7 anime?
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Cute girls doing cute things to cute girls.
K-On with idols.
Cute girls getting cute boyfriends to do cute couple things

How important is anime to you?
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I'd die without it, so not very important.
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It only adds dimensions for aesthetics and an audio, which is nice but manga can live without it.
I could probably live without.

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Do you think we'll ever get something as complex as Bleach in our lifetimes again?
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>Do you think we'll ever get something as pretentious as Bleach in our lifetimes again?
>oh my almighty nen!
People are too busy bullshitting nowadays. It won't be happening; if it does, it's gonna be a long time before another surfaces.

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