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I keep on seeing people shit post that this mother fucker is actually Master Roshi.
But look at his muscles and form.
Master Roshi is just a feeble old man.
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I still don't get how people say that they're the same person.
>Master Roshi
More like Master Roidi
Well, no one had heat of Jackie Chun before that day, and the he suddenly comes, wins the prize and proceeds to disappear again? Some people are bound to come up with crazy theories.

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Why Hachikuji is best loli? Because she is permanent loli..
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The real best loli is me on the right.
Is it really necessary to spoiler that? Episode 4 of a show from 2009 should be fair game by this point
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>encounter JK delinquents
how do you proceed?
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Realize I am outside and proceed to panic while wondering how and why this happened.
why do delinquents wear long skirts?

Wait so was this all a dream or not?
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i really hope you're joking, anon
tbqh i dont even know if this is bait anymore

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So, is this a masterpiece?
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Debatable but Chi-chan is love.

Although I had seen the Death Note anime a decade ago, I only decided to read the manga recently as a refresher for the upcoming movie. Although the plot was fun, there was one major issue that I don't see brought up a lot.

The characters are completely flat and generally don't evolve past their introduction. You can sum up each character as a premise that applies to them for their entire existence. Light is a little more complicated, but only for plot reasons.

"Light Yagami" barely exists as a character. He is Kira, and Kira is the protagonist. "Light Yagami" becomes a facade immediately after L makes his challenge, and the character that exists before this is just a bored, overachieving teenager who found something extremely empowering. When he gives up his ownership of the Death Note, the resulting character isn't really much of a character. In fact, the only genuine character you can glean is by comparing him when he was Kira to when he isn't. He's smart, has a sense of justice and respect for his father, and has zero interest in women. That is all of Light Yagami in one sentence. Kira is that with an over-inflated ego and God complex. Light also seems to detest using women emotionally over all else while Kira gets off on it because it feeds his ego.

I can't even say that Matsuda evolves as a character because 5 minutes after he tearfully shoots Light, he goes back to his regular character, and the epilogue chapter doesn't have any sort of hardened Matsuda. Still, it made for a fantastic scene heavy with emotion.
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And because it's obligatory
it's only good because Madhouse of the olde, but even with all their directing and music powers they couldn't fix the main problem of "we mangakas wanted this to be Kira vs world really but ended up with Kira vs these homo dead dudes, but what now?.."
I thought Near and Mello were pretty good actually. My main problem with the latter half of the story in the manga is that the plot became overly convoluted and a little difficult to follow. One of the more controversial aspects of the story to me were the "conveniences". As in, with Light as the protagonist, you'd know just about everything he knew except when it was convenient to the story. But even when you didn't know everything from Light's point of view, you'd know everything from L's point of view, essentially making him a second protagonist of sorts. Towards the end, this kind of fell apart as we stopped seeing the full story from any character's point of view. We didn't know that Mikami had been hiding his Death Note in the bank and it was just like a random plot point introduced in the middle of all the other exposition at the end when every character laid their cards on the table. It stopped being "I have three Jacks and I know Mikami can sneak me fourth one, but I know that there are still three Aces and four Kings that have yet to be played and the chances of Near having them are..." to not knowing what anyone's cards were for a turn or two.

Not only that, but Near and Mello both had selective information about the case from when it was under L and you had to not confuse what they knew individually with what L and the Japanese task force knew.

But it was fun watching Light be made a fool of by Mello while Near insulted his intelligence over the phone.

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What's the deal with tomboys?
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>can somewhat keep up physically with men
>probably isn't a whiny bitch
>toned muscles are hot
>sweaty sex
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To this day, I don't know if Seo loves, hates or enjoys tormenting tomboys.
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They are for mutual consent loving.

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Now that the dust has settled, what did you guys really think about flip flappers?
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I loved her big eyes, long hair, and that meme tongue, and that's all enough.
muh alzheimers

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This time the cupid twist involves technology it seems.
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Quick run down MC, Takeru Kimuro works at a silicon company that specializes in adult toys for men they are launching a new onahole called the Bang Do no. 3. The company is mostly men bar 2 other normal female employees and the team leader the girl with the glasses here Mio Amagami.
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The workload is mostly jerking off with the prototypes and writing reviews about it for tweaking and the like. However Mio is a ballbuster sexual harasser power abusing boss bitch so the review session for the newest line gets a little heated lol...
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So was Li-kun gay the whole time? Also Cardcaptor Sakura thread, I guess.
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We call it "being attracted to his moon magic" these days
magical homosex their equivalent to that Pokemon episode when Magnimite was attracted to Pikachu.

also I think Yukito is asexual
young and easily impressed, as depicted by rotten females

Was he the real hero of Code Geass?
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it's ZI Britannia you fool.
Notto this shitto again
desu his world sounded pretty fucking tight. No conflict and everybodys just chill with it

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Anon crushed to death
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One must become one with the inner tank.
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I mean I am not hating its just that its like there's too much digital shit when the produce an anime series these day.

Violent Evergarden looks like its on steroids. I feel like when people say they have a fuck ton of budget is because they don't realize they use this eerie digital shot to make it look good.

Not to say I don't enjoy some of their anime because I loved their A Silent Voice movie.
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Because it's cheap and quick to make.

Modern anime isn't made for Japanese, it's made for mentally ill otakus because they buy all the $200 figurines. It's not really they're fault and it's the same in the United States.
I think you have no idea what you're talking about and wanted an excuse to go off on your spiel there.
What do you mean? Hand-drawn animation is very expensive.

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Was it rape?
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Maomao pleases muscular men for money.
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto.

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>Can't carry a conversation for shit.
>Has only been touched by one old man and groped by his son.
>Will likely not pay you back.
Is there a more shitty girl in NGE?
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it's like an onahole but perfect.
No. People are supposed to look like that. Stop being fat.
You can always rape her and feel like it's her first time.

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