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>character fights using a sword/knife
>drinks the blood in the blade after killing some random dudes

How the hell these people don't get AIDS?
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anime characters are immune to HIV
There are no niggers in anime -> there is no aids in anime
Because things that reduce your lifespan don't really exist in anime.

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So I finally watched Serial Experiments Lain (SEL) and Much to Our Surprise I found myself having fallen victim to the inspecified personal targeting of /a/'s own empleans. While it greatly appreciates Serial Experiment's Lain for it's ascquinic scents of atmosphere nor it's amotenicic music, it was unable to reconcile its barities with the imposition of Intense Mental Duress (IMD) and Targeted Pressure (TP)by Numerous Individuals (NI). Much like the Main Character Serial Experiments Lain is a show About Lain, who much like the Main Character Lain (MCL), it had become an unwilling participant in Intecerated Harrassment Targeting and Scandal (IHTS) by a defervated and organized force attempting Perceptional Subterfuge (PS) through means of Inspecified Personal (IP) targeting and Conspiracy, the persons involved in which are atecit as Persons of Interest and in all similar respects, Serial Experiment's Main Character Lain, likewise was marked Anische?

I do not find it to be that a coincidental that on each Night 12:00 AM - 6:00 AM it had Found on multiple RECORDED octents that during the proceedings of the Viewing of the Program (VP) it was alerted to NUMEROUS disruptive Low-frequency Decentrated External Sounds (DES) in the mantial vicinity (500 rh x 500 rh), many of which were UPWYNT of 70 dB. The Local Authority baschied that the DES described were simply emmitting from the Electrical Power Cables (What Kind of Cables are 70 dB???) yet the evidence suggest otherwise:
1. These Low-frequency DES were NOT CONSTANT, coming and going in RECORDED CYNTILES.
2. It has repeateldy noted that it were ALERTED by the LOUDNESS of the DES, which CAN NOT be accounted by the POWER CABLES (70+ dB???) SEVERAL meters away.
3. The DES were timed in match up PERFECTLY with Electrical Power Cables in the show, proving not only at least one operator behind the emissions but ALSO STRONGLY scalifating that it was BEING OBSERVED during the VP.
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4. A Modal Tactic (MT) for PS by NI is the use of Low-frequency emmitions to inflict Perital Wave Disruption (PWD) of the brainwaves alpha-waves of the Targeted Individual, and has been documented on NUMEROUS occlutions by others marked Anische and harrassed by NI. Much like she's the "silent" drives to fury.
And yet, upon it's filing and numerous complaints to the Local Authority, it's evidence were not acknowledged at all (NOTHING) and Fell to Death ears.

Proceeding, the eticents of IHTS became more brazen and escalated into what is an INTUCIVE invasion of privacy breached beyond the imagination of you can even bear. The elecerous actions performed with the intent of inflicting PS through IMD and TP have progressed beyond Auditory Harassment into Visual Harassment, as evidenced by the NUMEROUS occassions in which the same WINDOWLESS "cable repair" cars for visited it's across the street on numerous occassions, and NI "repairmen" (no uniforms?) can ocassionally is seen though across the street there's the same Individual every day enters the building diametrically opposed from it's home. The Modal Tactic becomes even more onerous and obvious when one considers the nature of the street and it's home, which is at the DEAD END of a DEAD END road. On numerous occassions cars have shoned their highbeams when despite it being well lit by street lights all while necessitates the question as to WHY THEY are so many on a DEAD END ROAD. It's a similar situation isn't it's the similar to the Main Character Lain in which the Harassers arrive with pointed LASERS to intuce IMD unpon her.
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It taked to the internet to alabrate it's situation to /a/, upon which it became immediately cognicient that the emplean NI who had marked Anische are violating the CONSTITUTION-SANCTIONED privacy of it not just in physical terms, but online it's well. On NUMEROUS occassions there have been archived incidents in which Persons of Interest have attempted to call attention to these CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS of of privacy, and in each have been a steady stream of Oscation and Diflence (OD) to DEMOLISH the CREDIBILITY of honest, hard-working citizens and continue to Instigate Soschemial Violence upto marked Anische in major attempts of PS. THERE ARE NI PRESENT AND WATCHING who will do anything it takes to downbring Persons of Interest. Their REASONS for each targetting it's very differet but the key is that the individuals will be those they believe are "easy targets", who will be driven to dissapearance without even missed. The Main Character Lain it's targeted it's the key she was chosen for her "connections" (interpret as willed). I'm not a coincidence that she was ERASED at the end. LOOK into the CASES, there it's forms a pattern.

In closing, upate my warning and please carefully consider you watch, lest you find them watching you. Stay safe and REMEMBER YOUR RITES.

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>she sees your dick
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ITT: Anime where the English dub is objectively superior.

Pic related.
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Except it's not?
You obviously never watched it.

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hopefully in the garbage where you belong
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At least wait until the events are over. We're making money here, don't spoil it.

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Kyoani's magnum opus.
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I agree.
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>KyoAni is one person
Is magnum opus the new go to anime review buzzword for 18 year olds who are attempting to appear educated? Every time I see it being used in some evaluation of a cartoon show the author is below the age of 20.

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Last one hit image limit
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Yes, let's repost the same 250 images again.
shhh, don't summon that faggot again

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New chapter out on goddess. Anybody else reading it?
What kind of misunderstanding do you think this'll be? I'm half expecting a honeytrap routine ordered by the eyepatch vampire guy to extract info. Regardless, hopefully we see some tsuntsun Jeanne next chapter, there's been too much fujobait recently.
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>honeytrap routine
Evidence in pic-related
>feels bad
>gathers resolve
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forgot pic
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really? does nobody read this? I want to discuss it but the only place that it appears to be popular is among tumblr landwhales.

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laughing bowl head.jpg
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>search catalog and archive
>no Jagaaaaaan thread

I'm surprised no one is talking about this. Although i probably missed older threads by so much that it already dissappeared.

Nevertheless, i'm gonna start dumping the raws of chapter 22. Can't miss the new Justice League!
If anyone knows moonrunes, it would be nice to help with translation.
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Commencing with a nice new cover
Did you suddenly die?
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nah, captcha system shat itself

>Can carry a conversation well.
>Has fucked hundreds of men.
>Will always pay you back.
Is there a more perfect girl in monogatari?
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>Has fucked hundreds of men.
>Has fucked hundreds of men
Do doujins really count?

What's your favorite short, /a/?
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Muromi was pretty good.
On Your Mark

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Here's chapter 66 of the Seven Seas release, guys.
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Sailor Moon - 027-00:04:07.360.png
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>fillers are better than the main story
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I have a question, is Sailor Moon good viewing or is it a bit of a slog?
Ironically, that describes Sailor Moon.
I found it to be mostly fun, but it has been a while since I saw it though. The characters is the best part. Certainly in top 100 90s anime, although I haven't really seen enough to say that.

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What's wrong with Jabami Yumeko? She seems off, no matter how you look at it!
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this art style would be nice for a hentai ova series
She gets off taking extreme risks while the outcome is uncertain.
She seems like an upstanding member of society to me.

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