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What's the Utena of this century?
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So a story about confused girl who has sex with a guy, she doesn't like it and instead chooses to rebel about it and go away so other girl could find courage in following her to end with her sexually as director told us after the show ends?

Netsuzao Trap anime is Utena anime tier of 21st century.
Takeda-the good prince guy persona
Nah, it's Madoka.

Holy fuck. What a shitshow.
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welcome to every oku manga ever he can't write endings. if it goes pass 2 volumes he goes off in nonsensical tangents that just bog whatever he originally was going for.
A shitty end for a shitty manga. But I laugh with the "bless America" page.
Where did it all go flat?

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Why can't more stories have less angsty heroes like this?
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Most of the fantasy genre has good-natured heroes. The edgy ones come from the people who demand "deconstructions"
by good natured I mean, that the hero realises that you can't take everything in life super seriously and that for what can't be helped, it's better to take things in stride and do the best you can.

Most shonen heroes are faced with despair or face an existential crisis the moment they can't punch something or PROTECT THEIR NAKAMA.
though even then most Isekai OPMCs are like that (especially since they're OP and thus don't have to worry about anything).

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Saber is going to bed now
Say goodnight everyone
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Where's your son
With your mom.

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I'm so fucking mad, holy shit.

Have you anons read Ciguatera?
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The ending is perfectly fitting, dumbass, there's nothing to be mad about.
How the fuck was that fitting?
what happened? he just finds a new girl and left the whore

>darkness is the least popular konosuba
You all have fucking shit taste.
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Boring gimmick.
Not funny.
I love oppai and not even them could save me from hating her.

She has no redeeming qualities and is just generally annoying.
sluts dont deserve first
She is the least retarded and the most reliable out of the three main girls.

How did censors let this get away?
I thought Japs had gone strict about underage drinking in media, like with bicycle sharing.
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She's an immortal Goddess, and he's already dead. What's the problem?
Too many root beer floats make Aqua throw up rainbows.
i can see aqua's butt

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Love is a powerful thing, be sure you let you're waifu know how much you love them!

Let's get things rolling!

How physically strong are they? Do they have any incredible feats of strength?

If you had one day physically together and only one how would you make the most of it?

What advice would you give them?

What advice do you think they'd give you?

What is it about them that helps carry you on?

Remember to compliment a waifu today! Yours are all extremely adorable and precious.
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yukarin 93.jpg
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Good evening waifu thread! I hope you and your beloved had a week of joy and good memories.

Hello Mintbro! That's a very cute picture of Mint enjoying some sweets but it seems none of them are mint flavoured

Thanks to her being a loader, Yukari is actually much stronger than she looks, which is shown in the beach OVA where she literally swings Mako around by the arm.

only one day? that's an incredibly sad thought but I'd probably tell her all the things I've always wanted to say: that she is my one and only and that I won't let anything keep us apart. That, and maybe I'd give her some headpats too!

Honestly, I dunno what advice I could give her: she's so strong and charming and all-round perfect, and I'm sure she'd probably tell me to just believe in myself a little more!

Her determination, her loyalty to her friends and her all around fluffy genkiness gives me strength each day!

>compli-Mint a waifu/husbando
Hibiki's smile is radiant and perfectly highlights her cuteness!
Kagura has a wonderful grin, no doubt brought on by her husband!
Shuzo is a cutie, and is always so perfectly presented!
Luka's voice is out of this world, and she's really pretty to boot!
Crona's voice is so sweet!
Mio is an adorable Akiyama!
Miia's loyalty and charm is only rivalled by her cuteness!
Konata is, as ever, a beautiful woman and supreme dork, and I wonder how she and her husband get anything done with so many new games to play?

Question time!

Based on your own hair colour, and the hair colour of your beloved, what colour do you think your kids' hair would be?

What's the first thing that you and them are likely to do after waking up?

Finally, why not write a short haiku for your beloved!

Have a great week, waifu thread.
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I haven't seen the movie yet, but I hope she has some really nice scenes in it.

She has some enhanced strength because of magic, but it's not anything that's really high. Bardiche Zanber is pretty big, but since it's a magic blade he might not be that heavy.
Go walk through a park and talk or spend it in bed.

Kiss and get something to eat.
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Let's see how well this one turns out...

-It varies. She can log around tuna as big as she is, but she doesn't seem to have much else in terms of muscle.

-Take her out for a day on the town. I can think of a few nice places that she'd be sure to enjoy.

-No advice I can give that she hasn't already taken to heart. The best I can offer is words of encouragement and to keep on reaching the stars.

-Hang in there. The world isn't as bad as you think.

-Her warmth and kind nature. I just need to hear her voice, and it's like a second wind.

-A darker shade of pink.
-I'd make breakfast; She'd go for the coffee

Like an ocean breeze
Her voice enchants one and all
through glorious song

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Do NOT sexualize my wife, Kino.
File: 1495244940590.jpg (101KB, 1000x720px)Image search: [Google]
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What else can you do with her?

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Why didn't they smash?
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she has aids
because sometimes Rock isnt always hard

Episode 3 is out for the 7 anons watching.
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>Not 8

Is he going to gather 12 (twelve) girls to follow him? Who's going to betray him in the end? Is Mary Magdalene going to be a trap or an actual gay? What's next for him, is he going to resurrect someone?
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I feel betrayed. He's barely using his cell phone. It's all magic this, magic that.
Who the fuck care about magic. Give me some phones!
All he used his phone in the last episode was to take photos. And maps, which could be avoided with asking locals, as in any other normal fantasy setting.
It's not magic, he's just phoning it in.

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why do so many of you hate her? she's the only thing that made the show watchable.
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Because she makes me feel bad about my dental hygiene.
They hate her because she became too popular in japan and usa outside the anime, manga circles
She is popular.

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what the fuuuckkk.png
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Did he fuck her?
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Pretty much
No, they just gently brushed each other.
More importantly, did he fuck Senjougahara in Nise?

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Chapter 30 is out.
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not on batoto
Niggerstream is scanlating it, so it won't get posted on batoto. I guess you can get it from madokami.
ok, got it, but damn, i was expecting them to meet..

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