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I am still mad. I will always be mad. Fuck you Kyousuke, and fuck you too Kirino.
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Don't worry, we got a better anime in its place
Did the writer made this on purpose to piss people off?

really, i want an explanation for this. Is he even aware of all the shitstorm he caused? can he sleep with a clean conscience at night?

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How long until she 1vAll's the Rebels?
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Eishi is going to be there for that as well you know?

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>160009978
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Requesting any part of this videoclip made Stardust Crusaders related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLLL1KxpYMA
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Cowtits meme max ref.png
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Requesting Pixie (demon girl on the upper-left corner) with a body-type similar to the early 00s girls surrounding her in the ref

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It was okay.
No another season

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So where the fuck do you think this story is going? Right when things started making sense Araki throws this shit at us. I love it.
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I finally got my UJ (August) and JJL 15 tankoubon.
Unfortunately, any pictures will have to be posted later because the camera needs new batteries.

The first page is dedicated for the advertisement of the Star Platinum BIG SAS.
Stickers for Diamond is Unbreakable (19 volume covers including Volume 47 with Giorno).
A full page advertisement for the official JoJo app.
The next two pages are advertisements for the JoJo movie, the first one has short synopsis of the movie with a mention of the movie novelisation.
The one after that is about the JoJo exhibition in Sendai 2017. Merch showed and a collaboration with Wake Up Girls.
Something we've already seen, the full page of the next TSKR one-shot D・N・A.
Half of the next page is an advertisement for the JoJo Real Escape in the 3 locations, the other half is about JoJo 4-D.
The second last page is information about the Rohan OVA, BD Box with the new sketches and the Great Festival DVD (nothing new).
The last page is about the 30th anniversary shirt with what seems to be new sketches of the JoJo characters at the bottom.
The new chapter.
Two page advertisement for the JJL 15 tankoubon
Two pages on how to purchase and redeem the shirt with different steps.
Advertisement about the movie novelisation again.
Mention of the new TSKR being in the next issue of Bessatsu Margaret (with a date of August 12th).
Advertisement for JumpRyu Vol 25.
And finally, an advertisement for Vol 9 of the SBR bunkobon edition.

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jjl 15.png
4MB, 1088x1711px

>JJL 15 Tankoubon
The Spine has Hato's other half, 3/4s of Dolomite and Rai in the back.
As always a new Author's Note as soon as you turn the cover.
As posted a couple days ago, there is a new character profile page with Yoshiteru with a default portrait.
The Man that Lives by the Pond and Blue Hawaii got renamed to Dolomite's Blue Lagoon (ドロミテの青い珊瑚礁).
The doodles for this volume are:
A short description of Dolomite and his stand Blue Hawaii,
and Joubin.
The volume ends right after Joubin secures Dolomite's tooth and before tosses it into the sewer grate.
There are extra pages at the end.
The first page is an advertisement for Vol 16 to be scheduled to be released in the fall of 2017 on the bottom. It has Gappy from Chapter 63 Page 26 walking towards nowhere with sentences and portraits of characters like Yashuho and Rai near the top.
The next page has a faded Dolimite taking half the page with Joubin sticking out in the bottom right saying "I'm fine with anything as long as my dad doesn't find out".
Zombie!? is written on top with the "To Be Continued" arrow below it.
The next two pages are an advertisement for TSKR with short descriptions of each story.
The last page is a line-up of all of Araki's works.

>TSKR Short Story Collection
3 Chapters that seems to be written by Kitaguni Ballad and Yoshigami Ryo (with Araki being credited for the original concept)
159 pages long.
Chapters are called:
辛福の箱 (3)
くしゃがら (57)
Blackstar. (105)
There are no images beside the chapter covers and book cover.
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Do you think those two are related to what happened to Holly?
I like how everything's been connected so far.
Nice quads

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Are you intelligent enough to watch this, /a/?
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Japan knows exactly where this show needs to go.
Do I need to be intelligent to enjoy cute girls?
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Does anyone know what happened to the original Hobby Japan Nanatsu no Taizai series before the current series?
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Probably changed their plans and turned it into this?

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You didn't forget Eu, did you?
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Nah, DEEN at least remembered her so they could steal some scenes from her show and use them in a much more bland and shit series
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I wouldn't dare to.

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hqdefault (2).jpg
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ITT: Characters who did everything wrong.
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It wasn't Rei's fault.

Not het fault kisama

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>fantasy anime has RPG mechanics
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Volume 17 cover preview
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[x] Touch Tohka's tohkas
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Operator Origami is pretty cute there.

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Most people agree that Diebuster is good though.
Don't try to start pointless discussions that end up in shitposting anyways.
Diebuster was good, just not a good Gunbuster sequel

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>girl likes a boy
what's the problem here?

Perfect couples don't exi-
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Yeah, a delinquent whore and her autistic masturbation-addict boyfriend.
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Nigga she only wanted one guy and spent the entire last chapter practically begging him to give her the D despite how he couldn't take a hint and kept nearly blowing it.

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