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BnHA would've been so much better if Deku was a girl with cowtitts
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Hell yeah it would
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Hi-speed Kendou for best.

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Noble sacrifices.
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New chuu movie trailer
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tell me about the deko. why does she bounce?
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I for one, am relieved at the return of the fat ass.
>more Deko x Shinka trash
s i n

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Ravioli ravioli

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Now im not a magical girl noodler, but-
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What is a noodler?

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what did he mean by this?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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one piece.jpg
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Reminder that Oda is senile and he doesnt know the race of his own characters.
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Or One Piece is set in an entirely different world.
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That color spread wasn't even made in the intention of affirming the Straw Hats' races. He just felt like drawing the Straw Hats in international clothing. Doesn't dispute what he said in SBS about the Straw Hats' nationalities were they really exist.

I'm legit baffled you think colorspread means anything.

In b4 "Oda cocksucker".
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>One Piece live-action show confirmed
>the only thing people are talking about with this adaptation isn't how they'll represent certain arcs, powers and islands, but what everyone's race will be

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are the best
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A raw is out, my good anons. I hope Cyaptain has a lawyer.

While you're waiting for subs like the plebs you are, you can enlighten me on which show the picrelated is referencing, if any.
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I ironically enjoy this show.

Sometimes I just wanna watch cute anime girls do cute anime things.
>I ironically enjoy this show.
Kill yourself.
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DFO2IUfUQAQxz1x.jpg large.jpg
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I wouldn't be surprised if there's an actual reference somewhere in there. This show is packed with them.

I thought idolmaster was about singing and shit.
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Idolmaster is about lewding and shit
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>lewding boys with autism
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Idolmaster is a yakuza revenge story

Isn't it strange? A pretty woman like Nico Robin unmarried at 30...?
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She made up by being gangbanged by all the pirate crews she betrayed when she was 12
marriage rates have never been lower
I'll gladly change that her and Boa too

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reminder that you will never ever see this
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Whoops, wrong picture.
I'm looking forward to it!
I'm estimating part one in 2039,
And a part two in 2087. I should be 92, assuming depression from waiting to long doesn't take my life.
Also hopefully my Alzheimer's won't make me forget who Qll the characters are.
It's amazing that even after all these years Anno can find new and inventive ways to give Eva fans the finger.

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Now we wait for the site to update.
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Dolls may have lost in GX, but we will win in AXZ!
Tiki best doll so far, it's fair for her to win where Carols' couldn't.
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gimme piccies.gif
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Preview piccies soon.

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This show looks /I N T E R E S T I N G/

Is it foolish to get my hopes up?
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>Class D
Lousy excuse for a teacher. She probably got her job in exchange for pleasuring old men.

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Why was this fucking idiot so obsessed with Rei all of the sudden?
He killed thousands,destroyed the world and betrayed the only person that still loved him after doing that just to be with her,but to what end?
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who knows what you were thinking, anno
probably because of the soul of lilith
in the end of rebuild it's my guess that SHINJI has a piece of Rei in side him too, almost like he is an angel, that's why Rei could talk to him telepathically.
Oedipus complex?

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