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Relax and take it easy.
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I Kind of Dig Crazy Chicks.jpg
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Or anything of our daughters Noire and Morgan giving the viewer a present or with my SI

Requesting Tharja with extra long hair, maybe a bit past the waist, similar to this.

Wearing cute casual clothes. Or anything in this album.

Or anything cute with SI.
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Reference Image #22.jpg
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Rias in either of these two Mystic Codes from Fate/Grand Order http://www.imgur.com/a/bbtaJ

Or something like this picture http://www.imgur.com/a/ZcGM8

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Summer stuff especially, like watching fireworks or sitting under an umbrella at the beach. Thanks and have a nice day.
Good morning or afternoon!

Requesting my beloved Mizunashi Akari eating something delicious that she enjoys!
It could be plat of ramen, spaghetti, or a sandwich.

Alternatively, she could also enjoy some nice ice cream or ice cream bar (during a hot day).

Though if you prefer to draw something else, go ahead! But please nothing too lewd.

Please and thank you!

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It took ~40 volumes (13 years) for the main antagonist of this series to get any backstory. Why is this allowed and when will it end?
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My favorite backstory.

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two nons.jpg
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Not one Non, but two. Two Nons.
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I bet cat doesn't have a fanclub this large and devoted.

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Take the stalker shit while you're at it.
Hey there's nothing for KyoAni and Shaft yet, how can I shitpost?
Everyone is growing but anime is dying.

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Did she find out that farting actually makes a noise?
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Find a flaw.
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Is he ever going to make Buu-lets in Super? Honestly, that's all I'm waiting for at this point, fem Buus to be canon.
Isn't Freiza
-t. Akira Toriyama
-t. Toei Animation
He is fat as a pig!

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wtf I love Juvia now

Chapter: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/OLUbLhoy3mc
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What a complete garbage chapter. Erza ends up alone. Fuck off.
The absolute state of this series.
Gray doesn't deserve Juvia.

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What a fucking trainwreck this shit was. Literally everyone in it is a fucking cuck to some degree.
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>finding cuck in everything
Is 'cuck' even a real word anymore?
I remember this, what was the MC's name again?

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If this post has gets, then Gash Bell will get a more faithful reboot or a sequel series soon
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it was ok. it's not that hard to open the book and read the last two arks here. (You see that swimming guy you know what to do, drop and switch to the mango).
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You just had to blow our chances didn't you OP

oh well, this is now a Gash thread

>2017 and we still can't fuck computers
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Fuck you I can try.

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Why is she so thristy? There is no way anyone would to screw with tomoko
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Is Rohan the only self-insert done right?
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I dont know of any other self inserts really. Rohan works because his goals and intentions are the same as Araki's, but the way he does stuff is different. Whereas Rohan is uptightand a bit rude, (from what Ive heard) Araki is a very mild mannered nice guy who said that he drinks his coffee even if eraser shavings fall in it.

I think what Im trying to get at is that a self insert shouldnt be literally you, as you probably wouldnt make a ln interesting character given that you are real. A self insert should share goals and motivations, but thats about it. Sorry for the autistically long response

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Of all the Madoka Magicas, I think I liked Mami-San the best.
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She does have best head on her shoulders.
Before this thread inevitably derails, I agree. I like the others, but adore Mami the most.
You mean this thread is not heading in the right direction?

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Post yfw you realized that these fags weren't getting together after all
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i've dropped this show 4 years ago.
did i make a mistake?
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It's a good show. If you watch the whole thing including the ovas.
i heard the entire cast get off'd by the bad dude
must be nice to see

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