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Does anyone have an explanation as to how did anime became so mainstream the past few years? Why is there so many normalfags into anime? and no im not talking about the casual average Joe who only watch the top 5 shounen anime+ evangelion im talking about normalfags who are now are following all the latest seasonal stuff of the season via CrunchyRoll and literally call everything their waifu while having a real life girlfriend.
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Not anime, fuck off.
If dubs I banged your mother through the top 5 shounen anime + evangelion.
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Not manga, fuck off.

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Will /a/ be able to handle the edge when the anime comes out?
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Wasn't bokura the plural of groups that contain males? Or can you use it for a group of girls as well?

Why is bulma so perverse?
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shes a high key thot
it was really hard to buy she is a tech genius.

"That's right Lieutenant Dan, I'm not stupid. stupid is as stupid does. I will do whatever people tell me, that's the only action allowed to Forrest Gump."

A desolate life.
A graveyard of hope, devoid of life.
Everything exists in this world, as the impossible is achieved just by wishing for it.

This is Forrest Gump's world.
A Reality Marble.
It is the greatest forbidden magecraft that embodies the soldier's internal world.
This is Heroic Spirit GUMP's Noble Phantasm and the only weapon I possess.

Everything is here, and nothing is here.
That is why this is called Unlimited Gump Works.
This is the only definite answer obtained by the one who lived as a weapon all his life.

"Reality Marble. So this is your ability…!"
I take a step forward.
Stuck in the ground next to me are the legs that lost Lieutenant Dan.

"There's no need to be surprised, Lieutenant Dan. These are all imitations.
As you say, these are all trifling stuff."
I reach out my arms.
The imitations come out as if to accept me as their user.

"But there is no rule that a so-called stupid cannot defeat the smart.
If you say you are the smart, I shall surpass every one of your weapons and destroy your existence."
I move forward.
In front of me is the Lieutenant with a thousand treasures.

"Here I come, Lieutenant Dan. Do you have enough weapons in stock?"
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How would you write Elimination Chamber?
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My wife Alicetaria will kick Altair's ass
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So your wife kicks children? She seems like a terrible person, children are for protecting only.
>Anyone else's creation besides Sota defeating Altair.
How many times do I have say this? It's Sota's OC that's gonna defeat her. It's the only way this anime can end.

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>FGO parody manga ending next week
>Right in time for the 2nd Anniversary event

W-what does this mean?
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You mixed the board tabs, anon.

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what is this?
I got nothing.

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Is this season incredibly weak or have I just become jaded?
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If you liked the yuri dorks, then there are a lot of yuri dorks this season that you might like.
I'm an old hand too and honestly I don't think I'll be watching anything other than Boku no Hero Academia and Made in Abyss.
There really isn't a good variety this season. We have like 5 different isekai shows and the rest is school comedy/drama. There are only a couple shows that actually stand out as decent enough.

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when will we finally see the elf take on her true form?
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Little Sister Academia
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I want to hug the elf!
I'll be chariot, please be kind with me Croix.

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>Goku ditches his son's jobber squad
>Teams up with Caulifla and Kale instead
It just keeps getting better.
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Reminder that goku beats superman
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Reminder that Caulifla will teach Goku how to tingle his back.
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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The donuts Jiren.... Hand em over

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Griffith or Frikka, /a/?
Would Berserk have been better if one had replaced the other?
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It would've pretty demonic if Griffith was Frikka and grew a dick only to rape Casca if you ask me.
Griffith grew a dick anyway when he became Femto, his was cut off.
But he originally had a dick, that would only say "He only restored his dick", as a girl it would be "She especifically grew a dick just to rape Casca"

That would hurt more, don't you think?

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Which season do Nazuna and Nori show up in? I wish they replaced Sae and Hiro from the start.
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Season 3
Why do you not like Sae and Hiro? I think they're fun.
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>Doesn't like Sae or Hiro
Whoa man, careful with that shit taste you're spreading around.
Hoshimittsu, and they're great, but Sae and Hiro bring more to the series than those two.
Especially Hiro, she is the comfy mistress. Realized this the instant that typhoon hit, and everyone ran to her room because nobody else had food.

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Shizuru (is my waifu)

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