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Well, /a/?
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>queen bee
still upset
Fuck off, retard.
Namanaka Hyaku Percent!

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Pic related, an example of fake/forced hotblood
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I can already tell this is gonna be a shitty bait thread


When are mobileposters getting permabanned anyway?
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Pretentious forced artsiness.
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Forced cuteness.

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>subs say "you cur!"
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>OP makes a thread

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sun gaku ugly
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
Caulifla a shit

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Can someone explain to me what the fuck I just read?
did they just arrest him in the end? Was he really just a crazy person after all?
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>Was he really just a crazy person after all?

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If you know what the penguin stands for you understand the show.
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I don't want to understand this show.
The evangelions are a stand in for sex, and Rei is a stand in for mommy issues among young men.

What the hell does pen-pen represent though?
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>willingly rejecting enlightenment

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I want to caress god's legs.
We need more appreciation of legs.
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Here, have an Anko

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>Gen Urobuchi
>b. Dec. 20, 1972

>Apollo 17 (last manned moon mission)
>Returned to Earth Dec. 19, 1972 (the 20th in Japan)

Was this a coincidence or not? If not, then it's a tragedy that Aldnoah Zero was so awful.

PS: Happy Moon Landing Day, everyone!
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urobuchi's only good work is meguca
saya no uta
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Psycho-Pass is an anime people will still be talking about 10 years from now.

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matou sakura.jpg
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That means no other girl even comes close. She's the #1, first, perfect, unmatched, winner, peer with no equal. It's a title for that special person who's clearly better than the rest. This usually kicks up a fuss with many anons, but they're all wrong and were born with inferior preferences pertaining to 2D characters. This fault also commonly extends to many other areas of interest such as anime and all kinds of things. With some therapy treatment, and the help of anons, there is hope of rehabilitation from this curable ailment.
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Off by one.

Sakura is the best girl in Fate and UBW routes.

Illya is the best girl in the Heaven Feel arc.
She would be the best girl in the UBW route, if just she wasn't so heartless to gil when he shows up in the story.
>if just she wasn't so heartless to gil when he shows up in the story.
>gary stu finally shows up
>gets ate immediately

Most satisfying part of HF.

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So what was the ayylmao supposed to be?
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Blue cod.
So there were these aliens that crashed their saucer on Earth. But president Truman was all cool with that shit when they explained it to him, and he let them crash on the coach and let them eat out of the fridge while they waited for the mechanic to get there and fix it up. As thanks, they gave him some technology that would become the Wired.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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why do you do this
don't be fooled
Whar am I supposed to see here

This show is deep
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How old are you?
I'm pretty sure it was sarcasm.

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>hardly any medical manga gets translated
How do fix this?
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Learn JP and translate it yourself.

You can also make up a fake translation for it...then the people who really know Japanese will say your translation is wrong and maybe fix it for you. Maybe. Or not, and the worse comes to worse is you have a great OEL manga made with professional art.
Ah radiation house I remember reading the first volume a while back I should go back to it one of these days. The bullshit way the main guy magically uses some technique to catch the actual problem reminded me too much of that Lupus meme doctor show.

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If you don't think this little nigger is the coolest Nen beast, don't even bother posting.
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>tfw when a servant is actually le-mastermind

come on now.
You have no power over me!!

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What's gonna happen next?
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>Kurapika will die within your lifetime
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Last time I'm going to post about this poll.

Reposting from last thread:

Query: If you could pick which category you fit into, which would you choose? http://www.strawpoll.me/13483327

I'll list the categories and notable Hatsu for speed readers.

Enhancer: Most notable Hatsu are Gon's Jajanken Rock and Ovu's Big Bang Impact. Both of these are really strong punches. This is the really strong punch choice. Also good for not dying to rockets.

Transmutation: Most notable Hatsu are Hisoka's Bungee Gum and Killua's Godspeed. You transmute your nen into whatever.

Emission: Most notable Hatsu are Franklin's Nen Bullets and Razor's Nen Balls. You use long distance nen. This is the ki blast option, mostly, although not always.

Conjuration: Most notable Hatsu are Kurapika's Chains and Kite's Crazy Slots. You summon a thing.

Manipulation: Most notable Hatsu are Sharlnark's Black Voice and Illumi's Needles. You manipulate living and non-living objects.

Specialization: Most notable Hatsu are Chrollo's Skill Hunter and Neon's Lovely Ghostwriter. This is the category for everything else. If you like stealing powers, pick this.

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