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Opinions about Uratarou?
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Its like a light hearted berserk as of now
>op male mc
>male mc loses an arm and replaces it with a mechanical arm
>female mc gets severed during a dark event and male mc wanders in order to save her
>gory scenes
The two MCs are crazy so I like it.
>Chiyo is a head
>yay she wont talk annoying things
>Uratarou started talk bullshit
It never perfect but fun.

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Was she autistic?
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No, she was just a potato-brain
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a very gifted potato at that
No but you are

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plot device

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>Griffith and his apostles appear in Elfhelm, just before Guts gets to see Casca healed
>Griffith and Guts fight
>Guts can't keep up with Femto's space bending abilities
>Dies and is dragged to hell, deep inside the abyss
>rest of Gut's party keep fighting the neo band of the hawk apostles
>Barely holding up anymore
>suddenly a thunderous roar
>A portal opens, and from within there's Guts, with both arms and both eyes, drenched in a gross blood-like mud, covered with pieces of what looks like a giant heart
>Guts went to hell, killed the idea of evil, and returned
>oops that was against the flow of causality
>They fight again
>Space bending bullshit doesn't work with Guts anymore because he absorbed the power of the IoE and can now cut across dimensions and stuff
>slices Griffith in half
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Honestly, Guts tearing his way out of hell wouldn't surprise me in the slightest although maybe not the way you think.
Maybe not exactly like that, but if Guts is going to fight Griffith, the space bending thing makes it impossible for anyone to kill Griffith, unless he jobs somehow.
Maybe he doesn't have his apostle powers anymore or he would've gone all Za Warudo on Rickhert.

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Would you date a retard?
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this is not aho girl
This ends in ntr right?
300% chance of NTR

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sayonara zetsubou sensei have many
koiji romanesque>zetsubou restaurant>kurayami>marionette>zessei bijin
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>zessei bijin that low
>marionette that low
zessei bijin, really?

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Give me a single reason why this man is not the single best thing to ever happen in the anime industry.

Pro tip: you cannot
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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By being really fucking cool and an all around good guy.
Gypsy magick.
As I understand he had help in addition to being a badass motherfucker

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I love Himuro Miku
She is very floof
I want to smell her hair
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Zeorymer? I heard the manga is even weirder than the adaptation.

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皆さん 今日から頑張りましょう
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Green is always best girl
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Agreened, rather.
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tomo chan is the best aight
but hanekawa is best girl, she isnt in green.

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Grand Priest, I'm univers 6
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No replies in the DB for this post!

I can't take anything in this movie seriously.
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Why, what's the problem?
oh nothing I think I should take a walk though
You're not supposed to. It's a comdey/drama.

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Hazuki is top tier
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you have to post the song if you start a moonphase thread
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Given the bland shows of this season, maybe I'll have time to watch this.
Except for Hazuki being cute it's not a very good show

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Panty and Stocking gave me exactly what I expected (which was good) and nothing more. It’s an arthouse show through and through; I’ve always had something against arthouse shows because they don’t give me what I want from anime. It’s not to say I don’t appreciate them, because I think it’s wonderful to see creators being true to their vision, but I watch anime for endearing characters and stories that don’t have a presence in these shows. It’s actually rare for me to finish one unless something about it really grabs me—in this case, it was that PSG was an arthouse show by some of my favorite creators. I love GAINAX to death, and I love the Imaishi Hiroyuki brand of animation and directing, so there was plenty for me to enjoy here, even though I was tired of it all by the end. I doubt I’ll feel compelled to rewatch more than one or two of the shorts, nor the second season.
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I wouldn't call it "arthouse", but it was an interesting experiment nevertheless.
Stocking a best

It was interesting to see a japanese team make something inspired by western cartoons instead of the other way around. The hardcore weeaboos hated it, of course. But I quite enjoyed it. It's quite rare to see female characters in a comedy anime who are self-confident about their sexuality.

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