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It's already the 20th of July and there's still nothing yet. What does this mean?

Also, RuroKen thread I guess
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What's your honest opinion about Umaru?
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i found it enjoyable and only watched because everyone hated it
Perfect representation of how girls actually are.
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She's as snug as a nug

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Riko and Reg are descending into the abyss together. Wish them happy and safe travels, /a/!
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Why does Reg has a normal penis?
anyone have an eta on ep 3 subs?
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>Mio is in
>no Prushka
It might suggest that the Anime won't adapt Bondrewd's arc, and in return it will adapt the Omake and Bonus Chapters instead to fill in the space.
Jiruo feminized by Ozen when

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We are entering a revolution
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>tfw the new flag ship titles of shonen are Shingeki no Kyojin and miles behind Boku no Hero Academia
>Shingeki no Kyojin
Is it though?
>production problems
Shonen officially ded
I don't want to live in this world

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Every anime ever
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Kamichama Karin2.png
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It always weirded me out that people fixated on this one screenshot from that show. In general she epitomises the terrible bugeyes that plagued the 2000s

They said this is an anime kid movie but is spooky sometimes, shit. Did anyone else seen it?
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Fucking japs.. This was supposed to be for kids

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Will Galliard and Historia ever meet?
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
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AM a cute.
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>Something on your mind, Rookie?

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These are your mothers tonight.
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Why is Gabriel such a cunt? Why is El turning edgy?
It's Azazel's fault why El went over the edge.

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Yay, they are best friends forever! hahahahahahaahahhaha

Last Chapter out
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NaLu is canon and anything trying to deny it is trying to force a meme.
I cannot believe that Erza ended up alone. Such fucking trash.
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best family.png
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Best couple confirmed. Those twins from the LN are now canon. That's all I care about. NatsuxLucy and JellalxErza got exactly what they deserved.

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You're part of the support team, create devices for the heroes.

>Scorpion-like device for Tailman with a extendable whip at the end for more range.
>Protective gloves for Kendou wich can expand their size.
>Six Blades in one sheathe for Shoji.
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Rappa looks pretty metal in your pic.
That's the Digimon cosplayer actually.
I give everyone a taser and a pistol and call it a day.

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Would Sisti be a good fuck?

Or would you rather Lumia?
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When you fuck the Pig, Lumia comes as bonus
Is it okay to fuck her butt if she's afraid of it?

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Will aura kill touka?
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qt demon.png
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Eto soon.
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Kept you waiting huh?

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Ow the edge, man. I heard Arifureta is better than this shit (i.e. more EDGE). Is that true?
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new chapter when?
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nah, Dungeon seeker is the kinoesque masterpiece of the master Sakamoto666 sensei, way ahead of its time in terms of edge
Has the Dryad and euthanasia chapter gotten translated yet?

Memes and meta shit aside, how do you think it'll turn out?

I'm looking forward to it because my favorite seiyuu is in it.
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Hopefully not forgettable.
im looking forward to it because my favorite director is directing it!

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