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Regardless of the actual quality of his works, can Kawamori be considered an auteur director?
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>auteur director
More like autistic director. Is there anyone in the industry as obsessed with airplanes as Kawamori?

Well that escalted quickly
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what the fuck happened?
Did you actually make it past the first 10 min of this show? I genuinely impressed.
People watch this?

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Why is he resting his face on her breasts?
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rin depressed.png
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>dream sequences
>full of shallow philosophical/symbolic drivel
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I love Rin and would like her to give me a ride on Fuego!
Oh look, someone else who watched Rideback
Watching it right now. On ep 12. It's pretty good.

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A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
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>he isn't trying to get /fit/ to get /powerful/
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I like Mirio, but the other characters introduced this arc fall flat
Real talk, if he got Ofa, he would be completely fucking busted
I wonder what Eri-chan is thinking right now

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A little gravity is great. As long as they're not hemispherical balloon tits.

This has been my favorite show for nearly three years and favorite manga for one to two years. Also the novel's really good, not a favorite though.

I feel like most of us could relate to at least one of the three main characters. Satou, the reclusive coward; he had dreams of his future and what he could become, as most of did, but in the end he degraded into a pedophile who lives off of his parents and only garners attention through others who pity him. Yamazaki was a kid who gave everything up to chase after a hopeless fantasy of someday being a real game creator even though the odds were minimal; he was lonely, desperate, and when we got to know him, he was in control of his life for the first time. Lastly, Misaki was the powerful and complex character; her histrionic personality made her untrustworthy, though you can never help but empathize because she was simply trying so desperately to feel happy, and I guess sadism was her method; her machinations were especially twisted and I guess it was charming to watch her slowly break and reveal her true self, the best part was that Satou wanted to accept her.
I'm sorry for the ramble that didn't make any sense!
Uh. What are your thoughts on Welcome to the NHK?
Also misaki = only waifu
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Show good, but read the LN

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Nippon Stronk anime
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You mean Mankind strong.
It's whatever is left of earth vs blue humans
Didn't they say that the Yamato was constructed by the japanese though? Throughout the series it's easily wrecking dozens and dozens of enemy ships without taking any notable damage.
>space operas are usually germany vs the rest of the universe
Nips really have a thing for the Krauts

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Continue from the last thread because you guys were having a rather heated discussion.
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Good good, the shitstorms feed the boards. I do have a side to take, and nothing said has convinced me to recant it, but that's beside the point. This is the good shit.
A thread died for this, anon.
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Who will be the next one to be graced by The Invisible Hand of the Free Market anons?
Surely now you believe right?

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oniisama e meme.jpg
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How did this become a meme?
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Who said it was
Never saw this posted on /a/. What is this really?
Is this the birth of an epic new meme?

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they're done
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They died? Why should I care if so?
Fuck off.
Kill yourself.

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What's her name /a/?
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Kaguya's ready.
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Is this really you Jag?

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