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>that product placement

explain to me why I wasted my life watching this
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It was fun
You wanted to self insert as MC
honestly I'd just settle for being part of a group like that, I've always wanted to be a part of like a hardcore gaming team but my personality is toxic so I can't bond with people ;(
Literally kill yourself you LoL playing piece of reddit trash.

What's the anime with the highest onii-sama/minute count?
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Screenshot (586).png
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I think you got it.
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sasuga yotsuba.jpg
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Are loli neesans better than loli imoutos as characters?
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Neesan imouto > imouto neesan
The correct answer is loli imoutos >= loli neesans
Can you can inside a loli imouto?

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What did the mean by this?
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My own guess: probably recap film news next week
About time considering they apparently said news was coming out the month after the Anniversary.

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>Read shoujo manga
>MC a wimp and other character are all assholes
>Each chapter they're slowly being close friends
>New arc
>a bunch of new assholes character

>Skipped other chapter and jumped to the latest updated chapter
>All that new assholes character became nice and also close to the group
>one of the new assholes actually like the MC
>MC actually matured

>Lost interest in reading the chapter before it
Why the fuck did I do that.
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>SISTERS ~Last Day of Summer~

It's fun to see Chika evolving from innocent girl to cock hungry slut as the story progressed.

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bad queen.jpg
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Does the show expect me to like or sympathize with this character? She was one of history's greatest villains.
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Citation needed

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Was it isekai?
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Yami is too good for that dumpster fire of series.
There are actually quite a few good characters.
If the MC wasn't such a fucking sperg it would be pretty great.

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One Piece live-action TV series by Hollywood is announced to celebrate 20th anniversary.
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can't be any worse than that dog shit toei puts out
Want me to inform you the current casting climate of Hollywood?

Nami will be a nigger.
Smoker will be a nigger.
Sanji will be gay. Possibly relationship with Zoro.
Alvida will remain fat.
What the fuck?

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>tfw MC fuckin shit up barehanded after loads of buildup
What show was it, /a/?
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recc threads not allowed
you aren't allowed

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We had a pretty successful Ranma thread a few weeks ago, so let's do it again.

Post your:
>best ships
>best waifus
>best husbandus
>shit tier characters
>favorite arc

I'll start: Happosai is easily the most annoying character in the series.
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Misaka is really cute, isnt she?
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Mitsuko could have been an obnoxious chuuni character, but instead she was a cute chuuni and a genuinely good person.
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Last Order is the cutest all the way :D

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Just started watching this today and got up to the end of Onikakushi. Man, you guys were right, DEEN really butchered the shit out of it.
Are all of the other arcs as bad or do they improve at some point?
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Damn, Higurashi was so much better than Umineko.
Onikakushi was one of the best adaptations. Just wait until you see what they did with Tatarigoroshi and Meakashi.
I enjoyed the VNS and the anime. I know people say "am I the only one" a lot but damn I really do feel alone on this.

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I miss this show's character design.

Movie BDs when? When will we get to see a sub of this masterpiece?
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