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Read the guide Buyfag.moe
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Buy with your dick!

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>h-he's fast
>he loses anyway since speed is not a very accurate measure of someones fighting ability.
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>he has a harem
>he fucks one of them
>only one.
>only one.
>And manintains eye contact with the rest of them.

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So I was hesitant to finish this because I heard the ending was shit, but I thought it was pretty fitting. I liked that they ramped up the philosophical stuff by raising the hard problem of consciousness and the concept of self.

The only thing I didn't care for was how the human race apparently lost all its gifts. That seemed like an ass pull with no actual justification.
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Post an anime and name the best and the worst of it.
Example, Jojo:
+The style in general (specially the poses)
+The fights based in intelligence
+The characters in general
-The plot holes
-The filler chapters
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Could anyone realistically best Don Patch?
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Is that him (female) or is that patchimi?
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It's out.

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>pudding thinking about her cute husband while lying to the BMP
SaPu is the OTP
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Big Mom confirmed pure of heart.
Poor Perospero. He could have his soul taken from him right there.

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ITT:Post episodes that had really good animation that wasn't all that important within its respective series

Final episode of tiger mask but it honestly felt like filler but it got way better animation than the the final confrontation with the third.
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That one episode of Record of Lodoss War. You know what I'm talking about.

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FA host images on googles blogspot and have the gall to beg for donations.
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Can we expect a movie rip soon, or will the high penalty for it mean we'll have to wait for BD's?

I also recall reading that it will be shown outside of Japan at some point.

Also, Jibril is still best girl.
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We'll have to wait for BD unless you can speak nipplenese

See you in 6 months
I don't mind a lack of subs. I read volume 6 of NGNL so I already know what the story is.
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What does the future hold in store for (You)?
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A Japanese rendition of North by Northwest.
Becoming (your) wife

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Chapter 72 : Blindness
The brutal fight between Giganigga and Crying degenerate continues!
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Press F to pay respects to Meguro's future children.
They never had a chance.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

Will we ever get a 2nd season guys?
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Jesus I hope not.
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Fucking better, but I fear that the newer work won't 'work' for TV.
S1 was just fine because it was essentially all about introducing characters. Foundation building.
S2 stuff at first will be ok SoL but I fear will eventually drag on too much. Perhaps I'm just transferring the mangas recent hiatuses into slow plodding episodes. At the very least S2 material has some very intresting chapters to animate. I cant wait to see Oct and the high on spores scenes animated.

I'M GOING TO BE SUPER FUCKING PISSED IF THEY CENSOR CATHYL'S MILK SCENE! Kii was show having fluids expelled from her ample bosom already.

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Jesus fuck
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edgy crap
What the fuck?
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Reminder, the bunny smells good!

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Did you buy me the geimu I asked, onii-chan?
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>tumblr gif
Fuck off, cancer.
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Do you even know how the internet works?

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