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> [HorribleSubs] Vatican Kiseki Chousakan - 03 [720p].mkv

Is anyone else still watching this?
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I am.
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the op is really dope

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She's is perfect no matter what-
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I'd sign up for a tour of duty right away if Tanya was my drill sergeant
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Dumb fatalistic duck.
Manga and anime does not even compete with LN Tanya.

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This hits way too close to home.
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what's with mangakas losing integrity as they age and ruining the work of their lifetimes for a few american dollars?
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They don't. They do it for Japanese Yen.
Why do you think it's a loss of integrity rather than just running out of decent ideas? Why do you think it's specifically to do with their age rather than time spent working? Why does it matter if an artist has integrity or not?

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Should I start with Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay night?
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I watched in order of relelase. So SN then Zero. Doesn't really matter, as long as you avoid the Deen
I watched zero first but if you do that it'll ruin finding out some of the motivations and story in SN
You should start with Google.

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> Look at me, average me
> Looking forward to self torture.
> Strapped myself onto a chair.
> oh_god_why_am_I_doing_this.jpg
> only left with right hand to move

> play. shuffle on.
> Every single song on karaoke mode with some other moments in the moment
> starts with "Inochi wo kurete, arigato...."
> " Are you ready?" "I'm ready!"
> "Welcome to Quindecim" *Doll at back*
> "I hope one day, you'll be reunited with the one you cherish."
> *Ring of Fortune karaoke mode*
> etc.

I'm... ok. I swear I'm ok.
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You guys used to talk about this all the time. What happened? Did the worst girl win?
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Everybody got their route. The End.
mods deleted our threads, I never got my Aiess sprite rips
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bestest girl.jpg
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Best girl didn't.

And that's a good thing.

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Get ready for a feels trip.
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anime when?
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Really, Golden Kamuy has enough chapter for 2 cour anime already

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i refuse to believe this
I really, really hope it isn't true. She's tip top cute in this picture. She looks like shit with short hair.
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It's already confirmed through the OP and ED

There are alot of examples of hentai artists drawing regular manga but what about the other way round? Is there any artists that switched to full time hentai?
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Greasy horse dongs.
Mizuryu started a non-h manga?
Is it about sluts?
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Guy who did Kyuusen no Shima. After that was axed and his second series was axed he said fuck it and used is god tier designs the way the were meant to be used and become a full on hentai artist. He goes under the name Minamida Usuke.

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This one
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Shinjiku episode with double Alters is the best thing that happened with Type-Moon for the last decade.
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>those sword toothpicks
Would be a nice collectible.

Finished reading the manga within 18 or so hours. I enjoyed it up until the ending, where they cut off everything they built up until then. Kind of ironic, since at the start they were talking about how the worst thing that could happen to a manga is for it to not end the way the author wants it to.

I'm utterly lost right now. I felt like it was the only zombie manga done well, but the ending hurt. I really wanted more.
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It starts to fall apart after they inserted the "wow its the ayyylmaos fault after all lol ekksdee" premise midway.
It used to be really popular here before the translations slowed down, and the alien stuff kicked in

That was just a theory by a character. We never got a conclusive answer in what the fuck was going on. it was a fucking copout.

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Why is she such a jobber?
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>Why is she so perfect*
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Aint we jobbers for money.
If not study /pol/
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a qt314.jpg
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Don't be stupid. She won my heart, how could she be a jobber?

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