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>all friends slaughtered
>gets marked for sacrifice
>best friend fucks girlfriend in front of him
>amputates his own arm
>loses an eye
>anime gets cancelled
>new anime sequel is made
>skips huge chunk of the story
>despite the aspect ratio being larger the screen feels smaller out of how shitty the production is
>most atrocious animation of the decade
>everyone loses interest in seeing him achieving happiness
Name me a more JUSTed character, I dare you. It's impossible. There is none.
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Vash had a hard life.

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Too soon.
Sakura and that one fag from Fate that had worms crawling in his skin to increase his magical power or some shit.

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What could it be?
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First for I want Caulifla to lay a steaming shit in my mouth
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Reminder that Zeno is cute
U6 MVP coming through.

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Is heterosexuality obsolete?
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No. Stop looking at yaoi.
Your existence is obsolete.

Ready those AMV tribute anons.

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>all those DBZ Linking Park AMVs
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a classic

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>In the manga adaption, Nightmare of Nunnally, Charles' Geass is known as "The Dead Rise," which he used unconsciously after he and his parent were assassinated; as the name suggests, his Geass allowed him to come back to life and gave him immortality. This ability also extends to Knightmare Frames, which could also be regenerated after being destroyed, and he later used this power to resurrect an older generation of the Knights of the Round to serve as a personal army and protect Kamine Island while he and Marianne initiated Ragnarök.

Trying to get myself hyped for R3, but holy shit how come every single fucking spinoff is fanfiction-tier garbage.

Is the Akito thing worth watching or just as bad as the mangas?
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akito is nothing. its not awful, its not great. its just there. watch it to see how cg mechs can look good if done right
Almost everything else is shit except for the anime seasons (not that anime is that good in the first place).
Also half of the discussion was about the waifuism.
Akito is okay, a little crazy at the end though. But please calm down and wait for news

His secret is that he's secretly fapping to pictures of his busty classmate.
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Is he pic relateds son?
8man was said to be Batman. This guy is actually Batman?
Answering the guy on the other thread, the other girls that were "alone" up there with the big tits while the others were in the pool were the ones talking together in episode 1. They probably are close enough to menstruate at the same time and they couldn't get on the pool

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Awakening soon
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What is your favorite VA from each Yu-Gi-Oh series?
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Aoi's VA of course

How long til we get an actual lactation anime?
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7 years ago.

Seikon no Qwaser

Suck breast milk for powerups.
I thought it was "soma" and not actual milk?
No it was semen milk alright

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Dance is pretty lewd
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Best boy lol
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Shinsou is best boy
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I respect your opinion, however I personally disagree.
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Requesting more cute pictures of Toga.

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la la laaaa.jpg
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Come here, anon.
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I think he's got a speck of food on his face. Someone give him a cloth to wipe it off with.

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Well, /a/? What am I in for and ehat do tou think of it?
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More like
Closer to the book than the film was, so if the satirical elements of the film are what you enjoyed most then you'll be disappointed.

Nice mech designs though.
It's not great, but if you like 80s anime you'll probably find yourself entertained by it. It hasn't aged very well compared to other 80s anime.

What is happening here?
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they're having a bath
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dragons often take a bath by licking each other scales
Dragons being fat

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