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chinese kids.jpg
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I am currently working in China and the government is supporting World Language Week. A few years ago they began teaching World Language (Esperanto) in a few schools. There are children all over the newspapers, radios, and televsion. It's quite odd.

I looked it up on google and found this video:

Is Esperanto a good language to travel with if you already know English?
Anyone ever heard of it? I am not sure why Beijing is pushing this on us. (I am in Shanghai)
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You can use English everywhere you go. If someone can't talk in English, they aren't worth talking to.
I work in Beijing and nobody is learning it.
It's more like a "meme" language because they are running out of ideas. Beinjingese like to teach odd stuff to their kids.
5 years ago they were crazy about billiard, every rich kid was learning how to play billiard.
They still play that in Hong Kong. But unlike Esperanto, only a few people actually bother learning it in some obscure universities.

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Thinking of moving to Japan and doing remote work/contracting (programming), currently live in UK and have UK passport etc
Already have tonnes of experience in programming but I really hate where I live and just want to experience life in a different part of the world but where its still relatively modern and has some kind of functional legal system and isn't corrupt.

Would it be tough to get a business visa as a contractor or as a startup? Are there parts of Japan where the cost of living isn't ridiculous like in Tokyo? I would rather not spend my entire earnings on fucking rent like this stupid jew country.

Feel free to suggest other countries btw
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Easiest visa in the scenario you are describing would be as an investor or business owner. That requires you to prove you would have some net positive impact on the economy and not just a kid with a laptop doing oddjobs. However, that can be expensive to demonstrate and document in order to secure said visa.

Have you thought about job hunting for a british/American/ canadian firm that will:
1. sponsor your visa
2. May assist with relocation costs
3, pay for benefits such as insurance

I mention the last one because despite having a spectacular healthcare system, health insurance for a non-citizen that is not at least partially subsidized by employers can still be ruinously expensive. Not like the US mind you, but still expensive,.
why not china ?
Never really considered but I heard the government are repressive and corrupt bastards

The country seems nice from what I have learned but the people have really been fucked up by gommunism

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Hello guys! Im visiting thailand in a month with my gf! We will stay there for 22 days! We will arrive in bangkok and then we think visiting chiang mai is a good option! after chiang mai( probably 3-4 days) we are going south but we cannot decide where to! Can you recommend me a good itinerary? We arrive and depart from bangkok! Also, What budget should we consider as "safe" ?
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900 euro
go to Chiang Rai and Pai instead of Chiang mai
take a bus instead of train from bangkok - if you got money enough just take a plane its not that expensive

street food cost about 1 - 3 euro for good meals
beer is 2 euro for 33 cl
hostel are 3 - 20 euro / night

south i dont know , so much things to see and do everywhere in thailand
als o, dont bring your girlfriend
you'll have pussy enough there that will be 3400 times tighter than your girlfriend
just leave her at home

any more questions , ask
>beer is 2 euro for 33 cl
In shitty bars on Khao San road? Seriously, I can't imagine how anyone can stay more than 10 seconds there without his eardrums exploding.
>als o, dont bring your girlfriend
>you'll have pussy enough there that will be 3400 times tighter than your girlfriend
Good advice maybe if OP is 50+ years old, because nearly all entertainment in Thailand is oriented at this age group. If you're not old, Thai girls will seem ugly and overpriced as hell.
the fuck are you talking about

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China General

Old thread is at: >>1030719

General info:




Expat restaurants/supermarkets/bars:

Pleco (dictionary)
baidu maps/google maps


4chan: get a pass or use a vpn or both (might be blocked now)
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US international student here

i'm looking for a part-time translator/teacher job, a couple of UK students told me they got such kinds of jobs through classifieds on thebeijinger.com

i'm terrible at finding jobs even in the US, i always manage to pick the ones that are scams or they just hired someone. what are some things to look out for when doing my job search?
Always get paid in advance for tutoring and translation work.

honestly, that seems like a hard condition to get, especially when i have no certification other than my US passport. not even white, either.

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I want to travel europe in the summer, I have about 5 weeks of free time. I'm Russian-Canadian and will be starting my trip in moscow.

I also need to spend atleast 3 weeeks in London for family reasons.

I'm not very outgoing but I like beer, technincal stuff, casual outdoor stuff and bicycles.

I'm shit scared of airplanes so I'd like to stick to buses or preferably trains.

I'm not on high budget so I'd like to use hostels.

Please advise how I can make the most of the trip.
I'll be going in June-July
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oh, and I've never been to Europe before.
Well Moscow is preeettyy far away from the rest of the continent so you're probably going to have to take a plane.
Also, since you only really practically have 2 weeks and spend some of that in Moscow, I suggest you just pick one general region where the cities you want to visit aren't too far away from each other and stick to that for the Rest of your trip. E.g. Northern/Central Italy or Southern France or Northern Germany+Holland, orSouthern/Eastern Germany + Czech Republic and Southern Poland.
No, I don't really need more times in Moscow.
I meant 5 weeks from the day I leave moscow.
Thank you for the advice though.

Im going to study aborad in sweeden for about 2 weeks in between may and june, it would be helpful for me to know (stockholm)
>drinking laws and how people regulate them at bars and restaurants
>suggested restaurants and places to eat
>historic landmarks to visit
>dangerous places not to visit (please dont troll my life is on the line on this one)
>good night clubs
>things i can do in america that i cant do in sweeden? (If theres anything)
Anything helps! Please no rude respones or trolls
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Fellow swede here!
>drinking laws and how people regulate them at bars and restaurants
if a policeman sees you drinking alcohol outside, he will just take it away from you unless you are >20 y.o
Bars and restaurants = 18yrs to buy alcohol
Systembolaget is where you get alcohol >3.5% but you need to be 20 y.o to enter/buy
>historic landmarks
really? none that I would say are worth the visit.
>dangerous places
stay in the light?
>good night clubs
Since you will be in stockholm there will be alot of night clubs, basically any is good I would presume but keep in mind you have to be atleast 18 to enter, in some cases 20.
>things i can do in america that i cant do in sweeden?

Well, you can't buy a gun legally.

>dangerous places not to visit

despite what you'll read on this website there are no dangerous places. even the "wild no go zone" of Rosengard in Malmo is completely safe

Bars can have induvidual age-limits, some may not accept people under 21, some even as high as 25, depending what clientele they want. But yes the legal minimum is 18.

Also they can and will throw you out if you look too drunk. They are very tough with serving license here, and the rules says they can't serve to someone who is "visibly intoxicated". So don't be surprised if that happens.


Don't listen to the other Swedeannon. I would visit Skansen, nice combination zoo/historical heritage zone. The archipelago is highly recommended if you can find some nice activity there, there's bound to be some in may/june.

Plenty of museums if that's your thing... local favourite is the Vasa musem, big old ship they fished out of the archipelago.

The castle and old town are also popular tourist routes. I just wouldn't eat in old town, they'll fucking rob you.

Take a trip to Visby on Gotland if you have time for the real medieval town experience

What cities in Euroland are best for gay nightlife?

In contrast, what cities worth visiting are homophobic enough that I should probably avoid acting faggy? (I'm no flamer, but I'm not the most heterosexual looking either)
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Are you worried that people will give you a dirty look or that you will be assaulted?

Big difference , you can go anywhere in the US and be safe from the second but in parts of the south you may get a few sneers.
I would stay out of any place with crazy religions like the middle east or africa
Berlin, Amsterdam, maybe Copenhagen.

I was there last weekend, saw some pretty faggy shit there and nobody cares. Most nightclubs have regular gay evens.
London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, plus the Greek homo-resorts.

Most homophobic, the further east and south you go generally speaking.

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I'm thinking of visiting Serbia and Bosnia for a few weeks in February.
Staying at hostels mainly.
Will I enjoy myself despite the cold, shorter days of February?
Any advice or recommendations for a backpacking in those parts?
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Belgradefag here

Just come in spring. Trust me. April-October is the best time to visit Balkans.
Did a few days in both these countries while on a larger tour from Budapest to Dubrovnik. Did a single night in Belgrade, the citadel and Zemun are nice places to visit there and Sundays in the city are free public transport because apparently conductors don't work on Sundays. A few people recommended visiting a restaurant that for some reason I remember being called either "?" or "!" it was nice traditional food but your standard tourist trap, i'm sure nicer places are around.

I then went onto Sarajevo. The nightlife here is cool. Spent an evening just chilling with the countless Aussies you meet on the road in a hookah bar eating kebabs. The city isn't dry which wasn't what i was expecting for a muslim city. Also check out the facebook page called "Sarajvo Tours with Muhammad" or something like that, hes a local guy that gives a really good tour. Also took a bus to Konjic from here and did a day of white water rafting with some crazy Bosnian tour guides.

My final stop was Mostar. very pretty and nice for a swim if you go in summer. Which is would totally recommend. Its as hot as spain or greece and a fraction of the price and the people are x100 nicer. They mostly all speak english or german too.

from a backpacking Brit.
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Bosnians always drank alcohol. When the Ottomans came, that practice stayed. To a lesser extent Turks also drink but pretty much every Bosnian does. We have our own beers and national drinks


Here's two albums of pics and descriptions. Might come in handy


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The year is almost over. Let's have a thread dedicated to pics and stories of your travel in 2015. Don't have too many stories, but have some pis to get it started.

Yellowstone Park in Jamuary.
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Also Yellowstone, which was probably obvious. One thing about being there in the middle of winter -- seeing Old Faithful erupt without a soul in sigh was unique.

If you are a geyser buff, spend some time in sight of Beehive -- it is harder to predict when it will erupt, but the show is, I think, better than Old Faithful.
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Later that January -- and now for something completely different...
File: P1070932.jpg (112KB, 2160x1620px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sunset over the desert in UAE.

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Hi! I'm going to live in budapest soon. Do you have any advices about the best things to do or to avoid?
Tell me about your craziest experience there
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Avoid: eating kebabs. They are just crap. Much like in other countries, you shouldn't eat them anywhere.
Best thing: try the ring pastry.
szimpla kert or any of the other ruin bars.
where you from, anon? where will you live? is it permanent or you just come for erasmus?

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Which car rental companies have good reputation in the US? Any you can recommend, or have had particular problems with? Recommendations or warnings welcome.
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all rental cars are pretty miserable. That having been said I have had relatively smooth transactions with Budget, Enterprise, and euro newcomer Sixt (BMW upgrade was a nice perk) .

Stay Away from Alamo, Dollar, 2nd and third tier crap

I was checking Sixt for an upcoming visit to the states, it looked pretty nice. Prices were not enormous and they offered most things inclusive I believe.

Whatever we chose, I understand we should get the pre-filled fuel tank, otherwise you'll have to pay for every gallon missing when you turn it in?
I've always done Budget and despite the name they haven't been bad.

Be wary though, because no matter what the company is they WILL try to scam you. If you go for the cheapest option, there will inevitably be an issue like they're waiting on the car to show up but you can upgrade right now for only $25 a day.

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I'm going to be spending about a month in Spain next summer with my family. I want to make a trip to Morocco for a weekend or so. I mostly want to see Fez, and I'm not interested in sports or shit like that. Mostly into food and culture/historical tourism.

Sounds good. But what do you think?
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been there for a few weeks last year, only had lots of tagine as local foods

>eat tagine and go waaaay into the more rural areas morocco is mostly impressive and diverse nature

>as always everyone will try to lure you into their own/brothers/cousins/fathers/whatevers restaurants as soon as you dont look 100% native, so it might be hard to find an authentic restaurant that isn't only touristic

>unless you go into rural areas, they never see tourists there and you can get authentic food

>not real cuisine: but try the oranges they are supreme
I have about a B2 level of French and maybe could get there in Modern Standard Arabic by the time I go, but no interest in learning the Maghribi dialect. Would I do better with French or should I go for MSA?
A close friend of mine is currently living in Morocco and pretty much loves it, she's really happy with the culture and people. She's in Rabat, I'll definitely visit her next year.

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Ask anything to a guy who drove from Europe to Afghanistan for shits and giggles.

Moved here from /b/ on advice from nice people.
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y tho?
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2MB, 3264x2448px

To see if I could. And I did.
K then. How long did it take, and where did you start?

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/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.

Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
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General information on holiday destinations:


Working abroad:

ELS/Teaching English:
Traveling to Japan:

English links

Travel by train

Hotel search:


Currency converter:

German tokyo guide:
Traditional /trv/ Japan Copy-Pasta:

In the Tokyo area:
Akihabara, of course, is the electronic district in Tokyo. You can spend all day just walking around there and looking.
The Meiji-jingu temple near Harajuku is a really nice temple and Harajuku itself is an interesting place to walk around (especially on "cosplay" Sunday)
Ueno has a nice park and zoo and also a lot of museums.
You can visit the Emporer's palace a few blocks from the Tokyo station, but they wont let you in the gates except 2 days a year, in December and January. It has a nice park, though and you can see some of the buildings over the wall a bit.
Tokyo Tower near Akabanebashi station is cool as well as the Zoujoji temple near it.
The Kiyosumi garden was a nice place to visit near the Kiyosumishirakawa station.
Shibuya for lots of shopping for clothes (in asian sizes), but expensive.
Roppongi for the night life. It is foreigner central, plan to stay out all night if you go there and don't bring any credit cards. The clubs and bars like to rip you off if you do.

Outside the Tokyo area:
About a 30 min train ride south is Yokohama. There, visit Sakuragicho (Cosmo World) and the Landmark Tower.
About a 45 min train ride south on the Yokosuka JR line is the really old capitol of Japan, Kamakura. There is a large temple district as well as the largest sitting Buddha in Japan.
If you want to travel a couple hours west, you can go to Odawara and see the beautiful Odawara castle.
About a 45 min train ride northwest of Odawara is Hakone where there are some great Onsens (Hot Springs) and gardens.
Another 30 min bus ride (or a series of trains and a gondalier) north of Hakone is Owakudane where the sulfer springs are at boiling temperature and is a sight to see. They will even boil some eggs for you to eat in the springs.

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Someone make me an itinerary please. I have 12k and want to do a RTW trip. Leaving from NY
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you going to pay me?
with what money I only have 12k to my name
Presumably less than 12K, how cheap do you work?

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