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Theoretically, if you gave in to that itch late at night to just get in your car and start driving, just to see what happens, where would you go?

I'm in the American South so I guess the cliche thing to do would be to go west until I hit the Pacific Coast, and then live like a hobo for a bit in LA or San Francisco until I came to my senses. Or maybe break down in the desert and die?

Does Europe have anything like that?

Does anyone know where they would go if they just packed their shit and left their life behind one day?
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I'm 29 and I never owned a car. I don't know this feel...

It's too cold to get on my bike now, maybe next year I'll buy some winter riding gear.

I think everyone has to know that feel.

You ever been doing something boring and the thought just strikes you of wondering what it would be like to just pack your shit and move somewhere without telling anyone? A whole new life just to see what it would be like?
I already live along the pacific coast not to far away from where that photo was taken, so I'm not sure where I'd go.

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Anyone here hitchiked/vagabonded in Australia before? Thinking of that Into The Wild lifestyle (before he goes to the woods and dies) but in the Australian outback and eastern coast.

I've done something somewhat similar in Europe, but was thinking of doing it with more train-hopping/camping.

Anyone info would be sweet.
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My mum hitched around Australia back in the 80's so I'll get some tips for you tomorrow when she's awake.
Carry PLENTY PLENTY PLENTY WATER, Because a fuckton of people don't realise how far it is between cities.

Plan your trip, pack accordingly, know what sort of roads you're going to be on, tell people where you're going.

Invest in a satellite phone.

She suggests don't go into the outback and stick to the cities unless you're doing some sort of tour.

Get some sort of personal protection. Keep a knife on your person and learn how to use.

Pack light, don't bring the kitchen sink.

Summertime is better than winter; you don't have to wear heavy clothes and light clothes can be easily washed and dry out fairly quickly.

Research our venomous/dangerous wildlife (snakes and spiders mainly) and take a first aid course so you know what to do if bitten/attacked.

Research the backpackers you're going to stay in, cause there are good/bad ones.

Essentially, just research research research where you're going, what's you're going to do in towns, what's happening in towns, (festivals and stuff).

That's all she can think of at the moment buddy.

Singaporefag with UK citizenship here. I am thinking about finding a job in the English countryside. It really appeals to me as it's very different from where I am now. I've lived in homestay hotels in the European countryside and I loved it. I don't know if I am romanticising life in the countryside too much and I am wondering if I will get bored of it in the future.
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Youll get bored fast.
short answer - it varies greatly from place to place., depending on local character, traditions, activities, social makeup, and so on. Probably different countryside places in England differ from one another to a far greater extent (precisely because of their relative isolation and distinct histories) than do large cities.

I'd say: go for it - but do your research first
It's pleasant, though of course you're very dependent on your car. It really depends what you want from your life. Just remember that the weather in the UK is pretty bad most of the time; it can get a bit grim in the countryside.

My parents live in the middle of nowhere (in Ireland), if you have any questions about country living you can ask me I guess... Personally it drives me fucking crazy having to plan everything, not being able to just walk out to the shop or to meet people at whatever time I want, but I do appreciate the peace and quiet.

Is it a good idea?
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fucking best episode. And Karl sums up the railroad nicely. Merchant says it's great because it's the longest railroad on earth and Karl retorts something like "they just took the worst thing about it and called it a feature."
There was an InTransit series on it

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hey so Im canadian but i travel to america and stay for just under 6 months each time (180 days Im allowed to stay) this is the second 6 month period ive been here but Im wondering if thats okay to do-legally- because the first time i returned to my country i was just "stepping out" so i could come back in (I had no trouble coming back but I literally started a new life here) so as long as I'm not working in the US I should be fine to travel back without questioning or immigration shit?
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You can be questioned for any reason, not even a good reason. Legally speaking, you can do as much time as you want in the US, it's Canada that is holding you back.

I think the biggest issue for you as a Canadian is loss of your ability to have your socialized medicine. I know it's what keeps the Florida snowbirds from living here year round. It's too big of a loss to lose one's insurance. Be careful about that.
I'm Canadian too and I fucking hate how Canada and USA are two separate countries.

If I want to live and work in NYC or LA I should be able to
How do you even pull this off? Do you just save up a bunch of money in Canada and then stay in America until the money runs out?

I live in Montreal. I've been wanting to live in Miami forever now, but I can't figure out how to afford it since Canadians can't work in the USA.

Hi, I’m from Chile and I’m traveling to the US with my GF for the first time. After So Cal and Las Vegas we have to pick between San Antonio or New Orleans for a 5 day stay before going to Florida.

Which one would you choose and why? Which one would give us a better glimpse of Murrica?
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Better glimpse of what life is like for most Americans: San Antonio

Better city to visit: New Orleans.

Would go to NOLA imo. Higher crime and risk than San Antonio but you will have much more to do imo and is a lot more fun. I wouldn't let the crime or poverty in NOLA scare you away. Trust me, their are much scarier areas in latin america than NOLA.
Also don't spend more than one night in Vegas, it really is overrated as fuck. Also care telling us where in Cali and Florida you're visiting, and are you road tripping?
We'll be visiting San Diego, LA and San Francisco, then in Florida we're going to the parks in Orlando and then Miami and leave. We're moving on bus for the "closer" cities and plane for Vegas to NOLA/SA to Orlando.

booked a flight to Budapest on a whim. leaving tomorrow.

what should i do when i get there?
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I don't know. What do you like?
>booked a flight to Budapest on a whim. leaving tomorrow.
Make a reservation at Spinoza to dine for the awesome music, a reservation for one evening at the Hospital in the Rock tour and maybe a restaurant there in the Castle, plan for 4 hours at Terror House, have a pastry at the cafe of your choice, book the reservation for a massage at one of the spas (fills up a couple days in advance) and pack something to make the spas easier (water shoes, beach towel, gym bag, padlock).

The rest is up to you.

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Howdy All. Just moved to Virginia from New Mexico a few months ago, and I want someone to give me the low down of the east coast.
I have a full six days off for christmas, and wanted to take a road trip with the lady. Anyone got some points of interested? any and all suggestions are welcome, but natural features preferred.
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im not sure how much of it is open during the winter, but you should drive the Blue Ridge Parkway
>>1057410You could spend all six days in VA and get a good experience. Five days without DC.
Also, don't go to Fauqueir. We're the laughing stock of the state.

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I'm going to be there for 11 days or so. I'll be staying in Bangkok for at least part of it and my friend wants to go to Phuket.

Are hostels safe to stay in? I have some luggage (a fairly big backpack and a suitcase), will it be secure there and will I have some place to store it with it being relatively safe from theft?

Approximately how much Baht will I probably need to include hostel, food, alcohol (probably), travel between Bangkok and Phuket and back, etc?

If anyone has answers to some of these questions, it would be greatly appreciated.
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About 2 years ago I went from Bangkok to Phuket and back with Air Asia.
I don't remember the exact fare, can't have been more than 100 $ I guess.
Anyway if things haven't changed since, domestic flights depart from Don Mueang, not Suvanabhumi.
There's also the train and bus options if you don't mind a longer trip
Thanks for the reply. I think I'd probably be going by train.
the train's actually pretty nice. Tons of food vendors come through selling weird shit.

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Never travelled solo in my life. Going to visit Vietnam next month and have no clue how it feels like to do everything by myself. Also not very outgoing. The idea that I´m going to a bar and drink a beer alone by myself while other people are socializing and having fun freaks me out. Any stories/experience? btw I´m not white so the whole asians love white guys thing is out for me
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Get a t-shirt made that says "I am an introvert, please say hello."
I cant decide if you are a genious or a moron.
kek'd. could also wear a swastika shirt

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I have one question, kind of related with travel.

Does travelling alone for a month, to a place where I don't know the language, helps me with my severe anxiety?
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If you make the most of it and take up every opportunity then yes.

Get out of your comfort zone, talk to new people and do things you wouldn't do back home.

I was a pretty shy person but after months of living in hostels with strangers I can start a conversation with anyone and now I enjoy talking to new people, something I hated before.
Unrelated roll
i'm thinking about doing this for a few months myself, i'm hoping that getting out of my comfort zone will shock my system ps muh trips

Ayy /trv/
Travelling in Southeast Asia for 2-3 months next year with GF. No detailed planning, but we've a rough idea that we want to travel Myanmar -> Laos -> Cambodia (Maybe Vietnam instead or afterwards)
Been discussing if we should purchase two motorcycles while we're down there and sell them to other backpackers when we live, so:
What's a good price for a motorcycle that'll last us those few months?

Any problems travelling with a motorcycle from one country to another and then selling it?

Also how the hell do you find someone willing to buy a motorcycle from you? Chat up backpackers in hostels or do you contact any shops for help?

Also general Myanmar/Laos/Cambodia thread. What's been the greatest places you've been in these countries?
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>with gf

You're doing it wrong

what this guy says
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Now that THAT'S out of the way, I am not a motorcycle but can speak generally about Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

I really enjoyed time around Siem Reap, but that's an obvious destination that will already occurred to you. The temple complex on Man Mountain (Phnom Pros, near Kampong Cham) is a modern, day-glo SEA Wat complex that I liked, but I am not sure it is "better" than any of a hundred others.

Ha Long bay is worth a trip, plan to spend some time on one of the many excursion boats, even if that sounds too touristy, unless you can rent and handle your own boat, it's really the only way to really see the bay, and it is spectacular.

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Has anyone been to Fukuoka? Whats it like? I have been searching around I can't find all that much from people who have been there.
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we have a Japan general up where that answer might get answered quicker, but generally speaking it's a very nice city. Relatively big, good food, nice temperature and some great natural places to visit. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask
I've been there, but I really can't tell you much. It's a nice place.
I've lived here in Fukuoka for 2 years now, ask me anything

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Che Guevara.jpg
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I want to move to Quebec for a few months and practice my French.

Where is a good place to stay and if it is possible work for a short time? Do they have hostels like Europe? Is it pretty expensive? I figure if I want to immerse myself, Quebec would be easiest since I live in the US and Haiti speaks Creole.

I've spent a year in Egypt (what a horrible country) and visit Mexico pretty often. What is Canada like and Quebec in particular?
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No Go?
If you're serious about learning French stay outside Montréal. People there switch to English the moment they think you're not comfortable speaking French. Go live in Québec city, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivière, Rimouski or if you realy have balls one of the towns further north. You will learn in no time.

If you absolutely must stay in Montréal go for the eastern side of the city. The west if just another boring version of Toronto.
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Don't worry mate, I have a full proof system that I used in Egypt. I simply pretend not to know English and that I only know Spanish. Egyptians always switch to broken English but I got around it. It also helps that I'm brown.

What is wrong with the towns up north that I need balls for it?

What is the cheapest place to live?

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In my opinion, Angkor is massively overrated.

Your thoughts?
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>In my opinion, Angkor is massively overrated.
Most ruins are like that. You'll find people disappointed by all of them. Get yourself really psyched up in history and archaeology, maybe even some fiction, so you can feel it come alive. It aint gonna be like in Indiana Jones, that's for sure.
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Opposite reaction, I thought the Angkor ruins around Siem Reap were amazing. The "miniature" temple Banteay Srei (pic related) was my favorite.

But >>1057672 has a point -- ruins can be just old fallen-down buildings unless you know something about them.

Your opinion is valid for you, of course, hope you had a better time elsewhere on your trip.

OP here

Thats subjectivity for you because I thought Banteay Srei was the most boring and disappointing. Especially after the tuktuk took about an hour to get there and it bumped the cost of the day tour up to about $30

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