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Hey /trv/, I am planning on moving from the US to New Zealand for a few months this spring/summer. I'll be in a lace an hour north of Auckland. Anybody have any suggestions or tips on living there?
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Hi guys

I'm going to London for a few days. I've been there a few times so I don't need to see all the landmarks again. Any tips for some great things to see? Best Christmas market? Best burger in town? Cool street art? Strip clubs? Anything!
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Just get down to Soho got independent restaurants, cool bars arts and strippers

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Is it possible and/or reasonable to go to England on a visitor visa and then while over there as a visitor, find a job and switch your visa to a working visa?

visa visa visa
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It is not possible. Visas have to be obtained outside the UK. What are your qualifications? Basically you can get either student visa, skilled worker visa (employee sponsored), or a visa as a wealthy investor or for starting your own business in the UK.

Bummer. I'm a web developer with a degree in computer science and couple years experience. So the skilled worker visa shouldn't be too out of the question? It seems like companies don't really advertise if they're willing to sponsor. Maybe that means its uncommon for them to do so?

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Hey /trv/ I got a few questions and would love some advice. So I've been planning a trip to Europe for the past few months, which my buddy was gonna come with. Well he bailed today for what ever reason. The original plan was on Jan 28th we were going to Sweden to hit the northern lights and thenstay in stockholm for a 2 days. Then we'd go to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin and then London be in london on the 12th, where I have family.

My question is should I cut out amsterdam, Copenhagen and Berlin, after seeing the north lights and go straight to London? I haven't bought my tickets yet so I could cut this portion out and fly to Sweden on Feb 9th for the northern light then go to london, saving money on hostels. I'll be in london for a week and a half and then be going to Spain to visit a friend for about a week as well. Or do you guys think it'd be worth it traveling solo for a week and a half?

Also how easy is it to meet people in the hostels and tag along with them sight seeing and hitting up bars?
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I wouldn't advise you to cut them out of your trip unless you want to spend more time in London. Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Berlin are as good as London.

With the making friends bit, it depends on the type of hostel and the people there. I went to Berlin in June and stayed at small and cosy hostel. Everyone got on really well and i went out with the people I met a couple of times. In the opposite, I went to Stockholm in August and stayed in a very large hostel. No-one ever interacted and just sat in silence on laptops and phones.

But, they'll always be an Aussie somewhere in your dorm that wants to take you drinking. Never not seen one yet.
Lol Aussies are good company, made friends with some at EDC in Las Vegas this last year. My main concern is if there will be people in the hostels since I'll be going in winter time for my trip

Guys i'm going to the U.S. this new year but it's my first time that i go for a long time (three months) and i don't know how to carry big amounts of money (for my living these three months)

so my questions are:

How to carry money (wich bank should i choose).. if i'm from México.

How much money should i bring with me in efective and electronic..

Is it really cold in Ohio?

My US. VISA allows me to travel to Canada?

How much do i pay to rent a floor in Ohio...

What is the best... restaurants or cook my own food...

Any good VIP disco, antro, studio where i can have fun and met good american girls?

Should i bring my own clothes or buy new ones there?

as an imgurian new-to-4chan... i leave you guys with my cat-tax.
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>How to carry money (wich bank should i choose).. if i'm from México.
You should check with whatever bank you have and find out who their partner bank is. It's likely they have an agreement with a major US bank where you can use ATMs or talk with tellers for free. If not, choose a bank with international branches like Popular Community Bank, TD Bank, HSBC, etc.

>How much money should i bring with me in efective and electronic..
Keep your cash on hand as low as possible. ATMs are everywhere and you should be able to find a surcharge free (see above).

Why are you going to Ohio? Are you planning to go anywhere else?

>Is it really cold in Ohio?
If you go in the winter, it definitely can be. It depends where in Ohio you go, though. In Cleveland, near Lake Erie, it'll be cold and snowy. In Cincinnati, it'll be a bit less cold and may not be snowy as long as it is up north.

>My US. VISA allows me to travel to Canada?
Probably not, but check with whoever provides you the visa, just to be sure. This kind of thing used to happen, but since 9/11 the U.S. isn't as loose about the Canadian border.

>How much do i pay to rent a floor in Ohio...
Varies. Do you want a penthouse or a crackden? I paid just under $500 per month for a small studio apartment when I lived outside Cleveland.

>What is the best... restaurants or cook my own food...
Do some of both. You'll have plenty of time. Meet some locals and go to their favorite restaurants and then do some home cooking with them where you and they share recipes and cooking techniques. The rule of thumb is that there are certain chain restaurants that are pretty good everywhere, but the best restaurants are always local small businesses. This is especially true for junk food like pizza, cookies, and chocolate.

>Should i bring my own clothes or buy new ones there?
Mix of both, but bring most of the clothes you plan to wear and only buy a few things just for the experience of shopping in the U.S. and for getting things not common in Mexico.
Unfortunately, the USA is actually the USM (United States of Mexico). You will have no problem finding a bank as a foreigner. I would google US banks and see what will allow foreign accounts OR visit your own bank in Mexico and ask about foreign currency withdrawals. A lot of banks here in the US have massive discounts or free services for Mexico since 40% of the country is now Mexican/Hispanic.

Yes, it is cold in Ohio currently.

No idea on the US VISA for Canada. I think the boarder has gotten tighter so I would assume no right now.

>rent a floor in Ohio
What? You mean a room? Go to craigslist and search there. Usually cheaper on craigslist and you will get a good idea.

The US has every food you want, just look for something you like and go eat.

The rest is going to depend on where you go and what you are willing to do. White girls in the US are slutty uneducated cunts. If it is just sex you are looking for, you shouldn't have a problem.

I'll be on a layover to Rome, summer 2016. I'll be there for a whole day, and I'm looking for some Romans to tell me what are some of the most important things to do/see in Rome.

One note, I've always wanted to try porchetta, what would be some good places for that?
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porchetta is the shit mate.

the Colosseum is a must, that and the huge monument with the horse, forgot the name. Than i suggest a quick visit to vatican city, even if you see it from outside. other than that enjoy the food, that's the best part of rome
I'm from Rome and porchetta is nice, Carbonara (pasta) is better and Suppli (rice balls) also and Filetto di baccala (fried cod)!
Best for porchetta is not Rome but little towns around like Frascati anyway i suggest you Er Buchetto small place close to piazza della Repubblica (there are 100s of different "Er Buchetto" restaurant in Rome cause that means the hole)
There's a church made up of bones there, don't remember its name, it's pretty cool to see.

What do people mean when they say they traveled the coast on a motorcycle? Like do they just stop somewhere isolated and sent up a tent or something?
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There is a couple ways of doing it, Isolated tenting areas is real tricky a lot of time. You spend as much time hunting for a spot as you do riding.

Campsites are almost worth the dollars just to know your not going to get fucked with or run off. Freecampsites.org is amazingly helpful too if you are in a spot well covered. couchsurfer is also super useful. Ive talked to locals and get invited to yard camp before but honestly slept like shit and was worried the whole time. Couchsurfing at least has reviews and what not.

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Planning on getting a one way ticket to germany in april. Hoping to be as spontaneous as possible, couchsurfing, being a cheap ass, etc. I'm confused on where I find out customs info. I know I'm good for 90 days in the Schengen region, but I might want to go pretty east. Will re-entry into the Schengen region be difficult? Can I apply for visas while I'm already in europe? Where is this info? I just want to make all preparations to be as flexible as possible. The most important question though is how might I be denied at the border? Do I need a "rail pass" to show I'm moving on or a return ticket? How much should I set aside for transportation costs to possible skim asia? Sorry this is overwhelming. I've never traveled before but don't want to fuck around if I'm going to spend the money to get there.
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>Will re-entry into the Schengen region be difficult?
No, as long as you abide by the 90/180 days rule.

>Can I apply for visas while I'm already in europe?
For European visas? No. For Asian visas? Sure, depending on the country.

>Do I need a "rail pass" to show I'm moving on or a return ticket?
If you are from a visa waiver country, odds are low that they would ask.
>I've never traveled before but don't want to fuck around if I'm going to spend the money to get there.

Then you should know that it's much cheaper to buy a return ticket than two one way tickets. Trying to be spontaneous is expensive. Have a look for yourself. Search for the cost of a one way ticket from, say, Munich or Paris to wherever it is you will be flying from a few days from now and compare that with the cost of a return ticket.
Can I apply for visas to places outside the Schengen region like Ireland or Ukraine? What if I go to Ireland and want to be able to come back into the region? Is that possible with the "90 day" rule or with a visa?

From my research it looks like one ways are the Way to go. I might only be saving a hundred bucks and would be sacrificing the flexibility.

Is there any good resource to check price changes for a route? What are they usually based off of? I feel like since gas is so low plane tickets are at a low.. maybe that's not how it works though. Thanks for the help senpai

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Long shot question - is it possible to withdraw 5,000 Euros in Turkey (Istanbul) if I have a UK bank account?

I prefer not to take the cash with me on my person when entering Turkey.
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possible yes if you have a maestro/visa/mastercard card but not in a single transaction and most likely not not in a single day as there're limitations on daily withdrawals abroad from your card, from your bank and most countries have a daily limit per foreign card.

ask ur bank

n why the fuck u even need 5000 euros?
He wanna join ISIS

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I'd love to run away from home and live here. Endangered species, tropical climes, beautiful scenery, a ghost town, what's not to like?
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Not to mention the giant freaking volcano
The deserted town is actually very off limits, and with some really good reasons. The ash is basically powdered glass, imagine a light breeze kicking that up into your lungs.

There are some pretty cool tours that let you fly over it with a helicopter, though. It's weird I've never found any good way to get there without booking a helicopter tour from some other island.
just install steam and play ark survival

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Hey /trv/

I just agreed to travel to Peru next summer as part of an international program through my University. I was curious to any thoughts ya'll had, whether you have been to the area or not.

4 wks working with rural citizens near Cusco
After that I plan to stay another two weeks in Cusco and Lima and stay in hostels.
Never been outside the U.S.
25 y/o white male
Thinking I should visit Machu Piccu.
Lost otherwise.
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I'm from Lima and there's a lot of stuff to do in Lima, at least.
Be sure to visit Barranco, it's beautiful and really has a "hipster" vibe to it. Miraflores and San Isidro are wealthier districts where you'll most likely avoid getting mugged and could easily lose yourself walking around the city without being too scared.
Thanks. I was worried about the crime in Lima desu.
Never been there and can't tell you a thing about it but I will be going on a mission trip in June for two weeks to Cusco, Lima, and a few other areas ironically enough.

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Okay, so, I just turned 20 years old & I've lived in the same small-town in the USA all my life. Of course, I'm in a desperate need of travel. I'm trying to think of the best places in the world to go.

What I think I'm most interested in is Montreal, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, and Helsinki.

How's my list? Bad? Sucks? where, in your opinion, is better and why?

Thanks in advance.
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Why those cities in particular? Usually my bucket list involves some sort of activity. Lately I'm into hiking and enjoy traveling for the outdoors more than the cities so currently I really want to see some national parks and world heritage sites that emphasize nature.
Copenhagen is my favorite city in your list. I haven't been to Tel Aviv though. I will someday but I don't think it's my type of place.

However, while Copenhagen can be a nice start, don't simply project your whole traveler ambition on one single city. For example, why not visiting Denmark in general, take a cruise to Oslo, or another Scandinavian destination?
If I were you, I'd do that, start from Copenhagen and go all up north, to Tromso, for example. There are many ideas to be made. Be creative, I mean, if you come from the US, you wouldn't want to stay in Europe for only 4 days.
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Copenhagen is nice. If you can, try to see Helsingör too for Kronborg Slot (also known as Elsinore Castle). If you feel like visiting Sweden then Helsingborg is just 20 minutes away by ferry from Helsingör.

From Kastrup airport you can take the train all the way to Gothenburg, as it makes stops in the bigger cities along the coast.

Anyone on /trv/ visit Syria before the war?

What was the country like? What were your highlights? places you'd advise to visit, if there was no war?
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I would love to. I'm going to be kicking myself for the rest of my life for not knowing that Palmyra even existed. I blame the history teacher of my youth.

If I tried to go now my family would have an intervention to keep me from leaving, and considering that it would be suicide, I can't blame them. I supposed if I got caught I could always say I came to join ISIS then sneak away later, but then I'd risk being caught by the FBI upon my return which could potentially be worse as they won't believe it was a ruse to escape.

Anyway no, I don't recommend you or anyone go to Syria ever, it's a black hole now. My best friend is from Lebanon and he hasn't been back for six years.
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>you will never visit al-sham as it was before the war
>you will never see the cultural treasures that were destroyed
>you will never visit a multi-ethnic non-sectarian middle east
>tfw everything is only going to get worse
This keeps happening. Guess what, it's what shapes our world today. Without such events world would be fucking dull. And I'm not saying I'm in favor

I'm trying to get rid of my mindset for travelling where I try to have the best experience possible, causing me to overthink a lot of things and have a worse experience. Ie: should I go to this hostel? Or maybe this one would be better and I'd meet some cooler people. It's really nice in this town, should I stay another day or move on? But then I won't have enough time to do xxx and so on.
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Just realize that rigid planning is boring. Don't be a slave to your vacation. Do whatever the fuck you want. (Don't get arrested, but yeah)
Make a general plan and then just wing it. You will figure out some things along the way and alter your plans, and that's great. Plan to change your plans.
Maybe you are living beyond your means, and this is just part of it.

As you travel more and more, this kind of overplanning kind of goes away. You have to realize not to have much in the way of expectations, and that any choices you make is simply giving you tools to make better choices in the coming years. This isn't the last and only time you'll get to leave your country, and you're only entertaining yourself not trying to impress future inlaws or a dying cancer kid making a wish. Relax.

Meeting cool people should not be a goal of travel, though.
Screw being picky over hostels. Mostly you're just sleeping and waking up in them. After 2 weeks on a festival I didn't give a shit about the hostel I was staying in next.

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Anyone from Pennsylvania here, or anyone that has spent some time there? I am considering moving to PA, but I don't actually know anyone there that can provide me with information, only what I'm able to toss into Google. A lot of the important information I can find, but you're more than free to throw anything out there that you think might be of importance.

What I'd like to know is nothing fixed however, as I'm mostly curious about the people themselves. Community wise and such. So, I'm looking for purely subjective answers; Do you like it there? Does the weather bother you? Is there an obvious split in ethical groups? Would you consider the East coast friendly or distant? Etc... etc...

Thanks to anyone, and everyone, who answers!
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>Tell me about Pennsylvania
Why does it wear the mask.
Also... that's a big bell.
Bucks County native here who has travelled all around the state. If you love history and wildlife, Pennsylvania is quite the state for that. Our weather in the summer does tend to get quite humid (at least here in SE PA), and our weather depending on where you are in the state can be moderately intense in the winter time.
People being nice really varies as to where you are in the state. I've found up in northern Pennsylvania (Wilkes-Barre area) tend to be pretty friendly. Those in the general Lancaster area also tend to fall into this. (Lancaster City is gorgeous)
Here where I live in Bucks County it tends to occasionally act as an extension of Philadelphia behavior depending on where you are. This is true for most of the surrounding counties. I've noticed Philadelphians aren't really the type to say hi as you walk by, but thats true of any city here in the North East.
I'd say the east coast the more rural you get is very friendly and polite. Do a roadtrip up the North East extension and stop off a couple places, you'll be surprised at how different people get the further you get away from Philadelphia.
Anything further feel free to ask!
Also a /trv/ related tip, PHL has great airfare deals since it was previously US Airways leading hub city, now a American Air hub. Nice perk to an otherwise unimportant airport.

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