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Hi all, I'm an Aussie looking to work in Canada sometime in 2016 and am trying to gather as much accurate info (and funds) as I can.
My problem is all the info I'm finding is pretty conflicting.
Some sources say to go with a company like Global Work & Travel Co, whereas some say they're a total scam and you're better off organising it yourself. Some sources also say applying for a working visa can take up to 4-5 years and you'll only be approved if you have savings of around $15,000 and a University Degree...
Whereas.. my friend works in Japan currently and applied as a spur of a moment thing with only around $5000 saved, was approved for a job in a hotel within the week and a month later he was working and living there. Has been for 2 years now.
I'm a little confused and deflated having never travelled overseas before I'm not sure what to think! Any info on living and working in Canada, especially as an Aussie, would be greatly appreciated!
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>Wants to live and work in Canada

That's not even possible unless you've got a PHD and 15-20 years of work experience....and even then, it's not likely.

In Canada, we only accept people from third world countries to live and work here, even for a short period of time.

Really? :( Not even in bars and the like? Surely that can't be right.
Also, if so, how did a classmate of mine get a job in Canada being a bricklayer with no further education after Year 12 (apart from his brickie apprenticeship), at the age of 19?? He's been living there for 3 years now working on construction sites...

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How do you meet people when you're travelling?
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I exist and people walk up and talk to me because I am weird looking.

They ask me a bunch of questions and never go away no matter how much I try to sperg them away or stare in angry silence.

It's not that hard
What's weird looking about you?
I have no idea op. Usually in bars or somewhere where you will have a high chance of interaction like a festival.

Ive decided that next time I go into a bar I I will offer to buy someone a beer in exchange for a cool story of theirs

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Anyone who's visited/vacationed in/ lived in Vancouver here? How is it?
I'd like to spend sometime there this summer while on my school break, but I'm still in the very early planning stages
How cheap can a trip there be??
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its cool there!
Where are you traveling from?
What are your interests?

I spent 18 years there growing up. I know about most things other than the bar scene.

You can get in a good hostel like this for
http://www.hihostels.ca/westerncanada/168/HI-Vancouver_Jericho_Beach/index.hostel for
$30. I'd put at least another $30/day for doing stuff, food and travel. Could try couchsurfing.

It's a great setting for a city, but it isn't that great a city to live in.
If you're into restaurants, there's really good seafood, and a variety of ethnic food.
I've lived here my whole life. It sucks, go somewhere cool instead. Unless you're white then you'll have a good time.

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How do you meet people when travelling by yourself? I've been watching a lot of episodes of The Simpsons and keep feeling like I'm doing this wrong
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Every single year it gets harder and harder to make connections in 3D.
I honestly do not know what to do about it.
I often want to strike up a conversation with people at bars or hostels but I dont even have their instagram codes :;_;


I'll be going on a Princess cruise around the caribbean on January.
Does anyone here have any experience with them? I'd appreciate it if you shared tips or info.
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>that pic

Well, shit. I wasn't expecting that.
What could you possibly need to know? You are on a cruise. They will take you places, they will feed you shit, or good food at an exorbitant price. You will get off the ship at ridiculously overpriced markets with the other 5000 captives. You will have to buy their boioze at 10x markup.

In conclusion, cruise companies make sure to give you the bare minimum to keep you alive while gently soaking and drying you in salt water and sunshine in order to squeeze every last dime from your credit limit.

A cruise is my idea of hell.
>I'll be going on a Princess cruise around the caribbean on January.
>Does anyone here have any experience with them? I'd appreciate it if you shared tips or info.
A level above the NCL and RC regular ship, and two level above the low tier Carnival experience. Ship and food perks aside, it simply means you'll be traveling with people an economic class above that riffraff (and possibly a little older too).

Buy travel insurance that has medical coverage. If you're smart, you'll have used a travel agent that gives it for a fee, but refunds it when you end up not using it.

Don't skip shows and events. If you don't go with the flow on what they have planned for you, you'll start thinking like you're in that movie Groundhog Day with the same thing over and over as that schedule gets tucked under the door. Also, cruises are only as fun as the people you hang with on the cruise. Enjoy them like you would a family reunion. If they are boring, (or you are) you'll be bored. Load up the Kindle. Drinking will run up your bill, so maybe think about limiting it to when it actually matters to you, or having your wine bottle follow you from dining room to the bar, or imbibing more in ports, or like just the 1st or last day. It's one of the money makers of the industry to charge a ton for it, and limit your duty free til the last night.

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I'm going to be in Paris this for a few weeks and I don't really have a place to stay or much money.

I'm going to try couchsurfing. Is there anything else I can try to find places to stay? Maybe sleeping in parks?

Also I'm Algerian (but an atheist), will that be a problem?
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i would go with some money dude if you think you can actually sleep in a park then go for it but to me it seems retarded sense it will be cold as fuck. You will probably get sick
I've got some money, but not enough for accommodation
I wouldn't go in your situation but im not you so do what you want

How do you guys manage data costs while abroad without spending too much? I know simcards with generous amounts of data are cheap in Russia, but is it like that elsewhere too?
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Step one: Unlock your self phone. Make sure it's GSM (sim card) or GSM capable

Step 2: Buy cheap prepaid sim card

I am in Bahrain now. I got a plan with Viva. Sim 2BD. 1BD of that went to the account. They have a prepaid plan of 2gb, unlimited Viva calls, 50 minutes free non-viva, and something else international (didn't pay attention because I'd use data for internatiinal calls through whatsapp or LINE.). Got the sim card Weds or Thurs. It's Saturday. I burned through the 2gb already. Do they cut it off? Nope. Just slow speeds from LTE. You can still do everything but stream/talk over data. 1BD = $2.65 on average. So I'm spending about $8 for 2 weeks.
The aforementioned plan is 1BD ($2.65)/week
Do you know of prices in other countries?

Hey Travel, I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what I could do in Seattle from 9pm to 7am. Preferably something close to the airport.
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I feel you, brother. I had 2 layovers recently in the same time range. On the bright side, you can just use language to get around. I was at a foreign airport in a backwards country (Turkey) and I knew I couldn't get around with English. Sorry I couldn't contribute much, but ask around the airport, it will get you somewhere.
Yeah, my flight isn't until January so I have some time to figure it out. Thanks anyways. :)
Get a hotel room and sleep in a real bed, as opposed to a seat in an airplane?

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I want to buy a boat in Siem Reap (for example) and travel down the river to Ho Chi Minh (for example) and I'm wondering about a few questions:

- Pirates, kidnapping and all those kind of hostile encounters with people, how aware should you be about that if I stick to the main route/river all the time?

- Water, Food and fuel, will I find that in the harbours and in the villages all the way down or will it be really hard?

- How big of a boat should you buy? (I want to be able to paddle if I run out of fuel)
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From the sounds of it, you don't know shit about boats. That makes this a bad idea.

You can definitely get what you want in villages though, that won't be a problem. Literal highway robbery was a problem in some parts of Laos once but it should be fine these days. I've never heard of it happening on the Mekong but I guess it could while you're moored. More likely a local kid seeing what loose stuff they can carry off. Get something with lockers for valuables and fuel.

>How big of a boat should you buy?
If you don't know what kind of boat you can handle, then you're not ready. Don't attempt it until you know that answer yourself. It does need to be something with a cover that you can sleep under and not get fried by the sun under though. And it will probably rain because you can't do that trip in the dry season.

Still, it's like a 24hour trip so you're not on this boat very long.
You're right, I don't know much about boats but how hard can it be? What is it that you specifically need to know about boats apart from to be able to fix minor repairs and to pilot it?

24 hours, didn't see that coming. As you problaby understand, this is just the very first topic and idea I'm having but I want to make it real.

Please tell me your general feeling and knowledge about this!

My dream is to be able to stay on some river system in the rainforest up to 2-3 months. Maybe The Amazonas if they have places where you can buy provision.
I'm very used of being outdoors so don't take me for a fool, just saying.

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Post a pic of you took of a bad/dangerous area you traveled through.
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>sees black people
>"so bad/dangerous"

>sees graffiti
>"hey that's not supposed to be there!" *nasally white voice*

>experiences night
>"mommy there's no nightlight out here"

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I'm spending August-December in either Canberra, Australia or Salzburg, Austria for college. No one from my school has ever done Salzburg, and the people who visited Canberra just partied on the beach. Anyone have advice? I want to do Austria, but everyone at my college pushes Canberra. My room, board, and plane tickets are fully funded either way.

Any helpful info on:
Cost (local pricing/expenditures for visiting sites/exploring)
Ease of regional travel
Cheap/free things to do/explore
Any other helpful info?
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I went to Salzburg for one night a couple months ago. It was nice there, but I noticed there was alot more homeless people there than I had been seeing in Germany.

Also I swear to god that the buildings did not go straight up, they were like fucking lopsided. It was tripping me out the entire time.

There are the ice caves and the salt mines you could go check out. Ive never been to australia though. The whether is probably better there. However if you are in Austria you could go explore other parts of Europe on your weekends. You luck bastard, you will love either decision you make
dude fuck Canberra
I know, man. It's just hard because my advisors are like NO NO CANBERRA IS COOL (they do a koala-holding photo op, who fucking cares) but I don't want a college frat experience or go abroad just to show off in Instagram photos. I wanna be immersed, explore, and do my own thing. Maybe I just answered my own question, lol.

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Will be in Stockholm roughly tomorrow morning. I've got 7 hours for touristy stuff. Not too big on buildings.

What are the must do's?
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Old town is pretty nice to walk through. its probably too cold but i kayaked for a few hours around the city which was alot of fun.
Visit ljudskogen
Visit Rinkeby.

I'm planning on studying abroad next year. I can choose between Switzerland, Sweden, and Germany. Where is the best place to meet hot girls who are dtf. I hear Germans are kinky.
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I was not studying in any of these countries.
But with b. Trips i am every second week in these countries.
I have bad news for you, none of them quality for what you are looking.
In germany, the woman are, well, its a matter of taste. Switzerland - more or less the same.
Sweden - oh my, you do not want to be there.
Sorry, that is only from my experience. I do not want to make this absolutely for all woman.
My personal oppinion is: the best and most kinky woman are in the east. That is for sure.
In your case, i would pick south of Germany. Bavaria, Munich maybe. At least you will have a nice city at your disposal. (But now its full with refugies)
German girl here
Girls here are either konky, yes, or quite prudish and both will be pretty spoilt when they come from middle class families.
As for Swiss girls, a friend living in Switzerland said those girls are like the even more stuck up and spoilt princess syndrome version than German girls.

Can't say anything about Swedish girls except for tge fact that most of them are atheists and kinda easy according to a Swedish Chad I've talked to but yeah, he's a Chad
Go to Berlin.

Cheap as fuck, amazing nightlife, intelligent people, lots of drugs.

I had plenty of 3soms while i was there with my gf.

Where exactly is the entrance to the museums? Where do I queue?
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There's a casino in the vatican?!
At the top of your map. You can't miss it.

Note -- if you have extra dough, look into a night tour -- it is WAY less crowded. In the daytime, in season, you can hardly see the art and artifacts for the crowds.
How do I get there from St. Peter's Square?

I'll be there about a week from now; I'm guessing it won't be busy.

Will Norwegian Air or other Euro budget airlines care if my hand baggage is half an inch longer than what is allowed?
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If you're a guy, maybe. If you're a grill, you can take the cargo hold of the fucking Titanic on the plane with you.
NA probably won't. Ryanair and easyjet might.
flying domestic with Norwegian I never really had to put hand baggage into any sort of measuring boxes.

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