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>tfw identify as cis male
>tfw people mistake me for a female

The universe clearly hates me. People constantly mistake me for a girl eventhough I identify as male and I'm pretty comfortable in my skin.
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Clearly you are doing something wrong.

Passing as male is like the easiest thing to do. Even most cis women can do it easily.
Could not give a flying fuck you spoilt little weirdo. Do you expect everyone in the world to spent all day thinking about your made up shit so they don't offend you? Neck yourself
>identify as cis male
Are you actually cis? I have seen a rise in cis females claiming to be cis males.

"I'm a boy but I didn't transition so that means I'm cis"

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Is it misandry if I don't want to date men? I'm lesbian and I don't find them attractive.
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no, it's lesbianism.
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This is why we should never allow women to vote. Holy fuck you're a moron.
How about giving a try? and declare to the man before you go 'sorry i am a lesbian from the very beginning'.

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Is it bad that even though I'm trans, drag queens annoy me?
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Would've expected that to be the majority opinion amongst trans people, if anything?
LOL if it’s okay for me to be trans-attracted and hate chasers, it’s okay for you to be trans and had drag queens.
drag queens annoy everyone.

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I have read that after starting hormones, many MTFs experience changes in their arousal, sensation of stimulation, and orgasm. I have heard the same about FTMs, but it is far less reported.

Have any of you experienced this change? It is made up? I'm asking preop only. Postop, I have no clue what mad science rewiring takes place there.

>watery ejaculate
>no ejaculate
>"""fluttery""" orgasms

Is it better for woman? Do MTFs have a brief insight to the privileged female experience, or is this a lie to make people feel better about their life decisions?
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fucking /tttt/

A yes or no will do
To sum it up in a sentence: the climax is more prolonged.

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What celebrities do you know that are gay, and are best known for being gay?
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Styx are BI
Isn't he straight though?

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Why do hons get SRS before FFS and VFS or even hair removal? Do they not have any amount of self-awareness? Or do they just not care that people see them as men in dresses?
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If hons are really AGP why do they get SRS at all?
I think it has something to do with the fact that certain procedures(like medically prescribed SRS) are covered by insurance, while other(like plastic surgeries) are not. Thus they are able to get SRS earlier than they save enough money for FFS.
Complete removal of facial hair takes many months, so it's a very long process. And many MtFs don't even get VFS, relying just on voice training.
Even if you accept Blanchard's AGP/HSTS classification(which is highly debatable), AGPs would be the ones wanting SRS, since they have the strongest body dysphoria.
>AGPs don't get SRS
you are fooled
guess who gets off the most by having a "vagina"

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Whenever I see a mildly attractive guy online I always try to flirt with him in the chance that I may one day get a BF.
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A trans friend of mine is going to spend the weekend with a guy she met in /pol/

Yeah, the world is crazy =)
How did that happen?
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She lives in Seattle, he lives in another state, will spend the entire weekend with him. All happened in /polgbt/

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face made after
>man in a dress

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cara poll
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Fuck this whore. Already turned /lgbt/ to /tttt/, now it will be /cara/?
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Should of polled how many wanto her to take E or plow her back puss.
hrt poll:
sex poll:

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Feels good to potentially get hip growth edition

Reminder that /etg/ is for people who 'started HRT at 24 and below'

if you started older than 25 you are a hon by definition
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>Reminder that /etg/ is for people who 'started HRT at 24 and below'
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>not HRTing at 12

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*blocks your path*

>Stop right there, anon! I'm a /pol/tard and need a bf/gf red pilled.

What does /lgbtl/ do?
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flaunts my boipucci in his general direction and urges him but he can't resist because all men have latent homosexual urges (penis envy, the romans, how much men talk about fucking each other as """jokes""") Them humiliate him because he just had sex with a male and ask him if he really is a tru /pol/ack
Gas him for being a cancerous memelord.

Wait, is JonTron /pol/?
>Let's hunt some kikes and shitskins together!

My trans friend is going to spend the weekend with a guy she met in /pol/

Yeah, the world is crazy

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I talked about a thought in therapy today.

I think I became a tranny because I wanted to become my mother, who died when I was young...

I'm embarrassed. Is this insane? Stupid? Did anyone else feel like they weren't born trans, but were influenced to become trans?
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Fellow MtF, my mother also died when I was pretty young which was pretty devastating for me growing up, this thought has crossed my mind before but I've never really payed it much attention, in what ways do you think you "became" trans because you wanted to be your mother?
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Because of these things, especially involving MTF, I'm starting to hate myself for being gay.
Sorry if that offends you, but I've been seeing and hearing a lot of bad things involving LGBT in the last few days.
I think this is making me bitter /pol/tard.
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I suppose I wanted to be like her. When I ran away from home, I was an angry and hateful survivor, just wanting to live alone and do great things, forever seething in pain. However, Once I was no longer in an environment that demanded such a surcivor's attitude, I started to want to be like my mother. I calmed down, slowed, sought peace and love and happiness over vengeance and survival. I still want to kill people, but I also want to raise children, teach them, care for them, sacrifice for them.

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Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Lasting the weekend edition

We all know the majority of the regular posters are normies and disappear during the weekends - leaving the rest of us with a lot of shitposters. Monday will come. Let's take it easy with some discussion of drinks, films, whateverthefuck etc.

There are a list of filters via pastebin. They help by removing typical bait. Please use them in emergency like a raid.
If you have a mic, take a look at the Discord pastebin. Join us for daily shit posting there too!
Filter list: http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE
Discord: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi

Recent News
>From the survey response we have a higher population of gold stars than subhumans. Promising!
>Poly anon somehow manages to acquire multiple girlfriends when others struggle to find one
>How do girls want to be approached at the bar? From the left.
>/clg/ plans to purchase its own private island. Stay tuned for the latest in this exciting development!
>It wouldn't be a lesbian community without integration of the slave-trade.
>Gun talk
>Woman realizes she enjoys sexually embarrassing her girlfriend in public in an exclusive /clg/ tell-all

Previous: >>7932310
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First for dom body language
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First for drinking at home with gf on St. Patts day.
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You thought you could out rank me??

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Is it racist if I don't want to date black people? I'm white and I don't find them attractive.
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It might be BECAUSE you are racist, but regardless, you are not obligated to find any person attractive. Even most of the left agrees on this point, though they might say you should "take action to combat your racism".
I would say they're full of their own high-horses crammed up their ass.

I'm sorry that I think black people are ugly. They're kinda up there with Koreans to me. I'd much rather date someone that's Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Ukranian, Spanish, Indian, Native American, or any other Caucasian ethnicity.

>in be4 someone calls any of my tastes ugly as an argument
That's the point, they're just tastes in what you find attractive on a person and anyone that tries to shame you for that is a scumbag.

t. ugly person
Your a racist. Finding a black person unattractive np. Categorically finding black people unattractive. Go back to /pol/


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Anybody else here lonely???
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cara post art pls

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