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We'll likely narrow down on what causes people to be LGBT in no more than 2 decades.

What do you think is gonna happen once we know?

Aborted tranny/gay babies?

SJW types trying to influence their babies to be gay maybe?
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Nothing because parents are so shit they won't raise kids to be cis even when they know they can.
Nothing because parents are so shit they won't raise kids to be cis even when they know they can.

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Heya, legbutts, I dunno what to do. I'm going to be 30 soon and my crippling depression over not being a cute girl or never having a social life is getting to me. I dunno what to do. I know I can't be the only anon going through this...

Ive given up on social media, I don't care about my job, I want this all to be over.
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I can relate a bit. I'm an ugly man,27,virgin and only one boyfriend ever. At least I have a group of close friends and an accepting immediate family. I regularly think of suicide. What keeps me alive is guilt.
can you stupid fucks stop making these stupid god damn threads

fucking saged
My family would hate if I opened up and transitioned, but I still can't bring myself to do it.

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How does a trans woman measure bra size? I've seen the method used in r/abrathatfits, but clearly my female-atypical ribcage is messing with those measurements. The older method, which is to take your underbust measurement and add 4 seems to work slightly better.

My measurements:

>30" underbust
>34" standing bust
>34" lying bust
>35" leaning bust

I get a 32D/30DD from this, which is obviously very wrong (I have extremely small breasts, being only 10 months in). The +4 method gives me a 34AA, which seems more accurate. What's the verdict on this, /lgbt/?
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Best method: post pics and ask 4chan
i think the 4 incher work

post your cute feminine benis so i can kiss it t b q h

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There's a lot of /pol/ in here so let's see.

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>Cucktians staunchly pro-life
>Cucktians also staunchly against LGBT, who will likely never have abortions
>Cucktians also staunchly against birth control, sex education, family planning resources, etc.
Who the FUCK is anti-abortion these days apart neo-nazis and religious nuts?
People who don't like children being slaughtered.

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The only people I ever see online who've had SRS are hons on susans. Do any of you know anyone who's gotten SRS?

Could we like get them together to talk about this stuff?
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this dude got pussy surgery.
If I could get a vagina, I'd get a vagina. SRS is not a vagina. But I did get an orchi for health reasons. I'm not attached to my tinkler or anything but penectomy is an unnecessary expense/risk. It's not like my bf cares. He just ignores it. As for the other girls I've known, none whatsoever have had SRS.
Hm, she looks homely but cute, I feel like she was well suited for it. If uterus transplants were a thing, she looks like she would also be a good mom candidate, if that makes sense.

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No cis guys allowed edition

Last thread: >>7914423

Transition timelines:

Bottom surgery info:

Passing guide for AAPs:

Old sites, but still great one-stop-shops for FTM information:
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I actually like cisbro..
First for broken people need healing.
I'm seriously considering suicide, I don't know how else to convey how serious I'm hurting to the people around me.

I know I sound like a little bitch but please help

Im a mtf. I turned 18 a week ago, and today Ive just received a military draft registration letter in the mail. How can I approach this?

Will I still have to sign up if I get a name change? How would I go about legally changing my gender and name? Thank you.
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Does this answer the question of whether or not mtfs have male privilege?
What country are you in?
I need help. Please.

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When will you trannies man up?

The truth is, and us men don't usually say this out because we're not whiny crybabies: All men secretly wish they were girls/females. We're well aware that males are shafted in every way: military conscription, circumcision, less sympathy from others, harder to get laid, inability to create a human being. The truth is, none of us are truly happy about being male, none of us truly like being men. That's a lie for the most part, even though most men do a pretty damn good job of repressing those thoughts and convincing themselves that they DO like being men.

The thing is, you weak males that actually do give in to that wish, actually take hormones to look like a female so you can reap the privileges of being one, by deceiving others into thinking you have a uterus in "stealth". But the vast majority of men are not crybabies, we get over it and move on with life and deal with what we have.

There's nothing special about trans women, you are very far from being the only males that want to be girls.

You need to man up and make yourself look like a man. You need to be a man. In a perfect world, everyone's external appearance reliably advertises their genitalia. Quit the estrogen. Cut your hair short, grow a beard, and quit wearing women's clothes and makeup. A woman needs a man like you: A man is responsible for getting a well-paying job and providing a female with all the resources/money she needs to have a baby and take care of it.
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Not a tranny, just a gay dude, but how about this?

No. Fuck women and their bullshit.
>being a man is so shit that people literally turn their lives into an attempt to be female
>therefore men should man up and keep providing female privilege to women
You're wrong and crazy. Crazier than us. Please stop spouting your craziness before you infect more people with your craziness.

who /notdelusional/ here?

I would give anything to be a girl, but I know I can never have that, so I choose to live as a man. I consider trannies pathetic and people who enable their delusions are either delusional themselves or patronizing assholes.
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see you in the suicide ward in 10 years
>le bitter resentful hon: the post
at least I won't be a monstrosity with fake tits and a 5 oclock shadow.

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How do the gay men here feel about the HSTS theory and the idea of children being so gay to the point of needing to be transitioned ?
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They don't NEED to be! They GET transitioned because society wants to shoehorn gays into heteronormative gender roles.
HSTS, AGP and other supposed "tranny trains of thought" are all pure pseudoscience.

People are complicated. They cannot be summarized for easy reference.
>HSTS, AGP and other supposed "tranny trains of thought" are all pure pseudoscience.

#15 - Should we really keep counting?

Intended to be a no-trips allowed version of /mtfg/.
This is to keep the drama low, and let anonymous people be heard, as well as to avoid the erp/rp that goes on.

It's open for everyone, just behave.

>No trips (or names)
>No avatar fagging
>No erp/rp-ing
>No calling out on trips (or names)
>No "pre-everything" "evaluate me" pics (don't respond to them)

Previous thread: >>7864716
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hello i am using a tripcode
Reposting this one last time in case I get any different answers in this new thread:
This may come off as a silly question, but does anyone have any advice on how to find my sexuality again?
About 2 months into HRT and my libido just completely died. I'm a year into it now, and my sexuality shows no signs of coming back.
Perhaps it requires a different mindset than I'm used to? I'm not sure, but I kind of miss actually enjoying sexual things.
I have tried to masturbate quite a few times over the months, but I just don't feel as 'into it' as I used to, and it sometimes just feels like a chore to even try.
You chemically castrated yourself what did u expect, be glad you're not such a horndog.
>Perhaps it requires a different mindset than I'm used to?
This, I now realize why girls don't want to fuck everything that moves now. I find myself becoming attracted to guys based on their personality and attitude rather then just thier looks.

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>hopeless non-dysphoric hon
>regularly triggers trutrans members of /tttt/
how did cara get this much power, and how do we take it away from him?
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really makes you think
>tfw cara gives agps a bad reputation
Find him and beat him up. He's obviously British based on the genetics. Small island isn't it? Chop chop lads

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can you be cis but "identify" as trans? because i think that's me.
i'm a girl, and i'm good with that, but i would much rather be a trans girl. i want to have srs and get a cock when/if the results become more realistic. i think tgirls are perfect.
i know most tgirls don't like their cock, and i don't fault them for that, but i want one just like they want a vag. what does this make me?
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A greek goddess?

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Rule #1 - No tripfagging, no namefagging.
Rule #2. Section A - Don't respond to shit posters or namefags/tripfags.
Rule #2. Section B - Report shitposters.
Rule #3 - Post bara dudes

>tiny chat:
> /fit/ sticky
> Husbando Mode Pastebin (mostly meant for Intermediate lifters)
http://pastebin.com/fmyJtHVM (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)

previous thread: >>7885358 .
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How do you handle swimming as a tranny?
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By not swimming

I don't need to be stabbed in the locker room or wear a shirt while swimming

Alternatively I will buy a house and dig a pool later and fence it off
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>shorts and a tank top

I hate how dumb and timid most trans girl are about this
>know girl
>ask her to come swimming
>XD I need a swwwwimsuit~ silly
>just wear shorts you fucking fuck
>several months of hemming and hawing
>spends a ton of money on a one piece
>it has a little skirt so you can't see my bulge
>look down
>see giant disgusting bulge
>does nothing to hide it
>shoulders look disgusting
>go swimming without them
I can't believe how stupid she was about it. She REALLY thought getting a one piece with a 1" skirt that did nothing to hide her gross junk was a better idea that just swim shorts or any kind of shorts
People shouldn't have to give up something they enjoy.

For changing there are private locker rooms sometimes.

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