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What exactly would happen if I started taking female hormones? I don't intend to have any surgery as my family would disown me, but what would just the hormones do? My wife knows about me, but I still feel a deep shame. Would the hormones make me impotent eventually? I already have nearly zero sex drive. Would the effects be concealable? Would my beard stay where it is?

Just wanna know what happens. Only way I'd ever transition completely is if my family were dead and there was a way to give me a lab grown vagina that was fully functional.
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Also, where are they on a cure for gender dysphoria? I mean a real one, not some conversion therapy. They should have one for those of us who want to not be this way.
>Also, where are they on a cure for gender dysphoria?
None has ever worked.

>What exactly would happen if I started taking female hormones?
Your body would start to feminize around your masculine skeleton. Fat redistribution will take a number of years, but you will eventually have female fat distribution. Softer skin.
>Would the hormones make me impotent eventually? I already have nearly zero sex drive.
they may change your sex drive. Your fertility likely will go away.
>Would the effects be concealable?
>Would my beard stay where it is?
it will get thinner and grow much slower.
>What exactly would happen if I started taking female hormones?
If starting at < 20 a few things.
If starting at > 25 nothing.

t. hon

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I'm sorry about necroing >>8372404 but that post was relevant to my problems and I need help

I don't know if I just have BDD that's making me mistakenly think I'm trans or if I'm trans

I take AAs because regardless I don't want my body getting worse but I don't know what to do

I'm probably just going to crack when this becomes unsustainable and die
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I wonder how many people with the so called "BDD" are actually repressing transgender
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And in case the thread >>8372404 is lost, this is what was in question
Thank you
please, any help anyone? I'm probably going to break.

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Serial killer edition

Past thread: >>8359470

Transition timelines:

Bottom surgery info:

Passing guide for AAPs:

Old sites, but still great one-stop-shops for FTM information:
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How do I forgive myself for not transitioning earlier?
It's the stupidest thing as well, I wasn't repressing or never noticed the signs it was just like I was too fucking idle to actually sit down and think about it. I was the same way with my attraction to girls. It's like I accepted it but never stopped and thought, "hey wait I like girls/want to be a boy, girls don't normally like girls/want to be a boy, I guess I guess I might be "gay"/trans."
Now I ended up on hormones at 19 instead of blockers and t earlier and I could have gotten taller than 5'5" and had a bigger frame/hands and feet.

I don't think it helps either that one girls are taught it's normal to be masculine and want to be a boy unlike boys and two there wasn't as much coverage over trans men so it's hard to realise it's an option if you were as idle as I was.
Have you tried sucking it up and not being a bitch about it?
Try being me, who hid in the closet repressed until 24 even when I had the opportunity to transition as early as 18 *shrug*.

We all have regrets in life, but moping around about them isn't going to make you feel any better. Just be happy you're on T now and think about how much your life is going to improve from this point forward, because if you stay miserable you'll be saying the exact same thing when you're my age.

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What's their name /lgbt/?
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I love Jay.
I want a real boyfriend pretty badly... but every time I try to look for a normal dude I get fed-up and exhausted sorting through an endless stream of guys who try so hard to avoid being boring that they become insufferable and obnoxious in one way or another.
And the older I get the less choices I have.. I used to think it would get easier because older guys are more mature.. but it turns out the older guys who are single are single for a reason.
I shouldn't have wasted all those years being afraid... oh well...

In your opinion are there any situations in which transgender people should be treated as their natal sex instead of their post-transition sex? If so, what and why?
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When it's cara poster
1) Anything which requires functioning genitals? So sex/romance basically.
2) Also not all trans people "transition". Some are non-op, some don't take as well to hormones or surgeries. In cases where secondary sexual characteristics matter, like in sports, the military, entrance to single gender spaces, it should be taken on a case-by-case basis. An early transitioning mtf should be able to play womens sports, a non-op mtf (to give the other extreme) should not.
>the military
Shouldn't that be based on strength and endurance regardless of sex?

>entrance to single gender spaces
Why is this based on secondary sexual characteristics? If anything primary characteristics like whether you sit or stand to piss are what's relevant.

>An early transitioning mtf should be able to play womens sports, a non-op mtf (to give the other extreme) should not.
An mtf with who transitioned late enough would be stuck playing against cis men?

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/lg/-lesgen-Lesbian General:
"Beach Lesbos" Edition!

It's warming up get out there with you qt, and if not I guess just enjoy the Bikinis...er um... I mean scenery. :P

Rules: Don't discuss your gender here. Ignore bait-posting. This thread is for Women who love Women.

Discord invite is back for a limited time: https://discord.gg/9JaAUGw
(Community is cozy, please keep the vibe going <3)

Last time on /lesgen/:
>"Why does my uterus hate me"
>Much sadness over old discord link being closed
>"Curly hair is hell" I guess that's why we think it's hot
>lesgen is divided on smoking, but seems like we like the concept. Especially Cloves.
>"I see someone around here has never felt the wind caress her pit puffs"
>Ginger dumps happened.
>RIP Pancake thread. May our thread never run as long again.

Never ending pancakes (AKA Previous Thread) : >>8242898
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Just going to leave this here.
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>pit puffs

jesus what

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Discussion topics:
>Do people even read these?
>How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

>What is asexuality?
Lack of sexual attraction.

>Am I asexual?
Do you experience a lack of sexual attraction as described here http://imgur.com/pdIxHYc ? Welcome home.

>Where can I find my qt3.14 ace bf/gf?
We have a map: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1764048
Because the term of "asexuality" is still quite new and there's a very pretty small population (~1%), there aren't that many sites for only asexuals.

>Do you guys masturbate?
Some do, some don't.

>I want to learn more/still don't get it
Another FAQ: http://asexualawarenessweek.com/101.html
AVEN (Asexuality Visibility & Education Network): asexuality.org
Science stuff for the nerds: http://www.asexualexplorations.net/home/extantresearch.html
Everything in podcast form: http://www.stuffyoushouldknow.com/podcasts/how-asexuality-works.htm

Old thread >>8214338
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>Do you experience a lack of sexual attraction as described here http://imgur.com/pdIxHYc ? Welcome home.
Link is very unclear.
Yep. You can't expect us to have an excellent resource desu. I mean you can but we probably shouldn't be the ones to pick one out seeing as we can't really say or better yet, dspict what it should look like
Maybe this is the right place to ask for advice.

So I'm about 90% certain my husband is ace. Today I was sitting on the bed after undressing and like always it was just kinda nothing, so I said to him that I think he might be asexual and he kinda said "You know I never thought about it like that." I was just expecting him to deny it but he actually feels like the idea is valid. We've had sex only twice since we started dating 8 years ago, and he said it was really for me and not him as much.


What do I do? Where is the middle ground? I can't just have a FWB or something because he feels like that's wrong to him which I guess is fair but then what? I don't know if I can really just be like WELL I GUESS I DON'T NEED THAT EVER LOL. We barely even cuddle. I just hoped that eventually I could coax him into being into it but nothing has ever worked and I'm tired of trying. I love him so much but it's also so lonely and unfulfilling feeling.

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mtf Gf (4yrs) wanted a poly relationship.
>Said yes. (She got a gf)
She wanted an orchiectomy.
>Said yes. (Sex drive dwindled away)
Gf's lesbian gf needed a place to stay.
>Said yes. (Day 3/90)

So I am now in a sexless relationship, living with my poly mtf gf and her lesbian mtf gf, where they have sex for money and I am pretty much dry, except for rare days.
It's gotten to a point where I am feeling depressed anytime I think of her. Her gf is super nice, and she isn't a problem at all, but if my gf gets the "rare" urge, they're fine.

I'm kind of big, so she originally had to train up to take me. But since she doesn't care for sex, she doesn't and all past attempts leading to this were painful and thus resulted in our current situation.

I've become the one thing I feared most when she first brought up polyamory, a cuck, and I want to find the most reasonable way to think about this while seeking a fair solution.

"Sex isn't everything"
"She doesn't owe me anything"
"She loves me"

I can't ask her for a way to think about this because she'll just cry and say "sorry" over and over until I either cave or till her gf consoles her, but no solution is in sight.

Can someone help change my mindset or provide some kind of solution? I'm not as happy as I usually am and I feel like I'm gonna be more and more depressed as time goes on.
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I mean if you're not happy like this then she isn't really doing her job of making you comfortable with all this.

Like poly relationships are hard as fuck to manage but she should either find a solution for this or you're going to have to tell her you're not comfortable with this type of relationship after all and ask her to pick either of you.
>where they have sex for money and I am pretty much dry
Offer to pay?

>I've become the one thing I feared most when she first brought up polyamory, a cuck
You can't be cucked by a girl silly.
Camming isn't the same as prostitution though.

...nice dubs

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I've come to realize that "heteroflexible" is actually more of an accurate label for me, as cringey as that sounds.

There's no denying it though, I'm basically 85-90% straight, even though I'm highly tuned in on that bit of gay in me.

Do LGBT people have an issue with the term? I can't help but feel it just fits me better.
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Hetflex and homoflex aren't cringey
What is cringy is what I had to describe it as to my mom when she didn't understand homoflex
>Homoromantic bisexual
Call yourself a heteroromantic bisexual and people will call you a snowflak
The thing is that even as a heteroflexible guy I'm still open to the possibility of falling in love with a guy, it's actually almost happened sort of, crushes and all... so it's weird. I feel like with heteroflexible people only think of it in terms of sex, but for me it's the possibility of romance as well.
Heteroflexible suits me too

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I've been seriously entertaining the thought of transitioning, Could I pass? I'm not posting any face pics for anon. reasons, but I already know the factors about my face, I'm just talking about my shoulder / hip ratios and what not. Would like to hear people's opinions. So I'll upload multiple pics.
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Face is 90% of it if your face passes and you really really want to be a girl transition.
Well you have a pretty cute butt.
Can't exactly tell how well you'd do from that pic though lol
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What, to you, makes the perfect date night, /LGBT/?
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Cuddling in bed after dinner and watching a movie, him in shorts and casual shirt, me in lingerie.
One where I die.
Niiiiiiice, what movie would you love birds be watching?

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I'm resolved to end my relationship of 6 years today. Finally going to break up with my manipulative and unfaithful boyfriend. Please reassure me that I can do it and give advice if you have it.

He is going to cry and beg to stay together. Like non stop sobbing and tears its what he always does. I need to get out because I have actually lost my mind.

Today is the end.
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Just remember the crying and begging are manipulations too, and that if he really cared about you he would've gotten better by now or let you go You've only got one incredibly short life that is going to be mostly terrible, don't let this part be terrible too if you can help it, and you can.
It's him or you anon

You know its the right thing, don't let any emotional appeals cloud the truth
You're an ass-hole. You're obviously part of the problem too. Six years together? You've had a hand in it too.

You won't find anyone again, nor do you deserve it.

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As a >mostly
Straight, >not so
White (cis)male going to the most lgbt club/bar in my town...how well would I be received?
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Unless you tell someone everyone would just assume you are into guys.

Unless the club is located somewhere in Germany at around the year 1938 your race shouldn't matter.
I'm considerably inexperienced.
I've been with an older woman, a cute guy I really wanted things to work
out with but didnt...a cis/genderqueer who became my wife for almost 3 years whom I loved deeply...and very recently, I failed but tried with an FTM I like...
I guess I don't know exactly what I want...
I'm here asking for advice I guess from the only community that's shown me solace...
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You sound like you got a lot of baggage.

I'll tell you right now that if you're going to a club to meet and fuck someone it's not going to make you happy. If you want to talk about something in particular I'm around to talk about it.

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A friend posted this on facebook. What does /lgbt/ think? Is anyone else going to download this app? Lordy knows I need more bible time now that I've left my church.

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i am muslim, your weak arguments are no skill for my theology
>following the bible
>when the hadith endorses agp
I hate how religions are trying to push their way into the lgbt community and events and such. We spent so long trying to show people how much religion oppresses people and now they're flip flopping and pretending like organized religion is some happy hippy festival accepting of everyone because they realized church attendance is dwindling and they can't get their precious donations (which they don't even need anyways since most religions own fucktons of land and it's tax exempt) to fund their corrupt religions and bankrupt the church attendees to make them even more dependent on the church.

why are all MtFs studying computer and game design or bs shit.
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Because I was a shut in loser for most of my life and I'm comfortable doing computer related things
Only lesbian and bisexual mtfs do that actually.
pretty much this.
Also it's generally a more accepting industry since you can look like a weirdo and people will still love you cause you can fix computers

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