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post your favorite biscum fiction characters.
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Old fag here.

Do you lie about your age?

I ask because I date mainly Asians (rice chaser), and life is already hard enough being over 30 years old in the general gay community.

I have terrible restrictions to deal with, such as visa allowances, homeland openness about his sexuality, and cross cultural norms.

For me I think small age differences when meeting people shouldn't matter.
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i lie about my age in the online chatroom i frequent, but only because it's intended for kids.

i say i'm in my mid-20's, but i'm actually in my mid-30's.
Don't see the compelling argument to lie and go younger. Maybe older as I'm already pretty proud to be alive in my early 30's. Can't wait for silver fur to come in. (ok, I found a couple on my balls.)
I'm 32 and I never lie about my age. I could - I look younger, and I prefer guys younger than myself - but I don't. I'm not online looking for one night stands, I'm actually looking for a relationship. I don't see the point in beginning a relationship with a lie. I actually know quite a few guys who lie about their age and DESU, I instantly lose respect for them.

You're a shit person.

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Are any of you here religious?
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There's something up there
Go to /x/ you faggot
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>not giving yourself to the dark goddess

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Now before someone screams AGP, I have to make clear of my stance. I don't have a vagina, I can never have a real vagina or know how having a real vagina feels like, which means for me, it is easier for me to empathize with a transwoman getting fucked in the ass than a ciswoman getting fucked in the pussy.

Anyways, we know that there are lesbian porn made for lesbians out there, but is there porn involving transwomen made for transwomen? Seems like porn involving MtFs these days are all made with the intent to pander to straight/bi men, which makes sense since they are the biggest consumers of porn. But does such a thing as porn for MtFs exist?
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Tumblr is what you want. Ignore the SJs, search porn tags and camwhores. There are a lot of pretty decent looking trans couples having homosex.
Maaan, not even, for girls its about the sentament, yet some how the porn indistry STILL fails to fulfil this demand.
Just read erotica. 99% of porn is made for men and it's way too much effort to find good stuff

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Why do so many gay guys have a complete rejection to anything that slightly resembles feminity?

Are 'masculinity' and the masc4masc lifestyle toxic to the gay community?

Why do masc4masc guys usually end up the biggest queens? Is it impossible to be masc and gay?
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>sweeping generalizations

i think its time to leave 4chan for a while
where? not once I stated all of them were like that.
>Homosexuality, an attraction to masculine or male attributes
>Gee anon, why do men like other men for being men!

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tfw no cute chaser bf
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There's tons of chasers out there. Odds are one of them is gonna be cute. The problem has to be finding them
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pretty much

unfortunately I'm introverted and bad at initiating conversations and talking to people in general so I guess they'll stay hidden from me

>He's got a fucking harem
Can we discuss this?
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Femboys in fatcostumes, cute.
Dang he weirds me out. This is way too excessive. Uncanny vally type of fetishization. Kind of the polar opposite of going too androgynous and looking like an anime character.

Fuck no, this is ew.
same, 2 gay 4 me

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I am in this weird stage where I don't have any friends and I am scared of even going to a hairdresser who would probably be like "What kind of cut do you want, sir" and I have no idea how should I have it done to have my masculine features diminished. I am tempted to cut it really short myself but with my big masculine ears and caveman forehead I would be doing a huge disservice to myself.

Too bad normal people are most likely disgusted by me so I can't ask them for help and passable mtfs would not want to be associated with hons like me.

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sounds like you should just go far enough out to a place with good reviews that you don't plan on going back to and deal with the fact that it's awkward. You realize that essentially no one just smoothly glides along from looking male to looking female right? At some point we all just have to face the fact that other people will have to interact with you while you don't pass. You don't sound old enough for it to be a permanent affair though, and most people don't really care that much, especially not if their job is to cut your hair.
hon/10 answer
Didn't you post like 1-2 weeks ago about dumb shit.

Just go get your boypussy pounded and start HRT if you want.

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Good thread. 100% spreading the love.
Cats are better
Who the fuck are you?

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Who here has been attacked because of their sexual orientation or gender identity? I mean physically attacked, or credibly threatened with physical harm. Give us context.
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no one, but is that the IRL scout?
I dunno, is the scout gay?

I've been attacked, but I'm OP. What the fuck are you namby pamby faggots complaining about then?
>getting attacked
This is what guns are for senpai baka desu

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I am really confused. I am definiatly attracted to women but any time I see a pic of a nice looking dick I get hard. I even get off to guys jerking off and the idea of jerking off with a guy turns me on. I also get turned on by the idea of fucking a feminine guy but I would never kiss or date a guy because I would feel weird. I know there are alot of signs pointing toward me being Bi but I just can't imagine having a relationship with a guy. If I were to have sex with a man I would feel really weird after it. Can anyone here help me out? btw I have no problem with the LGBT community so this isn't me rejecting the idea of me being bisexual
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self bump. I really need some opinions over here
I was hopping I could get some input on here
You sound a little bi. "Feeling weird" is normal for someone who hasn't come to terms with their sexuality and will pass eventually if you accept and get used to the idea. You be can be bisexual and still predominantly attracted to women, sexuality is a spectrum.

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Don't know if this is the right place to do this but here it goes.

I consider myself a straight but curious individual (and possibly borderline asexual) but as of late I've been having the idea of checking out a local gay bathhouse or even hiring a transsexual prostitute to fulfill some sexual fantasies I've had a for long time. Thing is I'm a 25 yo virgin with severe social anxiety. I feel ill thinking about how much time I've wasted and I was planning on doing both of these probably before march (before I turn 26).

Does /lgbt/ have any advice for me? Am I going about this the right way if I want anonymous sex? Do you have any experiences with escorts or bathhouses that you would like to share? Im at work and won't be able to respond a whole lot but I'll do what I can to respond to those who take the time to talk to me.

Also here, have a rare trump for your troubles.
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suck dick dont get aids
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Shameless bump
>Does /lgbt/ have any advice for me?

Kill yourself...

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anybody else bi and feel like they could easily go the rest of their life never fucking the same gender, but feel the need to come out just to be able to actually function in social situations?
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no, you can function perfectly fine
stop being socially paranoid. No one cares if your straight or gay. You most likely feel like this due to your own insecurities. I was like this for a long time literally couldnt even hang out with my best friends anymore
I feel like I should tell the boy who I love how I feel about him, just so I can get it off my chest.

what is polyamory?
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I'm currently guilt-trapped in one. Made the mistake of moving in. Don't do it, just stay single and b a fuckbuddy 2 swingers
I'm in a happy one. We are each other's primary partners and are fluid bonded. Open communication is key, if ever one of us is uncomfortable with a partner selection we drop them.
so you have one main partner, and you see other people as a couple or individually?

this is why i'm confused. it seems like a lot of people think of poly as a bunch of people all dating each other. me, personally, i want to date multiple people but have independent relationships with each. i don't usually have one i consider more serious than the others. is that even considered poly? so confused.


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1. Always remember your creator and his son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins.

2. Be kind and helpful to one another.

3. Only have sex once you're marriage.

Chat: tinychat /gaygen or /gaygenrehab

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>worshipping a dead kike on a stick
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Sweet dreams~

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