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Does any other couple combination even come close to mtf/mtf (assuming both are non op and passing)

>have all the sexual benefits of both males and females
>soft cuddly skin
>cute perky sensitive breasts
>can both top and bottom
>no periods
>cock can can still work
>no testosterone so sex is passionate and tender
>both have prostates
>understand eachothers bodies perfectly

How can any other kind of couple even compete? I cant even imagine how terrible ftm couples would be. Who wants hairy boobs and a fake dick?
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non op is master race. Mutilating parts of your body so terribly they can no longer perform basic functions to try and treat a mental disorder is for people who are literally insane.

most people who get srs kill themselves anyways when they cant just dump all their dysphoria on their penis anymore.
>most people who get srs kill themselves anyways when they cant just dump all their dysphoria on their penis anymore.


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Hey, /lgbt/, I really don't know what to do with myself. I'm 28, which isn't old, I know, but because I've spent the last ten years focusing on school and my career, I've had little dating experience since I left high school. To make matters worse, I'm also interested in feminine guys/traps/etc, but they are so rare that I've only ever met two in my life. I know that some of /lgbt/ will not approve of cis-gendered males liking feminine guys, but whatever.

So, how do I go about finding someone? Am I too old for this kind of romance? While I like feminine guys, I don't care if he's not super attractive, I just want someone I have real conversations with, someone who will be loyal to me, have a decent personality, etc. I can overlook most minor flaws, and I'm not without them myself. Problem is, I don't know what to do with myself, where to look, etc. Any help, advice, or whatever would be great.
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What about transgirls op?
Op here. In theory, I would date a transgirl but I haven't ever met a non-hon...
Thats cause you can only notice hons. If you meet regular ones you cant tell.

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I'm curious, how many of you MTFs are only interested in transitioning/have transitioned because you feel detached from masculinity, possibly as a result of your otaku/weeboo temperament. Why is being a girl preferable to how you were born?
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I've never been into anime or any of that Japanese shit, or video games, or computers. Still a tranny.
How could you even come to that conclusion?
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Uh... I hate to break it to you gurl, but you're on an anime message board...

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If you're MtF, you're stuck between chasers/tranny fetishists and people who will turn you down because you are a dude in drag.

How do you cope with this tbqh senpaitachi?
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Wait for your friends from pre-transition to develop crushes on you then date one of them
Kek, that's not possible. I'm a guy and if I had a friend who transitioned, I would never be attracted to "her". It would feel as wrong as incest.
date homosexuals

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Share your tips for naturally increasing estrogen?

pic only partially related
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Bioidentical estradiol is basically top-tier. You can't beat it for naturally boosting estrogen levels.
I meant without drugs,
you cant

fack off

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I am addicted to trans girls. I can't spend a day without fapping to them and regularly solicit services of ladyboy escorts.
Every day I dream of their flesh, their scent, their movements as I fuck them.
It has consumed my interests and hobbies, their sex has become an addiction.
Is there any way to overcome this and be straight again?
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hahaha just kill urself my man
Just embrace it and live with it faggot.
Please don't laugh. I want to bring it under control. I want to stop fucking them.

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Caitlyn Jenner might be going back to Bruce. I know this is tabloid stuff so it should be taken with a grain of salt, but some say Caitlyn Jenner might be detransitioning. It seems odd that someone would detransition after getting so much plastic surgery. Anyone else detransition? Anyone know anyone who has detransitioned?
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Any actual fucking sources?

It happens more than you'd think, but it's not really talked about because "trans issues" are about as important as "furry issues", and get roughly the same amount of actual press time.
You're saying a Jenner did something just for the publicity and money? No fucking way

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So who here transitioned out of non-trans reasons?

I was you're typical anti-social anime-watching pimple-faced four-eyed skinny nerd who couldn't talk to women without sounding like that stuttering paki faggot character from The Big Bang Theory not to mention I was unable to take the initiative to ask anyone out because I was scared of being rejected and for a good reason.
In times I befriended girls in a slow #gentlemanly manner I was #friendzoned the moment I wanted to take it to the next step (i.e. plow her butt with my small penis), they were all "I am sorry, you are very sweet and everything but I just don't see us together. Friends 4 life k? lol." I was a top grade #niceguy but they all rejected me even though I deserved a girlfriend; women = sluts, you know what I am saying?
It was hard being a man so I transitioned to a gender that is even harder to live.

P.S. I wish Elliot Rodgers stopped his nonsense before it was too late and just transitioned so we could be lesbian girlfriends together. I am sure he would make one hell of a woman.
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I bet half the trannies on this board have that background but few are even aware or admit to it.

I kinda wanna be mad at you, but its cool you admit it.
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>tfw the more confident I got with girls and with how good I look as a guy the more depressed I got
>tfw I can't even blame this on being a sperglord
>tfw I'm legitimately just insane

Please f a m just fuck my shit up
and how is trying to be "a gender that is even harder to live" working out? I dunno what that show is but I don't get the impression you are suddenly sociable.

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Ausfag here, anyone else ashamed of the gay "community"?

I came out when I was 17, had multiple relationships yet never get along with gay men. I don't really understand why my sexuality should define my personality.

Been pretty suicidal the last couple of years and don't think I'll ever get over my (self)hatred of my supposed peers.

Anyone know them feels?
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LITERALLY everyone here. We have this thread every 12 hours.

In fact I've yet to come across one of those YAS HUNTY SLAY types here, only because they're fun in real life in small doses and the thought of them being on 4chan is humorous
Sounds like I need to hang out here more often.

I've got no problem with fem queens if that's who they really are . Just seems like everyone is playing a role to fit in within their subculture.
I'm bi and I feel the same way. I find the queeny types to be absolutely insufferable. Like, when did this become a thing? How did we go from buff muscley Spartans fucking between battles to "YAAAAS BISH, SLAY THAT HUNTY GURRL"?

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>tfw 3.5 inch penis
>only gay because I can't satisfy a woman
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Wait. Seriously? Erect?

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▶Informed Consent Providers: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/932389/Trans/Stepping%20Forward%20-%20Informed%20Consent%20Clinics.pdf
▶Makeup Tutorial: http://imgur.com/a/JO33K/
▶MTF Info Dump: http://pastebin.com/36HC6ZmT (embed) (embed)
▶Trans Info Dump: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d9KKqP9IHa5ZxU84a_Jf0vIoAh7e8nj_lCW27KbYBh0/edit?usp=sharing
▶Size charts: http://www.americanapparel.net/sizing/default.asp?chart=womens.pantse_conversion_chart.php
▶Transition timelines: http://imgur.com/a/qWpxv
▶Voice Training: http://pastebin.com/dgipdsge (embed) (embed)
▶HRT info: https://web.archive.org/web/00000000000000/http://taimapedia.org/index.php?title=Hormones
hi pookie
▶Voice Help: http://webjedi.net/projects/lgbtq/speech-therapy/
▶Minecraft Server: minecraft.is-so.moe
▶Discord server: https://discord.gg/0XFIQ4xa7RcYJuo1

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I never noticed ow bald oh George was
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1st for happy thoughts
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nth for nobody to hug and love on christmas

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I'm bi and think ttans-girls/femboys are super hot but I just want to dominate the fuck out of them. If I wanted to suck some cock, I'd just find a guy. Will I be called a chaser for this?
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no, you are only a chaser if you want to do anything with their cocks
nah you're good. go make an mtf happy
You're fine, we like to be fucked hard and dominated

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>accidentally walked in on my roommate masturbating (?)
>saw that she has male junk, did not know she was trans
>she had clothes pins all over chest and was choking herself as she stroked her penis
>closed door without her noticing I walked into the room
>looked like she was bleeding from her lip
>[spoiler] first penis ive seen in person [/spoiler]

What the fuck happened....
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So you're a virgin cis female?
Just fuck her straight into the boipussy
Well... I've done things with a girl before but not a male. I'm just in like... massive shock

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Mtfs and Ftms of /lgbt/: what were your childhoods like?

I'm asking because I'm mtf and, looking back on it, there was basically no male presence at all during my early childhood (<6 years old). My dad was always away from home because of his job, and all of my friends and cousins that I played with were girls, and the only relatives that ever came over or babysat were my aunts and grandma. So, I've always wondered if those experiences sort of exacerbated and solidified any cross-gender identification that I might have been pre-disposed to.

Anyway, I want to hear anecdotes and stuff about what fellow trans men and women's childhood environments were like, so I can think some more about this pet theory of mine
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Sad, lonely, abusive, chaotic. That was my childhood.
That sucks. Are you doing alright now?
i was really close to my mom, and my dad was abusive as fuck when he was home but mostly absent...

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Hey. I normally only go on /fit/ and /ck/, but I am scared out of my mind and I have no idea what to do right now. Long story short: I've got a wife and two boys. The older one, who is 10, told me today that he wants to be a woman. What do I do? Do I encourage him to do this? I've never dealt with a transgender person in real life before, much less do I know how to help one. But more importantly, I'm worried that if I let him do this, it will influence his little brother, and I'm worried both of them will be bullied at school. I'm in crisis. What do I do from here? Isn't he too young to make a decision like this? What if he ends up being visually obviously transgender? Any information is welcome.
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it's a girl shitlord
use proper pronouns
get him to a therapist and see how it goes
That was another thing I was going to ask. Is it okay to call my child she? Even though no steps have been taken towards physical transition? Is it okay for her to choose out a new name yet?

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