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Curious challenge here, every day there is a thread about are "non binary" people real, and then all the sane MtFs and FtMs reply no. That is not what I want to debate here; the questions is not "do non binary people exist" my question is;
"Can you find me a non binary person, who is not a leftist feminist"?
If not, it should say a great deal about where the NB trend has come from.
I'm curious to be proven wrong.
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Every non-binary is female
Every non-binary used to identify as lesbian
Every non-binary is naturally unfeminine and needs an excuse
Actually, most are as feminine as you can get but that's exactly why they ID as "non-binary" - because they hate that part of themselves.
I've seen one or two DMAB non-Tumblr nonbinaries but I think 90% are part of the annoying trend.

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trans cbs.png
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>first trans contestant on Big Brother
>show makes a big deal about it in the premiere

>first trans contestant on Survivor
>7 weeks in and no mention yet

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>tv in 2016
This >>7178597
The only thing less newsworthy than shitty reality TV is an FtM on test
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'Next time on Big Brotherâ„¢ "ye filthy boyslag, i'll hook u up in the gabber for offering your boipucci to Nigel. bollocks, i thought we were TOGETHER!'"

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Now that the cold war is over as well as war, men are a worthless cannon fodder gender. We only need like 2% of a nation to be men to sustain proxy wars. The rest should be bred as traps. Yes/no?
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Alright, lets make a website and start lobbying for this.
If being a trap came with a government mandated and tax-funded system to turn me into a trap, I'd vote for that.

Sadly, if it was tax-funded it would be shit, so no thanks.

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Why don't we just make our own country with blackjack and sexy, androgynous hookers?
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Who do we invade to make this a reality? My vote goes to France
>Why don't we just make our own country with blackjack and sexy, androgynous hookers?
Because we'd get the entire world arsenal of nukes on our heads.
Unless you want your country to be "glow in the dark" Atlantis, I would suggest just getting a bf/gf and live life in some safe closet.

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I always find these threads creepy, but he's damn cute.
What did he mean by this?
He's gay but wont come out, i want to show him its ok and he'll be accepted

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How good are you at sucking dick?
Whats the best blowjob you've ever had?

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/sdNrPaM
Tinychat: Does this even still exist?

Previous thread: >>7170667
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You stole my new!!!
I am turning this general into tolkien general slowly.
>Whats the best blowjob you've ever had?
I've only ever cum from blow jobs a handful of times.
But this one guy, god damn.
He was like some sort of sword swallower/vacuum cleaner hybrid. It felt so good, I thought I might die. It was so intense I had to ask him to stop.
He was cute too. But he was a top.
Makes sense.
Elves are like fags already.

I've been browsing 4chan consistently since I was about 13 (8 years ago). I'm pretty sure it's had a significant effect on my sexuality and my social identity.

When I was a kid I used to think of myself as a regular boy just like all the other ones, I wasn't particularly gender non-conforming although I wasn't very masculine either. My sexuality is naturally quite submissive (with both males and females) so growing up as a teen I didn't feel comfortable trying to get with girls. I was awkward and shy and spent entirely too much time masturbating to fetish content on the internet. When I was around 15-16 I went further and experimented with anal play, then crossdressing, having sex with dudes off the internet, etc
By the time I got to uni I was so used to taking the feminine role in sex (since that was my only experience) that I basically developed dysphoria because I realized the only attractive thing I have is my youthful/feminine looks. That's why I was inclined to search up transsexualism and HRT and all that

I'm 21 now and have been on hormones for a year and I can't tell if I'm any where near "trans" or if I'm just a failed male who couldn't handle the thought of manning up.

It's really annoying because I sometimes that think if I just kept up trying to date girls, I would've eventually settled into it and became comfortable with being a man. Because I was such a nervous faggot I just avoided pursuing women and eventually settled with getting fucked in the ass for validation. It's just so fucking pathetic, I'm really nothing like a woman and couldn't even pass as one. I really don't think I'm trans but I'm already so deep into transitioning and enjoying the effects, I don't know if I should continue

tl;dr am I a tranny or just a failed male?
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I didn't read but you're gay
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heterosexual wedding.jpg
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>failed male
you are a failed sentient being if you believe adhering to some shitty vague social standards is must and not adhering to them somehow magically mangles your gender self-identity

beta-male dont experience dysphoria, neither do gay bottoms

you could be like femoboys who take mones cause they are scared of growing up getting masc but dont want to become women, and dont want to social transition which is more of BDD than gender dysphoria
and its not like you cant persue women if you are bi, even if you are fem yourself, there are bi girls how would love you

if you really had dysphoria and now feeling comfortable transitioning you have your answer already
You are trans. You started HRT. You are basically failed woman from the start but you dig into this anyway because you are a trans woman.

There is no such thing as failed men you just didn't want to be one. For some reason you want to be a woman - the best that you can be even though you aren't actually one.

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Dear fellow sisters and ... others,

I've been wondering about a particular thing lately:

If i scan my penis and I'm disgusted by how it looks, because .... y'know .... it's a penis, should I photoshop it away to feel more like the strong woman I actually am inside ? Or should I actually carry out a plastic surgery myself ? Because, I truly think men are really really disgusting and I really don't want to be one anymore.

Even my psychiatrist, which is really a mad bigot, tells me I should stop being faggy and man up every time I'm visiting him due to my mental illness.

I really don't know what to do anymore, because I don't want to be a faggot but I also don't feel like a man.
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How about killing yourself?
You should change your psychiatrist
A psychiatrist who is telling you "to man up" is totally unskilled.

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>live in london
>still cant find any /lgbt/ friends
I'd rather just be remote and in the closet
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>live in london
>also no /lgbt/ friends


scotfag here, going remote is not the answer desu senpai
I'm near london. Are you one of those useless idiots that doesn't work for a living, votes labour/lib dem/green, doesn't drive, and thinks the world revolves around london?
If yes, that's why you're alone. You're shit, go jump in the river.

If you're not useless, leave London, it's shit.

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Will we be free finally?
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Yes, unless you an hero
Reincarnating into hondom is the punishment for suicide.
That is outright cruelty

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I have a large scar on the underside of my dick stretching from the tip to the scrotum which ive had my whole life. Girls ive slept with have never noticed/commented and no doctor has raised an issue about it. But no other male ive seen (eg in pornos) have it. It makes me super self conscious about trying out sleeping with other dudes.

Is it a birthmark? Do anons have anything similar? should i avoid sleeping with males?

Warning: NSFW
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Huh, mine is somewhat similar. Guess it's normal?
it is.
Its just not that visible in most guys. But dunno, looks hot imo
Not convinced this is a slug

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in the event that hondom becomes an absolute certainty?
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desu, if you live in a liberal city most people will be nice to you and respectful even if you're completely unpassable
it's really pretty ok :)
you do what everyone else does and use drugs and alcohol to cope

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Great. Just found out that my date has been sending 3 year old pics.

Why the fuck does this always happen?
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What? What are you anyway?

how is that weird, I don't have new pics up, or even at hand. Ugh!
Why does it matter? Unless he gained a ton of weight, most people will generally look exactly the same 3 years later. And if you can't love what your future husband looks like 3 years from now, you don't even deserve a date you shallow faggot. What will you ever do if you're in a long-term relationship? Dump them every 3 years for a newer model? Chances are if he's sending old pics it's because he still looks the same more or less and can't be assed to take new ones, not everyone is an attention whore selfie narcissist who takes 50,000 selfies per day
he got fat but was selling that he was a twink. I take care of myself.

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tfw your built for war, battle and combat
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why live?
You sound like the PCOS sister
i guess you should have behaved better in your previous life

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I have only ever wanted a qt trans princess
I have been with women, I have been with feminine (and masculine) men
I am sick of that shit.
I am tired of having what I don't want and wanting what i i don't have.

Being attracted to trans is literally like being attracted to goddamn secret agents. Y'all just hide your true identity, and all I end up doing is hooking up with girls that have adam's apples (which btw i did not know birth females had until then) or strong jawlines/manfaces

What is the secret to finding a qt trans princess?

/fit/ said i just needed to lift 1/2/3/4 and be sub %15 bf.. but that shit didn't work.

Tell me your secrets, lgbt
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if you buy me titty skittles I'll be your gf

also stop saying you're attracted to trans, it's beyond frustrating to hear this from anyone.
>all I end up doing is hooking up with girls that have adam's apples (which btw i did not know birth females had until then)
k e k
some of the tiniest, most petite, delicate, fragile, feminine looking cis girls i've met in my life had giant apples
I only want to fuck a qt with a feminine penis... how the fuck would you word it, and why does it matter?

As an aside i can barely handle the craziness of people not going through hormonal transitions.
I don't know how true this is but i had heard transitioned ftm are only as crazy as your average female (don't tell /pol/ i said that) but during the transition they are batshit crazy - not unlike pregnancy.

I don't want to deal with that, plus you don't even live in CA

I was looking more for ideas on where to look (trans dating sites a shit, and so are gay bars) than trying to start a hookup thread

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