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Anon, why did you start lifting?
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I just want to wear weird looking clothes and pose like an autistic fashion model while being ripped so I even if I act really retarded, people will still think I look good
i have a nice face, and i was told i have a lot of "potential." started lifting to fill out that potential i guess, as vain as it sounds

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Never mand it before. Can I make it now?

34 yo. 184 cm, 77kg

Im figureing 4 days a week. fre-sat-sun, lots to do at work so I just might as well rest
Focus volume and fixing my bent back/ farward head and bent in sholders.

Give me some meme encouragment.
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Refeed how often? Heard it was like once a week.
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nigga just eat food... fuck man. too fat? less food. too small? more food. fuck outta here

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>Lose gym's weekly gf raffle again.
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I always hear about how terrible leg extensions are, but i never hear any alternatives

What are the best alternatives to leg extensions?

inb4 squats
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front squats
standing leg press

Bulgarian split squats, front squats, box squats, hack squats, lunges, leg press.

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Anons I need your help to compile a list of "Good-for-you-foods" which can be eaten on their own or as part of something bigger. I do IIFYM but still eat healthy foods, but from next week I'll be living on my own so I need some ideas for cheap staple foods to buy.
So far I have:
>Brown Rice
>Peanut Butter
>Olive Oil
>Frozen Fruit/Vegetables
Bonus points if the foods don't go bad.
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Lean meat, green vegetables, sweet potato, salsa

Whey VS. Isolate... Whats the difference?

Is it a scam?
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there's a minimal difference between the two. get whatever is cheap.

why cant all 600lb life episodes be this comfy
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Any skinnyfats had success with body recomp? Does it actually work or is it bullshit?
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I went from 175 skinnyfat couple of months ago down to about 158 now, lifts only went down a bit

Waist is noticeably smaller but I can get rid of the bulge right below bellybutton

there's no escaping skinnyfat purgatory

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>tfw always thought /ss/ meant Schutzstaffel
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Does anyone know how much can smoking cigarettes as a teenager affect your growth? How much does it matter when you start smoking? I smoked regularly about one package per day approximately from the ages of fifteen to seventeen. I was already pretty tall when I started (192cm/6'3), but my growth definitely slowed down after I started smoking. Ofc the reason might just be that I was already so tall and my estimated height was 198cm/6'6, and that's actually my current height (I'm in my early twenties). So for me my estimated height was 100% accurate, but after seeing how tall kids younger than me are getting I've started to feel bad for my poor life decisions in my teenage years. It feels a little bit weird to see so many people being about the same height as me, after being used to pretty much always being the tallest guy in the room. I live in Northern Europe, so people are quite tall over here. How much taller do you think I could've become if I never smoked? I have a perfectionistic personality in the sense that it bothers me if I don't reach my full potential in whatever are of life, and I guess that's why this question has started bothering me. I do obviously know that 198cm/6'6 is still very tall, but if you can provide me with an answer it just might give me peace of mind at least when it comes to this question. Thank you!
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>but my growth definitely slowed down after I started smoking
no it didn't, even if it did, you have no way of proving it's anything outside of coincidence. some anecdotal evidence for you: my father is 6ft 5, I'm 6ft 2, I've never smoked a fag in my life and my dad started smoking when he was 11.

afaik smoking INCREASES testosterone (nicotine) so if anything they would promote growth. admittedly I've noticed smoking does stunt emotional growth, which might be why people who've been smoking all their life are vapid as fuck

also, you are dangerously close to the boundary of 'too tall' be thankful you are taller than the vast majority yet not too tall it's freakist

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Steak contains estrogen. Doesn't that mean it's bad for gains? What is this white genocide?
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Is 183 cm and 58 kgs (6' and 128 pounds) okay for a dude?
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RATTLE RATTLE EAT MORE KALE(eating cattle is a sin)
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>those legs
>6'2" (188 cm)
>137 lb (62 kg)
skeleton master race

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Is this a good leg routine?
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Thats like 500 reps. Way too much volume.
Isn't volume good?
Looking pretty good.
Throw in some box jumps (including an explosive jump down jump up rebound) 5x40 supersetted with 3RM bosu pistol squats
Keep rest at an absolute maximum of 48 hours and go for a ~5-10km run as well about 4 times a week - keep your feet up when striding and roll smoothly from heel to toe.
If you have a friend who has a sledgehammer get em to smash your fucking kneecaps you idiot, I can't believe I wasted time on this truly **I** am the idiot

Could lifting weights save him?

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You be the judge.
yeah, sure. why not. I was worse.
his first heartbreak is what'll lead him to steroids anyway

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