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What fruits and vegetables should I eat /fit? What should I stay away from?
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>What fruits and vegetables should I eat /fit?

>What should I stay away from?
everything else
>What fruits and vegetables should I eat /fit/?
All of them
>What should I stay away from?
Low income neighborhoods
Cocaine and people who do it
Heroin and people who do it
Reckless driving
Wild mushrooms
*raise paw*

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Hey so I'm having some pain in the back of my ankle area above my heel, when I tilt my foot up or down. This hasn't happened before, is it anything I should be worried about? And how long will this last, because I have no clue what's going on here. pic unrelated naturally
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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College athlete; I get free Starbucks through my sponsorship. Is there anything there that's /fit/?
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Water. Americano.
Bottled water
this + you could use their sugary shit as fancy gainers

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>tfw i looked better before i started using gear
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>i posted it again mom
Nah you look fucking great even for being on gear, mirin those hammies too
it's not the same guy posting these

>10 grams of protein per 25 gram of soybeans
Why the fuck isn't this being promoted more.
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Soy will make you grow some succulent gyno tits anon don't do it
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ahhh yes consume more soy
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83% protein :^)

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What does women prefer? A big chest or big arms?
For me, women prefer chest. It's sexy and very masculine
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both you nard

who wants a big chest with no arms or big arms with no chest?
Wife likes my shoulders.
In my experience women care more about arms and shoulders, but it's more important to be proportional

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I need some help /fit/ the end of my bar broke where the collar part stops the plate.
I was wondering if they have replacements for it. it screws off so i would imagine they should but i cant find any online
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You can get an entire replacement collar from the guys who sold you the bar.

>be me 1 year ago
>visit /fit/
>read sticky
>read some threads
>get some insecurities (manlet, bald etc) but also to that sweet " 1/2/3/4 and a bit more club"
>get a decent body
>still virgin and kinda neet-ish
>but went to alot of vacations this year and made a lot of friends and grils gave me some mires

I am joining the army tomorrow for 9 months which is mandatory in my country so I wont be here for a while. I know I have a loooong way to go if I want to make it in general,but...I want to thank you all for your advice,your memes your disencouragement and encouragement.

Thanks for the company, and remember we are all gonna make it
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good luck anon

come back with some stories (and foreign conquests if you're abroad)
proud of u
remain humble
keep growing
be kind

Well /fit/ it's finally happened, after not going to the gym for 3 months with me wallowing in depression it's taken my friends at university to start going out without inviting me to get me back in the gym

Tl;dr Fag with no friends goes back to the gym

Pic related
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gerd jerb
i cri 4 u bb

Have any framelet success stories?
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pic related is best i could find, nowhere near as bad as me though
he's just using angles to hide his shit frame

not a success
he effectivily looks good. he beat his bad genetics

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Does anyone here have experience with steroids for muscle gain? What kind of syringes should I buy, what brand of steroids should I use, and where are the best injection points? Not that this makes any difference because I could be lying, but I'm asking because I'm making a sports film.
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lurk moar before posting, faggot
ON gold standard whey is pretty good in fact, it's oral so you don't have to pin.

Also, never ever try creatine. It's more addictive and dangerous than heroin
21 guage for drawing, 23 guage for pinning.

The only thing you should be pinning is 250mg Test Enanthate 2x a week for your first cycle.

You need aromasin or Arimadex on hand, along with Clomid & nolva.

Most importantly you need to fucking lurk bodymaxing.com and the /r/steroids wiki

Are dead hangs (two-handed or one-handed) good for building forearm strength?
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yes. i used to do hangs a lot, forearms were kill after every session
Maybe if you add weight. You might as well load up a bar and stay locked out after a deadlift.
What about just doing them one-handed?

Mens activewear is such horseshit. There is very little choice in styles and if you want anything with a pattern it's either fucking military camo or faux dirt/sweat. You basically just get to pick sleeve length from vest to wrist and pant leg length from shorts to ankles. It's all fucking boring, and the number of listings for women's activewear on pretty much any store is like 10 times higher.

Women have actual varied choices in styles of clothing, colours and patterns. It's shit like this that makes people go trans!
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Lmao faggot
>Mens activewear is such horseshit. There is very little choice in styles

because anyone with even a quarter of a brain just wears a normal ass t-shirt or a tank top, you weirdo
If you want to wear colorful leggings while you workout, then go for it. There are plenty of companies making colorful leggings as active wear for men.

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Do testosterone levels float in men? Most days I feel like my test levels are ok. But some times, maybe once every two months, I think my test crashes, as I feel very low test for a whole week - low sex drive and nipple sensitivity.
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That's probably moreso just life having ups and downs m9
Btw, I'm 24 yo, workout regularly and don't do drugs.
>feeling test
go back to tumblr you testkin

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Rate my squat form /fit/
All input is appreciated
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>inb4 only 135
I currently squat in the low 200's, I was just spending time with my dad at the gym and thought I might practice my form with some light weight on rest day
>inb4 running shoes
I'm home from uni on the weekend and don't bring my lifting shoes with me

Don't put me on blast, I know how you people are. Just judge my form
Looks fine to me
work on lockout
tighten up before you squat
knees out
bar shifts forward, fix your balance
do some mobility work for your hips

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