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I need some serious help with squats. It's the only lift that I have zero progress on after a year of lifting. I've watched every form video imaginable. At first flexibility was an issue so I loosened up my ankles and hips which were the offenders.

The issue is I can't lift a consistent or decent weight. I weigh 162 and last week I could lift 185 x5 this week I could barley do 135x8. My chest is out im sinking between my knees back is straight toes out,knee over toes never in. And yet it never feels right and no progress is made.

Some things I've noted that may help in suggestions. As i mount the bar on my bsck I feel tension in my lower back unless I flex my abs(which I always do when I squat anyway). Coming down,just as I begin to reach Paralell I feel a slight shift forward and a battle between my hips and lower back until I reach parallel where that goes away. I have no explosion out of the hole,I just can't,it's a slow movement up and I have to tense my hips and lower back a lot to get out. In the beginning i csn hsrdly reach parallel without my a really tense mower back. It takes several sets of shitty quarter squats before I can comfortably sink into the position for working sets. Appreciate any advice
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u should do 200-500 body squats daily for about a month before you even bother adding a bar bell to it.

God this is shit advice.
I should also mention my lower back is naturally really tense. If I don't stretch and go about my day something as simple as bending over can be strenous on my lower back until I've bent over enough times.

I have 2 prior Injuries one unfixed torn acl from years ago,and I slipped a lumbar disc 2 years ago

Last thread nearing limit >>42885559

Post anything we can do to improve a face. Surgery, Supplements, Exercises, whatever. Pic 1/2 10/10 male
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Pic 2/2
10/10 female

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can't fucking stop analyzing peoples swallowing patterns HELP

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>High Fructose Corn Syrup is the probl-

ITT: We post and disprove commonly believed fake news
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(relating to fitness and health)
>Carbs are bad
>Fat is good in any amount
>Sat fat is not good
>Cholesterol is good bro .
>cheese is good for you

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Is there better cardio? Easy on the joints. Develops ass and calves: don't even have to do calf isolation if you go on this like four times a week.

Of course the erg is also great but fuck doing that, to be quite honest. I do cardio after lifting most days and rowing seriously after that would induce vomiting.
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Swimming>any other cardio including sex
Haven't ever done it for cardio. I heard serious swimmers develop shoulder problems because some of the strokes require unnatural movements.
The stairmaster is great though because it trains something non-athletes who are physically active mostly in the gym seriously neglect, the calves, with a ton of volume. Didn't Arnold recommend running in the sand barefoot to train calves? This is kind of similar as long as you step on the balls of your feet and not your heels.
Do rows. Probably the funnest cardio yet.

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Discussion of daily struggles and overcoming, anniversary celebrations, tips, advice, support
All welcome: alcohol, drugs, cigs, weed, ED, Vidya, selfharm or any maladaptive behavior you'd like to change
Please be respectful and friendly
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About a month and a half sober so far. Friend offered me a drink on the weekend and I'm happy that I could turn it down fairly casually.

Good luck to anyone else struggling.
why don't you guys overcome injecting test?
Why dont we make some sort of fit support group or a general for this shit?

How do you stay motivated to go to the gym? Its going okay for me but im finding it harder every time to keep going.
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either go and succeed or dont and fail...
More pre workout and you'll be fine ;)

I only fap once every week. Tons of 10/10 girls at my gym. Tons of 10/10 girls walking around in my town. Sheer arousal, no troll.

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hey /fit/. Am I doing it right? I am currently 170 lbs and 5'5". my bmr is around 1800. I joined a gym that I got to 3 times a week. I have been trying to keep my caloric intake around 1300. Is that too much, too little?
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> 5'5"

You are doing it wrong
>3 times a week

how do you hope to leave humanity behind like this
I'm 5'5 135 and you are fat as fuck mate just focus on lifting your tits off and eating at maintenance. Effort trumps autism

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What are the differences in workouts between a bodybuilder and a strongman?

The strongmen are much, much stronger no?
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In the event you need to pick up a car, you'll be ready. But I hope you're willing and able to eat 5kcal every other hour for years and be morbidly obese for life once you inevitably stop
Exercise selection is the biggest training difference between PL, strongman and bodybuilding. Obviously pros train what will help them succeed at their competitions, whether that's the ability to do certain events like in strongman or going for a certain shape and proportion like bodybuilders.
strongman lifting is a shit ton of fun

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Wife is doing 145x3x5 and while her ass is amazing, its no Iggy.

How the fuck did iggy get an ass like this? She must be squatting 3 plates or something.

Any suggestions?
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genetics you fucking retard, the only thing that whore squats on is dicks

Uh. No.
This. Also hip thrusts you stupid nigger. Hip thrusts >>> deads > squats for getting a big ass.

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What should I do about my flat feet?
I try to go running but the shin splits are really holding me back.
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roll your arch will a lacrosse ball and loosen up that connective tissue.
How long should I do this a day? Or is it just something I should be doing while working at a desk and whatnot
I have flat feet too,you should buy "suelas" idk how its pronounced in englihs and use them always

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Im on a bulk (3200 calories a day) and I fucked up with my food tracking and ate 200 grams of fat, 260 grams of protein and 280 grams of carbs totaling at 3800 calories. Am I going to get fat like this?

How bad did I screw up?

70kg/185cm if it matters
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Jesus fucking Christ
what? Can you just give me an answer
?? you weigh nothing

Pic related, i even look buff in winter clothes
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everyone looks buff in winter clothes you retard
I lold
Why did you convert to Islam op?

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pic unrelated.png
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How do you correctly power clean? No matter what i do it always hurts like a motherfucker.
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Why are you power cleaning? Are you aspiring to be a powerlifter?
Just started lifting 3 weeks ago, im doing SS.
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I liked this video, good for absolute beginners.


Whats /fit/'s opinion on Straight Edge?
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A degeneracy free lifestyle
Gay as fuck
Life without fun is no life at all

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>used to be skinny, face looked nice and lean
>gained about 15lb
>chubby face, way less chiseled and defined
>been cutting recently, back down to my original weight
>face still looks like shit
Is this normal? Why the fuck wont my face lean out again?
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I am watching.jpg
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maybe your memory is deceiving you?

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