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>Enter the gym
>"In ITALY, got two foreign hoes, they dm me"
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Kinda related im gonna be studying there for a few months. Are people strong and what are gyms like?

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I have been doing a modified version of this for the last several months but I only have time 3 days a week to go to the gym now and that's it, I don't have lots of time while I'm there and I have had aa shoulder surgery and a bad hip that prevent me from doing the compounds I want properly (bench/deadlift) so I've been trying to get the best bang for my buck in the time that I have in the gym. I've become a bit burned out of this and it's a 5 day a week program and I usually am spent after 1 of the full supersets and am starting to think I should start something new. Thoughts? I'm 150 5'8 in good shape but just want to get in slightly better shape if possible.
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Post pic of body. I highly doubt you're in good shape at 150 years of age.
srs question, if you don't skip leg day, where do you hide your dick in sweats?
trying too hard

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Sup bros, first, am I makin it??
Second, will taking letrozole reverse my gyno? It's not that bad o don't think but I can feel a pea,sized lump behind my nip. Any help is apprecitlated.
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Stats are 5'11, 175lbs btw.

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if no fap works, why does he look like shit?
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Cause Jesus knew he would never be able to bust a nut
his diet is literally wine and bread no way you become swole with that

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I went to church today for the first time, it was really great.

And at the gym I managed to dumbell chest press 110x 5 without even feeling it, I thought I was gonna fail on the first rep, before I started playing "Caroleans prayer" by sabaton.

What good things have happened to you /fit/?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Do you ever go for a workout with ultra light weights?

- using just 50% of weights you usually use
- training all body parts, combining all your split routines to one
- doing lot of reps
- doing everything slower, focusing on perfect form and longer time under tension

I do it like once a 6 weeks and it is very refreshing. Is it meme and waste of time or something you should do?
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What mode is this?
Please don't post underage trap porn here.
Guys it is stock image so it is 100% safe

What's the easiest way to get the necessary amount of calories per day? I fucking hate eating food (Lucky? Or cursed? I don't know).

I've been working out more but because my calorie intake is so low that makes me super tired for the rest of the day and then work sucks ass.
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Proton smoothies work for me. Scoops, nuts, oats, banana or apple or strawberries or whatever, milk and blend that shit. Adjust proportions according to calorie desire.
>Proton smoothies
>As opposed to smoothies containing only electrons and neutrons

You need a negative net charge in your body for gains, anon.
Drink milk, lots of it

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Yesterday I participated in boat race - thought I'd try something new. It was a large festival with lots of teams, and I paddled for my company's team. Lots of people came with their families to watch the boat races, and to see other aspects of the festival.

Honestly, the whole event was one non-stop continuous blackpill. Instead of making one big tl;dr post, I broke my observations into sections:

>Teen girls are infinitely hotter than 30yo women.
I work in a place where there is hardly anyone younger than myself (25). After some time I developed crushes on some of the old ladies in their 30s, and thought they were attractive. But today I got to see side by side comparisons of them next to JailBaits, and holy shit, JBs absolutely shit on on late 20s/30s women, even the ugly JBs. It is amazing to think that all women had this kind of sexual power when they were young. In particular, I saw this ugly old lady from work with badly groomed hair, and saw her 9.99995/10 JB daughter wearing a halter top. I'm not even sure she was old enough to be in high school, but she was stunning. I thought to myself "what point is there in living if I missed out on teen love?"

>Autistic guy had a girlfriend.
There was a guy there that was even more autistic, quiet, and socially retarded than myself. He looked really young, only around 20 years old. You could tell he was a really weird guy, and as a fellow weird guy it felt comforting that he was around. I asked him what his job was. He said he didn't work here but he was here with his girlfriend who works there. His girlfriend was a short attractive ~20yo middle eastern girl who seemed totally in love with the guy. The guy? He was a tall good looking white guy with with perfectly symmetrical broad face and blue eyes.
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>This younger (~25yo)girl that from work that seemed totally attracted to this black guy from work during practice came to the boat race with her husband and 2 kids.
I was totally shocked when I saw her come with a family, because she was sending this black guy all the signals of attraction during practice, just talking to him in a flirty voice, playing with her hair, laughing hysterically at his jokes and not the other guy's funnier jokes. Her husband was around 5'10, and the black guy was 6'6 and a broad shouldered alpha male. The girl herself was really tall, around 6'1.

>People will laugh at some funny things only if a tall good looking alpha male says them.
The people organizing the event told us to row to this place and after our team got there first, the tall alpha male black guy from our team yelled in his deep voice "LOSERS!" to the teams that got there after us (it was all in good nature because it was a practice round and no one was trying to win), and everyone went hysterical. I thought to myself, what if I yelled that? Would everyone laugh the same way? No, they wouldn't, in fact it would probably becringematerial. Throughout the day, this tall good looking black guy would say things that weren't even intended as jokes, but people laughed because theythoughthe was telling a joke. Sometimes being funny is not about what you say, but what you look like. Throughout the day I saw examples of the black guy making kind of funny jokes and everyone going hysterical, and then some less attractive guy making an extremely funny joke and only a couple people laugh.
You got some problems my man
What did you think of the boat race anon? How was the mood/atmosphere? What were the people like? I just moved to a new location not too long ago, and am looking to make some social gains by joining a club/gym/other. Would you reccomend boat racing for this? Or possibly something else? Thanks.

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>new gym opens in my town
>go to check it out
>walk through the door, immediately grabbed by two thicc powerlifter chicks
>they handcuff me and tell me it's a women-only gym
>the fine for being male on the premises is $100k (wtf??)
>they force me to work at the gym to pay off my debt
>they dress me in girl clothes so I don't make their other patrons uncomfortable
>forced to lick sweat off cardio bunnies all day
>have to help the female powerlifters de-stress by giving them massages
>they beat me when I don't do as I'm told
guys do NOT go to the gym on 34th street, I've been a prisoner here for 4 months now
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>my hard-on very big
Sounds like heaven. Specially the cleaning with tongue part.
do your duties include cleaning out the womanlet pit?

Who here /TrueSips/
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>drinking from plastic
Good goy.

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What's the /fit/ verdict on pea protein powder? It's cheap as fuck (£29.99 for 5kg) and doesn't seem radically lower in protein content than whey at 80g per 100g. What's the drawback that Big Peas are trying to hide from me?
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I didn't even know this was a thing. I wonder if it tastes like shit.
Tastes like shit. I use a small amount in my homemade proton bars. It acts like flour to dry the pb. I use more whey in the bars
Just eat real food. If this isn't possible for you there's no difference between any of the types of protons unless you're taking in 50+g of soy protein shakes a day.

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What's your main and favourite source of protein /fit/?

Pic related. Turkey all the way.
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Turkey followed closely by semen

My main source is chicken, especially due to all the eggs I eat. My favourite source is moose.
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Lentils or beans.

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>Tfw I looked better before I started roids

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Nigga you posted this not 5 hours ago.
why do you keep posting this you fucking cretin

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>the average american male is 5´9 feet tall
>you are a manlet until you reach at least 6´2

nigga wut
I live in a northern country while beeing 5´9 cause of eastern descent (not sand niggas thank god)

I was never insecure about my height since the standart here is about 5´10 feet

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what do we do about the longmen problem
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6'7" best height
6'1" is the perfect height

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How do I stop hating myself?
I have shit genetics; I'm weak, ugly, stupid. I'm not good at anything. Every day I hate myself and I also hate people, especially hot women and men that hot women are attracted to.
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Find a purpose in life. Find work/a project you love and immerse yourself in it.
diet, exercise, proper hygiene, becoming good at things, not being so negative towards yourself and other people all the time. take care of yourself, try to make the world a little better. your mindset and life will improve
Get a healthy routine.

Start with small steps.

Start by going to bed at a reasonable time. 2200-2300
Get up at a reasonable time. 0700. Eat a healthy breakfast

Drink only water throughout the day.

These small changes will make a big difference. They will give you a platform to build on.

Next you can add exercises and a healthier diet.

Find something you enjoy and find a way to get paid for it too

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