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>That dyel indian guy who smells like shit and walks around perving on women

>That massive black dude who makes as much noise as possible and always drops weights so they make a massive crash and people look at him

>That qt who works out the exact same time as you each day and always catches you mirin' but you also catch her mirin'

>That hot girl with huge succulent thighs who spends 45mins on the stair master

>That ugly manlet with a droppy face who does loads of cardio and wears the same clothes everyday
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>exact same time as you each day and always catches you mirin' but you also catch her mirin'
Is this a gym fantasies thread?
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>those two roiders who spot each other while shouting "all you bro" when it very clearly is not all him

>the powerlifting team composed mostly of overweight DYELs that talk way too loudly

>the old guy with a pot belly who's weirdly amazing at deadlifting

>the guy who wears toe shoes but also pulls 5pl8

it's a pretty decent gym though
>that guy who stares at women's asses
>tfw I am that guy

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Anavar is magic edition
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That's fucking gross. How do you find that attractive?

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What is /fast/?
Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermittent fasting, fasting, water fasting, and fat fasting
While fasting alone is fantastic for your health, Consider doing a ketogenic in addition to become god mode

>how can I get a quick rundown? Where can I start?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9idhb2aAfns [Open] [Open]


>any more info?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfR6bAXr-c [Open] [Open]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dan8qtgQRi8 [Open] [Open]


>reddit fag that did a 77 day water fast, notice how he is not 1)dead or 2)looks like a wrinkled vagina

>Fung talks and lectures:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIuj-oMN-Fk [Open] [Open]
https://youtu.be/PSR82vmZ5lk [Open] [Open]
https://youtu.be/v9Aw0P7GjHE [Open] [Open]

>DeLauer videos, mainly focus on tips, quick explanations of processeses backed with research, and chadliness
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihrmfFlG_qc [Open] [Open]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UShUs1Wb_k [Open] [Open]

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Day 5 of water fast. Feeling great.

Can I bike on stationary bike every day? Otherwise I sit all day on my ass at work.
Quick talk on ECA stack while fasting:

Anyone do this? What were your results?
I'm cutting and have started 16:8 IF. Should I eat more or keep my goal at 1800 calories/day?

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Only people who can produce alpha-actinin-3 allowed here. genelets stay the hell out
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Doesn't look like opensnp or snpedia.
Which site is that?

promethase, which compares your genome to snpedia.
Cheers anon.

My goal is to go from 92 to 75. Am i gonna make it?
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Alright /fit/, I made a thread last time of how I did 15 minutes on the elliptical and someone told me how a disabled grandma can do 15 minutes, and that I should do 30. I did 30 this time, and got 2.61 miles in that time. If I do this routinely, will I stay healthy?
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To clarify, I see myself as skinny fat, because I play a lot of Vidya and don't get much physical activity. My belly bulges too, but I'm not built like a fatso. I also try to walk my dogs everyday. I aim for 30-45 minutes daily.

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join our /fit/ discord you fat fucks, or don't, nobody cares. sluts preferred.
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Not even hot.
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Last two digits of your post are how many curl reps x 3 you do as a sacrifice to the one who left humanity behind
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how does /fit/ solve this problem?
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Do cardio every day. It'll fall off
Lower bodyfat, you piece of shit dyel faggot.
stop being an estrogen-ridden cunt

I have scoliosis and this makes me have an asymmetric development of lower muscles. How do I train onlythe right side of my lumbar?

Also back thread
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How can I get my quads to look like this? I like this better than the more round look, does it depend on genetics?
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squat more
Lose body fat, squat multiple times a week in a linear progressive fashion, wear tights, get the angles For photos
Largely genetic

Hey /fit/, my old leg routine is beginning to wear out. What have you used that's packed on leg mass?
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skwats n oats
I thought I was reading a T-Nation article for a second
Just keep on squatting.
>lmao dedicated leg workout.

Today was my first day of keto.

Currently at 111kg(244lb), wanting to get to 90kg(200lb). Aiming for a 1kg(2.2lb) weightloss a week eating 1600 kcal a day.

I would appreciate any feedback, thank you very much!
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When people say they can bench x, squat y, or lift z are they talking about one rep max? If so, that must be the most useless measure of fitness out there. What's the fucking point of a one rep max other than ego masturbation?

I don't count that I can lift a certain weight until I can do 5 reps without failing, and I have only really "mastered" it when I can do 10 without fail.
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Congrats, you're dumb as shit
Yes, they're talking about 1RM. No, it's not useless since it's the basis of percentage based training. And no one cares about your personal definition of what it means to lift a weight. If you can lift something, even if only once, you can lift it and that counts.
not an argument

But I mean if you can't even do 2 of them it implies you're using bad form in the first place and you're hitting above your weight class. You could always just throw your whole body into something and claim victory whilst utterly failing to do it in controlled manner - whereas if you do various reps you more or less have to have enough strength to do it several times and can't solely depend on momentum to do it.

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>tfw forced to out in public with no pump
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not carrying around one of these badboys for a perma forearm pump
pump is not real.
>not lifting every morning

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