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for my cut I wanna try cooking an entire day's worth of calories in a slow cooker. I'd like to put in a piece of meat, a couple pounds of potatoes, and some veggies. so I don't have to eat too many potatoes, I'll exchange some calories for some whole milk.

anyway, can i just put all this stuff in (without the milk obviously) and cook it for 3 hours? do I add water, butter, or oil?

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I do this shit all the time. I'd add something like chopped tomatoes or tinned beans (for dat sweet fibre) and you'll find the water in that plus the meat fat will be enough. The longer you cook at lower temps the more moist it's gonna stay.
You can make beef machaca in a slow cooker.

White onion
Worcestershire sauce
Bit of oil
Lime juice
Salt & Pepper
Water/beef stock

Scramble eggs and add it to the slow cooker after you've broken apart the meat and mixed everything together.

Where exactly does the metabolism come into play while cutting? I've seen a lot of people on /fit/ say you should eat around 1500 calories a day while cutting. But, if you just stopped eating all together, hypothetically your body would just burn the fat. But, isn't there some kind of factor where your body tries to hold onto fat if you stop eating all together?
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>But, if you just stopped eating all together, hypothetically your body would just burn the fat.
Yes, but it would also destroy your muscles, as whenever you exercise your muscles, they get damaged and need protein to get fixed. If they don't get protein, then they start to break down and wither away.
> But, isn't there some kind of factor where your body tries to hold onto fat if you stop eating all together?
Yes, it starts breaking down muscles to get energy from them eventually. Other than that, no.

The problem with not eating is you have no intake of nutrients that are not measured in calories.
I. e. vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements

>But, isn't there some kind of factor where your body tries to hold onto fat if you stop eating all together?

google starvation response. If you starve yourself, your basal metabolic rate will go down, the more energy reserves you lose, the less calories your body needs.
Read the sticky, it explains this shit my dude.

Give me tips fit to get fit
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Draw your shoulders back to broaden your shoulders some. They're slouching inwards. I had trouble with this too, but you should do it.

Work on abs. Traps are fine. Work on chest.

damm /fit/ those manlets are starting to organize themselves
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Lot's of people say squats and deadlifts are the kings of all exercices. I want to try and do them, but I see how complicated they are to pull off with good form compared to other lifts and I see the potential in injuries when doing them wrong. Should I try to do those exercices, or should I replace them with other, simpler and safer ones? My goal beeing purely aesthetic.
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Do Romanian deadlifts and possibly front squats

All you need
hexbar DL > all
Do the real exercises. Start with just a bar. We all started somewhere.

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Anyone ever been caught going with a friend to this place after staff hours? I know you're supposed to use a sheet and it's limited to like a couple visits or something but I live in a small town and was just gonna start going with my buddy at like 1am
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No. I have abused places like snap fitness, anytime, and fit4less. I've shared my pass and been the guy who sneaks in with 0 trouble. The owners are asleep
depends on if they check cameras. if your buddy has been going at 1am you should be good so long as you don't break shit or leave a mess. if he hasn't been going at 1am, they might review footage the first few times just to see wtf is up with a guy working out at that time.
>there is a swedish ripoff of anytime fitness called everytime fitness with almost the exact same logo symbol

help me /fit/

i fell for gomad / bulk as skinnyfat meme, and after one year of lifting (ss for 4months, and daily fullbody sort of as advised by Eric Bugenhagen for rest of the time)

I was 84kg @188cm tall year ago, then i balooned the fuck up to 97kg in april, reaching 1/1.75/3/4 after 7~ months for singles. Recently i cut down to 87kg (current weight)

My gyno got slightly better, but im still not quite happy with how i look like(not that i will ever get laid anyway with my crippling autism)
I got kinda tired of my lifts stalling on cut.
Should i just go balls deep on cut, lose few kgs and then slowly clean bulk or stay at low deficit and keep slowly losing weight?

I know i have gyno and bad posture
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Cut please
Man, do you even bench ?
Depend on your objective. Had the same kind of inner debate after a year or smthng
You want to look good? Cut. At your level, regaining muscle wont be too difficult, and you'll look more muscular than you do now anyway.
You want to be a demon around mortal ? Go to powerbuilding. I've always been more impressed by 17% smthng bodyfat buddy with à 400 bench and 18" arms than zyzzfag wannabe. And you'll shed fat aniway
Aniway, you're not that fat. Just an odd fat repartition. Dont need tout starve urself for that sweet 6-packs if It's what you want

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Broke a 7 year dry spell thanks to squats.

What has /fit/ done for you?
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how many of those chicks do you think he fucked?
He's drowning in pussy, and food.
>mfw not a single attractive one in sight.
Every time I wear a tank top in public I get catcalled by thirsty females

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so i got my diet on track. but the sticky wants me to eat 1g of protein per day of body weight, and to eat nearly 2000 calories a day. do i need to do this to get results for weight loss or muscle, or can i just go with the flow and eat my veggies meats and shit whenever the fuck? how do you people actually manage this? does it really fucking matter? i'm starting to feel like its a waste to go to the gym if i won't see any results because i have to count my calories and protein for every meal like some fucking sesame street bullshit.
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You can estimate your caloric intake, but it will absolutely not be accurate, you won't see the results you want, and then you'll give up and go back to eating garbage. Download myfitnesspal and start counting if you actually care about getting fit.
>how to get enough protein in caloric limit
First of all, it's 1g/lb LEAN body weight. Lean body weight = total body weight - fat. Secondly, eat food high in protein and low in everything else. Protein powder is always a solid choice, as are eggs, chicken breast, cottage cheese, lentils, and edamame. Plenty more available with google.
It depends how many days you weight
Now you realize why protein powder is a thing

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Things you used to think were a meme/ broscience

>Used to think mind muscle connection was a meme.
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I used to think that legs mattered

Not exactly what you were asking for but you know....
I used to think activating your almonds was a meme
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Almonds activated.jpg
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>that last sip before bed
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I've been drinking three of these a say along with normal meals for more than a month now
you'd save so much money just buying bulk protein and mixing it with milk/water yourself..
>13 protons
The prepackaged shakes I buy usually have around 250kcal for 30g of protein. I assume this shit also has added micros or something?

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Hey Faggots,
My name is Alan, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.
Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than “jack off to naked drawn Japanese people”? I also get straight A’s, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
Pic Related: It’s me and my bitch
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nice bait
alri alan you brown dwarf
More like ahmed.

>fucking traps
I bet you're the bottom.

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>tfw I hit 1pl8 Ohp today
What did you achieve today anon?
Also we're all gonna make it brah
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No good feels, mostly because I'm having a phenibut withdrawal
Nice work anon! Here are my good feels:

I did 8 reps of a 200lb stone over bar in 60 seconds on Friday

I went out and talked to strangers

I did a free yoga class in my local park
>never squatted
>been deadlifting a bit tho
>decide fuck it, just throw on a plate and squat past parallel
>what's the worst that can happen, i got those safety bar things on
>wasn't that hard
>went up to 165.

funny because i was embarassed to squat because ego, but now ego gratified, feel good, me go squat more

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>mfw sick of mires.
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I'll take some thx
the next step is doing some of your own mirin.

Mire the sun
Mire the fresh air
Mire a beautiful face or an act of kindness,

Doing the mirin is much more enjoyable, the way people react shows how much they mire you by proxy.
I'm a dyel and got mired last week. I glanced over and saw some girl starring at me, then quickly look away

What's your record for oats in one sitting? Is 200g a day too much?
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>not eating oats by the pound
never gonna fucking make it.
you will become an oat one day

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