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pea protons.jpg
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What's the /fit/ verdict on pea protein powder? It's cheap as fuck (£29.99 for 5kg) and doesn't seem radically lower in protein content than whey at 80g per 100g. What's the drawback that Big Peas are trying to hide from me?
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I didn't even know this was a thing. I wonder if it tastes like shit.
Tastes like shit. I use a small amount in my homemade proton bars. It acts like flour to dry the pb. I use more whey in the bars
Just eat real food. If this isn't possible for you there's no difference between any of the types of protons unless you're taking in 50+g of soy protein shakes a day.

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What's your main and favourite source of protein /fit/?

Pic related. Turkey all the way.
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Turkey followed closely by semen

My main source is chicken, especially due to all the eggs I eat. My favourite source is moose.
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Lentils or beans.

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>Tfw I looked better before I started roids

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Nigga you posted this not 5 hours ago.
why do you keep posting this you fucking cretin

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>the average american male is 5´9 feet tall
>you are a manlet until you reach at least 6´2

nigga wut
I live in a northern country while beeing 5´9 cause of eastern descent (not sand niggas thank god)

I was never insecure about my height since the standart here is about 5´10 feet

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what do we do about the longmen problem
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6'7" best height
6'1" is the perfect height

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How do I stop hating myself?
I have shit genetics; I'm weak, ugly, stupid. I'm not good at anything. Every day I hate myself and I also hate people, especially hot women and men that hot women are attracted to.
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Find a purpose in life. Find work/a project you love and immerse yourself in it.
diet, exercise, proper hygiene, becoming good at things, not being so negative towards yourself and other people all the time. take care of yourself, try to make the world a little better. your mindset and life will improve
Get a healthy routine.

Start with small steps.

Start by going to bed at a reasonable time. 2200-2300
Get up at a reasonable time. 0700. Eat a healthy breakfast

Drink only water throughout the day.

These small changes will make a big difference. They will give you a platform to build on.

Next you can add exercises and a healthier diet.

Find something you enjoy and find a way to get paid for it too

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What fruits and vegetables should I eat /fit? What should I stay away from?
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>What fruits and vegetables should I eat /fit?

>What should I stay away from?
everything else
>What fruits and vegetables should I eat /fit/?
All of them
>What should I stay away from?
Low income neighborhoods
Cocaine and people who do it
Heroin and people who do it
Reckless driving
Wild mushrooms
*raise paw*

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Hey so I'm having some pain in the back of my ankle area above my heel, when I tilt my foot up or down. This hasn't happened before, is it anything I should be worried about? And how long will this last, because I have no clue what's going on here. pic unrelated naturally
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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College athlete; I get free Starbucks through my sponsorship. Is there anything there that's /fit/?
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Water. Americano.
Bottled water
this + you could use their sugary shit as fancy gainers

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>tfw i looked better before i started using gear
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>i posted it again mom
Nah you look fucking great even for being on gear, mirin those hammies too
it's not the same guy posting these

>10 grams of protein per 25 gram of soybeans
Why the fuck isn't this being promoted more.
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Soy will make you grow some succulent gyno tits anon don't do it
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ahhh yes consume more soy
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83% protein :^)

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