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how many years of roids would I need to achieve something like this if ive been lifting for 6 years?
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Post body pic. Lifting for 6 years means different things for different people.
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Am I genetically cucked?
You look like someone with good genetics who maybe played sports but never lifted a day in his life. What are your stats?

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what would realistically happen if I cut out fat from my diet?
>enjoy protein
>enjoy carbs
>literally have to force fats into food because don't meet "macros", and on top of that, have indigestion
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>he doesnt like cheese and butter
not gonna make it
>he wants to get rabbit poisoning
shiggy diggy
What kind of fats we talkin phimmy-pham-ham?

Saturated fats? Trans fats?

Fatty acids can help brain development and maintenance, and some are actually good overall for your health, because they're nutrient rich.

I would stay away from fried foods though.

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My girlfriend said "oh you're in so deep".

What did she mean by this?
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just random slut talk, this lets you now for sure that shes not a keeper
you are spiraling into deep debt from which you will probably not surface from
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>tfw you fags are the only real friends I have
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fuck off I'm not your friend
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At least we have this place r-right guys

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Do I need to see a doctor?
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Can I get a slice of that pizza?
clean it out with peroxide you retard

did you grow up in a fucking barn?
Will Whiskey do the trick or nah?
I have no peroxide

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Is Ivan Drago within the natty limit?
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Lol no
did you even watch the movie?
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no I just saw him on pictures on /fit/ and hes my goal body.

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/fit/ absolutely BTFO lol
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That's because fat people aren't beautiful, wonderful, or loved.
does anyone else feel like words like "Amazing" and "Awesome" have totally lost their meaning to phrases like this? I mean, if everyone is just "so awesome" and you're just "an amazing person" simply for being an average piece of shit, then what do these words mean anymore? Is "amazing" the new "average"? Is "awesome" the new "mediocre"?

But fat people are amazing! It's amazing they manage to fit into clothes, amazing they can still sort of walk on their own even for short distances, and amazing they are still alive!

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Why do former fat people hate fat people?

We used to be the same, you and me.
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I hate fat people who aren't putting in the effort to change. The one's who make excuses. If you're trying to lose weight, not a shred of hatred towards you as long as you don't make up bullshit reasons if you start to fail.
I actually don't, live your life however you want. Just don't complain about your choices

Frankly I wish there were more fat men, as it lessens the competition for women to fuck
Because I've put in the work and have ascended your status and the fact that you are trying to compare us as the same disgusts me and disrespects my accomplishment of escaping the fat label.

What are some things i can do to improve my life? Feeling pretty down right now.

No girl is thinking about me. No one is thinking about me.

She's out there though, and one day i will find her bros, and so will you. We just gotta keep going no matter what, because it will get better, as long as you work towards reaching your goals. None of us came this far just to come this far. You are all going to make it, and so am i because i believe in it.
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Did you clean your room?
Don't forget to set your clothes out tonight, anon. You know how tough it is to get you up in the morning.
Hey friend! You might be confused.

You are asking for advice. 4chan actually has an entire board just for this purpose, called Advice! Unfortunately, your aren't on Advice. Maybe you got mixed up because you come to Fit so often. That's understandable! But your topic doesn't belong here, because this board isn't your personal space.

Name a superior lower body exercise.
I'll wait.
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Squats. Your move retarded carnist
Leg extension machine


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