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Is Ivan Drago within the natty limit?
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Lol no
did you even watch the movie?
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no I just saw him on pictures on /fit/ and hes my goal body.

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/fit/ absolutely BTFO lol
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That's because fat people aren't beautiful, wonderful, or loved.
does anyone else feel like words like "Amazing" and "Awesome" have totally lost their meaning to phrases like this? I mean, if everyone is just "so awesome" and you're just "an amazing person" simply for being an average piece of shit, then what do these words mean anymore? Is "amazing" the new "average"? Is "awesome" the new "mediocre"?

But fat people are amazing! It's amazing they manage to fit into clothes, amazing they can still sort of walk on their own even for short distances, and amazing they are still alive!

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Why do former fat people hate fat people?

We used to be the same, you and me.
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I hate fat people who aren't putting in the effort to change. The one's who make excuses. If you're trying to lose weight, not a shred of hatred towards you as long as you don't make up bullshit reasons if you start to fail.
I actually don't, live your life however you want. Just don't complain about your choices

Frankly I wish there were more fat men, as it lessens the competition for women to fuck
Because I've put in the work and have ascended your status and the fact that you are trying to compare us as the same disgusts me and disrespects my accomplishment of escaping the fat label.

What are some things i can do to improve my life? Feeling pretty down right now.

No girl is thinking about me. No one is thinking about me.

She's out there though, and one day i will find her bros, and so will you. We just gotta keep going no matter what, because it will get better, as long as you work towards reaching your goals. None of us came this far just to come this far. You are all going to make it, and so am i because i believe in it.
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Did you clean your room?
Don't forget to set your clothes out tonight, anon. You know how tough it is to get you up in the morning.
Hey friend! You might be confused.

You are asking for advice. 4chan actually has an entire board just for this purpose, called Advice! Unfortunately, your aren't on Advice. Maybe you got mixed up because you come to Fit so often. That's understandable! But your topic doesn't belong here, because this board isn't your personal space.

Name a superior lower body exercise.
I'll wait.
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Squats. Your move retarded carnist
Leg extension machine


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Been on and off with this whole weight loss thing. I've done simple things; no fast food, no soda, no dessert, ran on the treadmill for a bit, etc. Was never too serious with it though and eventually lost 20lbs in a couple of months (was around 240lbs now I'm at around 217lbs-220lbs).

Friend of mine told me she'd go on a date with me if I lost more weight, me and her hit it off quite well alrdy so why not.

Any advice /fit/? Trying to lose fat here, muscle gain wouldn't hurt either.. or it prbly will. Whats the best diet/exercise for a guy my size looking to lose weight?

Did some google research, thought it would be a good idea to ask some of you guys thought. Help a brotha out.

pic sorta related
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Just do what you've been doing.
Stop eating would be a start fatty.
is that enough tho? If I stop eating, but sit on my ass all day would it matter?

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Tips on how to stop eating ?
I can eat a whole plate with 1/3 protons 1/3 carbs 1/3 veggies and 1 hour later I will feel not really hunger but like I want to eat. It seems like when I'm bored or shit my body wants to eat. How do I stop this ?
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drink water instead of eating
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Don't listen to this fag, op. You need to start pounding down coffee or tea -fuck water. Whichever you prefer. the water will keep you full and the caffeine will help you cut faster, it'll also make you piss more so you can keep that shit cycling though you.

Basically always be sipping some coffee or tea when you're bumming around at home. Average about 5-10 cups a day of tea or weak coffee.
Start smoking.

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Alright /fit/, I recently atarted playing basketball for cardio but I want to get better at actually shooting. How often should I practice shooting and if it comes on days I lift should I lift before or after I practice shooting?
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Last January, I was in this same position. Some friends told me they would be playing group games every weekend in the summer, so ever couple of days I would go. It was very frustrating because I had a good shot when I was younger, but it was just a basic set shot.

I set a goal of having a true jump shot, elevating and releasing at my highest point on every play. Subsequently, I missed a lot of shots because I was focusing more on my jumping and it was hard to coordinate.

I practiced at least twice a week by myself, just scrambling all over the court and jump shooting. The best way to start is to just hit X amount of shot from within 5 feet, then move a little further out as you can consistently make shots.

It will be tough, but it really paid off in the summer when I was elevating and draining 15 foot jumpers, using my mini skyhook and a fatal fadeaway consistently. My post game is strong, even against guys taller than me.
Thanks anon, but I want to know about the lifting part still
let that ball roll off the tip of your fingers, back spin and better control, good luck.

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sad wojak.jpg
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Stomach Bloating makes me want to fucking kill myself. Sexy pics for anyone who helps
>clean diet
>visible abs
>gut popping out like Lenny
It's not fucking fair. Could it be lactose intolerance or FODMAPS?
Here's my diet
Peanut Butter
Egg Whites
Sweet Potatoes
Greek Yogurt
>mfw looking at myself in the mirror and JUST
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I've completely cut dairy out of my diet and my stomach's flatter than it's ever been (and that's eating 3500 kcal / day).

With lactose intolerance and milk containing estrogens, feces, amd antibiotics... no thanks. I don't miss milk, cheese, butter at all
yeah I'm switching to almond milk. Could
be behind this jewery?
Also my dear oats and rice are fine,
bump b4 kill self

6'5 330lbs
445lb bench https://www.instagram.com/p/BYRm5JbhqNy/?hl=en&taken-by=bmcgladrey

Deal with it.
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>No pause
5'10" 210lbs...465lb bp, 650lb squat, 315lb powerclean, 700lb dl..run a 4.6 40 yd...225lb bp for 12 reps!!!
6'5" 330lbs, King of /Fit/..whatever!!! You should be bping at least 500!!!
By the way, 9% bf

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What is there to life besides working and lifting?
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self loathing and loneliness
Enjoying, improving, conquering, and dying.

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>tfw thought getting big would change my life
>tfw realized the real Im alone is that im not a likable person
dont skip social day /fit/, youll end up big and alone
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Im a gymcel and a careercel.

At this point im just saving up for a cabin in the woods
I wonder if the guy in OP's photo was a Blood.
Yeah cause fuck putting in the effort and working to be a better person, right?

First day of keto.

How am I doing?
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>1379 calories
>80 protons
What are you trying to achieve? Starvation mode?
Hehe, I need to lose a lot of weight man. Currently at 111kg(244lb) trying to get to 90kg(198lb).

I set up MyFitnessPal to lose 1 kg a week using the 5/20/75 ketogenic diet settings.
At least get 1g of protein per body weight to perserve your muscles

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Does drinking this help? How much?
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Why the hell would you drink this?
Help with what?
I think using apple cider vinegar is good for catching fruit flies and removing warts.
So about 1L every other day I'd say.

So fish oil causes prostate cancer, what does /fit/ think?
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No, fish oil.
>[citation needed]

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