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Ulnar nerve entrapment. Does anyone else deal with this cancer too?
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not really, I mostly get tendonitis but never a nerve entrapment
Yes. What helps is to avoid elbow flexion over 90°. Also normal bench press feels better than incline.

started lifting a couple of months ago and this has been holding me back.
changed a lot of my tricep excersices which helped a bit.
but I'm in IT, sitting +12 hours behind the computer doesn't help.
I also sleep with bent arms, couple of days ago my alarm clock went of, I tried to turn it off and slapped myself in the face.
my arm was so numb it took a couple of mins before i got the feeling back.
If I stop excising the issue goes away :(

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Red pill me on it
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It's used for cardio
Kills gains
Go outside for a run instead

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>Day 2 of nofap
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ok guys take it or leave it, this is a massive hint

everything up until days 7-14 means 0, especially for the younger people <30

you have to get past the frustration phase that builds up in the beginning

if you can hold and withstand, the rewards are massive
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>day 9 of nofap
my sense of disgust grows every day

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my neighbor gave me half a bag of pic related. i might just drink a shake of it before bed every night.

my question is: just how bad is maltodextrin? i know it's not ideal and oats are way better.
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dont need/10
Definetely not needed at all.

Of course it works since it's just calories. But still falls under the category of meme-supplement I guess
If you can't cook and you're skin and bones then it's great.

>I think names like manlet should be avoided.
is this height expert right?
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He's probably a manlet. Next they will want us to stop saying nigger or kike, or niglet...
>I look up to him
Editor Rob is either a super manlet or just wanted to squeeze in a joke about looking up to manlets.
ummmm he's 5' 8" sweeties

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Never got that much attention when i was a dyel.

>Get more /fit/
>Get more female attention
>reject them because I don't like thots, just want a decent girl.

"What are you gay?"
"You're not even that cute"

Why do girls gets so aggressive and rude when you turn them down. i was never like this when I get rejected.
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This is why 2D>3D. I don't even understand why you bother at all.
women dont never have to deal with rejection so when they do it fries they brains

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Good workout today anon
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Shit anime desu
this is the teen titans go of all anime

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Life General

In most cases what should a man in his early 30s have accomplished this far and what should he be striving for in your eyes?
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Get a good job/career that can guarantee him a good life and smooth retirement.
Own a house/piece of land. Not a fucking condo.
Start a family.
Be in good health. Be smart and educated.
Working an office job earning enough to afford rent and to run a small, old car.

Live in a small apartment in a shit end of the city

Have a gf who controls you and makes you feel small and useless because you forget to wash the dishes when you get home, even though she has been "between jobs" for 5 months now and spends most of her time sat on her laptop.
Also she is getting fatter month by month but doesn't care and won't do anything about it.

Be engaged to this girl, despite deep down knowing you wish you could be free of her, but you're too scared to end it.

or.. or something like that i dunno this isnt me

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>about to have sex with this Russian chick
>fully nude
>she says "you look very good but still have a little bit of fat"

Just kill me.
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just tell her girls don't like abs and prefer strongfat functional strength
Did you have sex?
Well, yeah. But the sex did not heal the feel.

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Does anyone have the pasta?

Specifically links about stretching and the overcoming gravity book.
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>tfw can't do a muscle up
BUmp, also want that book
>I am too retarded to check the archives

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Reminder that this is literally all you need to get girls. six months is all it takes.

Roiders are delusional.
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my frame is not good enough to pull that off
>lifting for girls
True but why stop after six months? Go past 6 months and girls will fuck you instead of the beta cuck who only lifted for 6 months

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How do you build large shoulders? What are some good workouts,and what's the rep range that should be used?
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>he wants meme routines
It's not fucking rocket science man.
Go lookup exercises for the three deltoids and do what you feel you must.

Must be hard being this fucking stupid.
Literally just OHP 3x5/5x5 and lateral raises 3x8-12.
Seriously I'm on nofap day 2 just casually scrolling 4chen on the most gay board there is so I don't get triggered and you have to post a 10/10 because you have small shoulders.

fuck you.

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Ibutamoren / mk677
Anyone ever tried this stuff?
Does it actually work? Is it dangerous?
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Its supressive
Yeah it's for faggots too scare to just pin so they pay triple for 1/3rd of the recovery of 500mg test e a week

Just another fad like all things that the too-scared-to-pin crowd hope will give them gains.

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Weekly reminder to stay safe and injury free while you're training. if you do any of these bad habits, please cut them out asap.

> side delt lateral raises your pinky finger up. You may have heard from people to "pour out the water jug" when you raise the weight because it stimulates the side delt more. This is 100% untrue. The feeling you get from it isn't the side delt activating. It's your shoulder joint being crushed. Do this exercise with your thumbs above your pinky to keep your shoulders healthy.

> dumbell shoulder presses with your arms out at your sides at 90 degrees. this shortens the range of motion and puts you at a risk of injury when the weight is too heavy. The proper way to Db press is with a hammer grip. Elbows tucked at your sides, and touching the delts on every rep

> benching with too wide of a grip. wide grips are dangerous and should really only be performed when preparing for a competition. For longevity, you want to bench with a close-medium grip. half a hand width outsise of shoulder width is ideal. Touch your upper abs rather than your lower chest. Always use a pause. And pec involvement is identical between close and wide grip.

> lat pulldowns with a wide grip. despite popular beliefs that a wide grip equals a wide back, a close grip width actually gives a greater ROM and better stretch on the lats. It's also safer for the shoulder

> DIPS. not everyone is made to do dips. If you ever get a popping sensation in your chest when you stretch it out or a stinging chest pain after you do a set of dips, STOP DOING THEM IMMEDIATELY. You're going to get a sternum tear and then will not be able to lift for the rest of your life.
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I always imagined pouring water from a jug filled to the brim so I used to actually do it correctly .
Reasonable advice. Good job OP
thanks for this OP. Have any more?

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poundstone curls.jpg
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> 1x100 bb curls just the bar

does it actually works for bigger arms?
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who the fuck cares
>doesnt know about nuclei overload training
when will the lift heavy get big meme die?
chill man


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