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I can't find this hoodie anywhere. I've even been to my local North Face store and they didn't have a clue either but assumed it may be a part of the Japanese store. Can anybody ID for me? Also, Joji thread I guess?
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urban outfitters
Filthyfrank is not /fa/ at all, fuck off to redditt hes not funny just because MUH NO ITS IRONY GET IT HE DOESNT MEAN IT SERIOUSLY ITS JUST COMMENTARY ON SOCIETY HES ACTUALLY REALLY SMART. fuck off
I asked about the hoodie you spastic.

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Anyone on /fa/ go /out/?
What brands out there look /fa/ but can be /out/?
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these threads show up far too often, be comfortable and be practical. You really don't need to be wearing nxtlvl siq fits while you're hiking the frisbee golf course
Yeah man, I'm all about /out/. I would recommend Patagonia and military surplus. At least, those are my two favorites. Plus, they very often pair well together, and obviously they're both functionally top-tier. They're both basically timeless, too.

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Hey /fa/. I get terrible facial acne despite washing my face frequently and I'm pretty sure it's just terrible genes. Is there some method for getting rid of them effectively? I don't wanna buy a bunch of useless product that doesn't work.
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It's not that hard, do more research.

The only thing that worked for me after quite some time of trying various products was a benzoyl peroxide gel. It dries your skin out quite a bit, as it's a fairly harsh chemical, but it effectively eliminated my acne. I found a 5% gel at my phaacy, I'm sure yours will have some selection as well. The brand I use is benzagel.

Seriously, if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. Use in conjunction with a quality facewash (I use a cetaphil wash), a quality moisturizer, and if you feel the need use salicylic acid wipes - another acne killing chemical, though less harsh than bp.
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Bookmark both of these links:



If you take MSM powder twice per day and drink a ton of water, your skin will become straight-up beautiful. Your hair and eyes will, too. Take a chance and trust me on this, please. I know from long experience what I'm talking about. Put a heaping tablespoon of MSM powder in a cup of juice, and drink it first thing in the morning. Do precisely the same thing twelve hours later in the evening. Your body cannot absorb more than this. A little bit of vitamin C makes it exponentially better. They're synergistic. In addition to this, drink roughly 98 ounces of water each day. It's a helluva lot to drink, and it will be quite difficult at first, but if you're able to force yourself you will definitely see dramatic results.

Trust me bro: stick with the MSM everyday for two weeks, and then evaluate it yourself. In this way you'll have objective proof that it works. It doesn't taste good, but the juice helps. You'll soon get used to it. And it will make you feel a helluva lot better, too.


>Published clinical trials of MSM did not report any serious side effects, but there are no peer-reviewed data on the effects of its long-term use in humans.

>According to one review, "The benefits claimed [for MSM] far exceed the number of scientific studies. It is hard to build a strong case for its use other than for treating arthritis problems."

>I know from long experience what I'm talking about

Okay anon

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>tfw only ALMOST perfect
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>anon your pretty handsome
tfw only thing holding me back is my absolutely horrifying hairline. i would be fucking invincible if i just had a somewhat normal hairline for my age. why god why
iktf anon, literally the only problems i have are my nose is slightly too big at the tip and natural hair looks fucking disgusting (im half white half cuban) Have you considered just buzzing it, if you have gfood facial structure and get fairly built you could easily pull it off.

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Alternatives to docs 1461 mono? They are becoming a meme and well within the Tumblr core canon but I still like the look.
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Ann D derbies are GOAT
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redwing postman.

It's a blucher, but they call it oxford.
Or Raf combat sole derbies, good luck finding a pair though

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Too few in here going for euroghetto-gaudycore desu, any recommendations of brands that sound and look expensive but actually are cheap?

Can start with the example EA7, flashy and expensive sounding to normies (oh shit it's Armani) but kind of in the budget I'm aiming for

I don't mean muh Kanye metal typewrite or ASOS smelling shit
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not my thing at all but I only recently learned that D&G and Dolce & Gabbana are two very different things in terms of price
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D&G? You mean DC?
I prefer having high-quality, well-made stuff that appears at first glance to be cheap or econo average. I don't mean brand names or designers who are trendy or pricey, I just mean stuff that's well made and simple looking.

Other than confidence, what would it take to pull off a poncho?

And where can I get Goldie's poncho? I need to find a website that ships to Australia.
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height and good looks and right location, he is called blondie, not goldie
Oh fuck, don't know where I got Goldie from.

And how tall are we looking at here for height?

Location is Melbourne, Australia.
>Other than confidence, what would it take to pull off a poncho?

For the western/slp style ponchos that get posted a lot actually living in a place where western style clothing is relevant is pretty important.

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What colour do i dye my hair?
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almost white, blonde. youd rock it
Is that kinda fading out as acceptable?
>tfw no big-nosed qt gf

how bad did i F up?
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you blessed your life up son
air force 1 i got air force on
not at all my ninja

Cop or not
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Depends on what you're going for, if it matches with your shit then go for it they look rad
cop and w2c? that graphics nice
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180€, adyn clothing
i need a techwear-looking jacket but im too poor for guerrilla group
not sure about fit

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Can I carry a knife and be /fa/? Or am I forever relegated to psycho autistic prepper-guy if I carry one?
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As long as it ain't /mallninja/ its in the same tier as cigarettes and multi tools etc in /EDC/
Opinel are GOAT in terms of being affordable, fit to purpose and nowhere near over the top. The rest are fedora tbqh
Pleb tier knife, cheap steel and a bulky handle make it shit for your pocket.

Buy a smaller knife OP, under 3in blade length.
buy a delica 4 and call it a day.

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Any and all things watch related post here.
Previous thread: >>12121366
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cop or not

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What are you wearing today?

>For the day of Jan. 12th 2017
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repost for feedback
would black suede wyatts be better here?
the previous thread isn't even to 200 posts you attention-starved loser

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Psych Rock
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>if you dont vote bernie its over

how do you respond /fa/
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i wonder if she blends into the night

she'd make a perfect assassin

how come here eyes are this color...

theyre not even the usual slightly blue/grey eyes. they are actually grey
>Please stop following me around, you weird freak, we don't even know each other

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