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I need a new pair, all I have are some elderly roshe runs (ya I know) and I need a major upgrade. budget is 140$, but I'd prefer not to push it that high if possible.

What are the best quality, dependable, most /fa/ running shoes you know of?
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Do you need them for casual wear or running?
New Balance 574
bump, not OP but need good /fa/ shoes for running

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All this talk and questions about being "/fa/", when in reality the most /fa/ thing to do is be yourself soooooo
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lol faggot

if you ask how to be /fa/ then you will never be /fa/ but if you say gayass stupid shit like be yourself you are never /fa/ either. /fa/ is being handsome and dressing well but looking like you never tried and not caring what anyone else thinks
>not caring what anyone thinks

thats exactly what being yourself means retard
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>posting a 6 foot tall fit white guy that half this board would go gay for and most girls would throw themselves at

i think i took the bait but fuck it, this is a dylan thread now


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what mids.jpg
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can somebody ID these? can't find them anywhere
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They could well be fake judging by what appears to be a russian uniform the dude is wearing
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Mountain flora.jpg
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stolen from a /k/ meet up thread.

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Are Big Johnson shirts /fa/?
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>When one Mexico High School student was seen wearing a Big Johnson T-shirt last year, he was asked to conceal its message in one of the three approved ways. He refused, saying that displaying his allegiance to Big Johnsonhood was his right. He was sent home.


Getting sent home is /fa/ as fuck
>saying that displaying his allegiance to Big Johnsonhood was his right
Civil disobedience is fash as fuck
>He was sent home.

> tfw that means he was deported

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Do Dickies shrink when you first wash them? If so, how much? I'm asking because I just got a pair of their slim fit, but the legs appear wider than my pair of original fit, so I'm not sure if I should return or not since I only bought them because I wanted a pair with slimmer legs.
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i have 4 pairs of dickies and none of them shrunk at all, just return them

Okay, thanks, but is it normal for the slim fit to have wider legs than the original fit? I don't understand why this would be.
not really, they're 65 percent polyester, so that could explain it

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Cool socks thread

Post & tell where to cop
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Does anyone know where to find durable, solid coloured socks that aren't too expensive?

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Is it effay?
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Is it 2009?
File: 1407800940438.png (107KB, 365x330px)Image search: [Google]
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>2009 was 15 years ago
>not casio


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Found this guy in the WAYWT thread.

These are the kind of people /fa thinks are fashionable.

Just look at this dork, it looks like he doesn't even lift.

How can you be fashionable if you don't lift weights?
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any girl thats worth it would fuck him in a second who are you fooling
great thread OP
If this is what a girl thinks is attractive I wouldn't want her anyway.

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effay number 1.jpg
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Do any of you start your own trends?

Or do you all do the Kanye west shoes/thin pants, Nazi haircut and effay shirt.

This is a thread for Trendsetters. Please post photos of your fashion statement.

pic related, it's what I wear (robe, sandals, shorts, and a luxury watch). Think bald, bearded junkie with a Rolex Daytona.
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>Asks if people dress in their own style
>Starts off the thread by implying he dresses like The Dude
>start your own trends

only a tiny number of people in a generation can set trends or be the paradigm shifters.

nobody on this board is part of that group and you're lying to yourself if you think you are unique in any way.
This is true but, there are dozens of people from this board who are one or two degrees away

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oh fug.jpg
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What should every man have in his closet, how many, and which colours?
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3 white dress shirts, preferably of British or French make
3 blue dress shirts, also preferably of British or French make
2 casual shirts, preferably Japanese flannel
1 pair of beige chinos
1 pair of dark navy wool trousers
2 pairs of dark denim jeans, preferably Japanese raw
2 grey suits
2 navy suits
1 dark grey blazer
3-5 silk ties
5 pairs of black socks
5 pairs of dark blue socks
7 pairs of boxer briefs, all to be replaced after 3 months of use
3 black t-shirts
3 white t-shirts
1 black dressy leather belt
1 brown dressy leather belt
1 brown casual leather belt
1 olive-green polo shirt
1 navy polo shirt
1 navy merino wool pullover
1 grey cashmere cardigan
1 mechanical dress watch, preferably Urban J├╝rgensen
1 sports watch, preferably vintage Rolex or vintage IWC

1 pair of black oxfords
1 pair of navy oxfords
1 pair of brown derby shoes
1 pair of brown suede chukka boots
1 pair of blue loafers, preferably French
1 pair of white leather sneakers, preferably Italian
This is a "bare minimum" list, and does not include outerwear.
>bare minimum

Looks more like an "aspire to"

Why British or French and not say, Italian too?

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what's your estimated neck size for a 5'11" guy on the skinny side?

no tape measurer

americlap units please
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Measure some string or a power cord or something, fuck
No way. I'm 16" and 203lb. 6'2".

File: EGGING HIM ON.png (380KB, 555x481px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw Levis 510s

5'3, these are ESSENTIAL
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pic related, its me
holy smokes those are tight as FUCK
>Actual manlet height
I'm so sorry mate

File: Screenshot_20170116-163417.png (586KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Can you give me more examples of this haircut?

Or a tag name at least for search?
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File: Screenshot_20170116-163724.png (534KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Jack Whitehall
A less goofy face to show to the barber?

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3MB, 2667x4000px
This collab is a match made in heaven
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why no black models? Is Gosha racist?
no just russian lol

So which ones, /fa/?
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Boxer briefs or trunks. All the support of briefs with the comfort of boxer shorts.
all black boxer briefs
Kirkland boxer breifs

Nothing else I've found fits me as well, except maybe clairebourne.

MK stretches out
Ck has too small of a junk pouch and are uncomfortable
Hanes are coarse
Adidas has too small of a junk pouch and fucking smash your balls

Kirklands still ride up your leg. I actually found Gaps trunks to be nice but they shrink and the waistband is too low so your pants button rubs into your happy trail.
Why is good underwear so hard to find?

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