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Is this going to be the new meme this spring/summer?
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I got my Source sandals last summer; very fucking comfy
I think running / hiking sandals will be bigger this coming year

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high top or low top?
which way does /fa/ swing?
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depends on how tall you are, how skinny you are, and what kind of aesthetics you're wishing to achieve with that shoes
Not OP but what if you're fat and short
a noose

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HQ Wallpaper thread
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what should I do to make my hair more effay?

pic is how my hair naturally dries, currently i wear it in a part, but my hair gets messed up pretty easily after styling, i have a pretty strong cowlick on the right side, and most importantly, i want a more edgy/alternative hair style

thoughts? general advice thread for other people wondering the same thing for themselves too i suppose
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inb4 underage banned im 19 i know i look young ok friends
looks fine, just go no-poo
1. Get drop handles.
2. Learn how to blow dry your hair so that the style stays. Just ask your stylist how to do this

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Are these shoes /fa/? They're comfy but now that I've bought them I think they're kinda ugly
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they are really good running shoes

in terms of actual fashion they are literally frat boy tier
What are some comfy running shoes that aren't frat boy tier?
theyre running shoes m8 just use them to run and thats it. no one gives a shit about your athletic apparel.

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blackheads, and whiteheads.png
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is Clearasil any good? i have very minor acne and a few inflamed blackheads (pic related). What their product should i buy?
Also skin care general
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the only shit that worked for me was actual medication, IMO none of the products worked properly. try moisturising properly with something like astral cream and STOP HAVING DAIRY PRODUCTS. best advice I can give

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Are these the most /fa/ shoes ever crafted by human hands?
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How do they fit
I'm eyeing some but I'm not sure if I should be buying size 44 or 45. I have shoes in both that fit fine.
Buy both! With shoes like these you can't lose!
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don't know if i want these or those

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>24 y/o
>mommy still takes me shopping for jeans

How not normal is this on a scale of 1-10?
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If you choose your own pants then like a 2. Nothing better than not paying for shit.
I want to take her sock off and suck on and kiss her sole.
footfags off my board

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Grew my hair out for winter, but it's starting to get thick and unruly. So I come to you, /fa/, asking for advice becuase sometimes y'all give legitimately good feedback on this sorta thing.
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Yayy youre back geese, imyy
btw are you single now?
Hooooly shit, you remember me? First post too. And here I was assuming no one would recognize my mug if I left that awful trip name off my OP.

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Why every barber always cut the hair way shorter than you ask it to cut?
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>"what do you want"
>"u-uh just give me a trim"
>30 minutes later and they take all your hair off
>"t-thanks, looks great"

i know this feel
don't forget
>give barber $2 tip
>Why every barber always cut the hair way shorter than you ask it to cut?

I'm on to you chief.

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school shooter-core thread
this is the fucking holy grail, anyone who says otherwise is a candyass plebian

post that nice inspo
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pissed off on missing the yeezy breds
the only decent colourway i think was released for the yeezy

actually considering getting a bot

whats /fa/'s opinion of bots ?

piece of shit thing to do or what ?

also whats the best bot to use if you guys do
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You do not belong here
your bot can time travel too or something? you still wont get the breds
implying ktt fshn sxn cares about yeezys and doesnt actually dislike them

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A question for all the sexy ladies on the board hehehehe
Do you think its a bad thing for a man to wear perfume..?
Most colognes ive tried don't really smell that great and you'd be better off rolling around on the forest floor after it rained for a better scent.
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All the females on this board are whores who need attention so they go to anime conventions and random tinder dates. They don't care how you smell but they do care about your height.
kek, Finally you said something correct

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Trump Suit.jpg
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Do you think baggy suits will become effay again thanks to President Trump?

I wear suits like pic related to work because they're comfortable as hell and traditional, but I'm wondering if they'll become mainstream again.
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um yeah? this yohji faggot is already stealing the donalds style
Yes, but they only look good on non-manlets.
The Continental suit cut is a good choice if you aren't slim or need to mask some body imperfections but he wears it so badly. They still need to be tailored to actually fit.

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Post 'em
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comfy beach stuff.jpg
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can't wait for summer
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why wait for a season which is the shittiest fashion wise?

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