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Why do you hate fat people?
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I like fats actually, they make me look better.
I wish more people were out of shape, the better and more special i look.
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>virtually saying "IM DYING PLS I DONT NEED HELP" out loud
Its just pity at tits point.
dunno if I can honestly say that I hate many people, but people who deny that obesity is dangerous can get in the sea.

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Christophe Lemaire Fall 2014.jpg
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Is France the most effay country? It has the best ready-to-wear brands for womenswear imo.
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france is the GOAT, followed by japan
It's always surprising to see people dressed so well in such a filthy city also known as Paris.
>no mention of Korea

Is this the most /fa/ collaboration ever
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That front logo is so unnecessary
fuck off back to l*ddit streetwear

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General ID thread

What jeans does carti have on here, I know it's a stretch but hey.
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is carti a manlet
dont think so he's just got his ass against the wall in that pic so he looks short
Why do short guys with tiny pencil legs wear really skinny jeans? It looks awful and almost all of them do it.

sorry to be a cunt who starts a new thread but I was browsing through threads and found Rachel Goswell from slowdive and was just wondering how does one become a 'qt shoegaze gf'
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specifically outfits
first you have to be a girl, which you arent
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Iron Peak - 4.jpg
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What are some /fa/ approved backpacks?
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>>1223029 Its up for pre order and it seems awesome

Good job, sales team.
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the kp zero-g in jet black http://www.keeppursuing.com/men

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No edition edition

Last thread: >>12207007

Answers to these questions and more in our handy pastebin: http://pastebin.com/hTiigudJ

Remember to ask questions for the FAQ!
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Any jacket recommendation? I have a pile of patches at home but cannot find the right piece on which to put them.
I find it good to put patches on stuff that comes with patches already on (take old ones off put new ones on) because then you definitely know it looks good with patches before you buy it
Good point. I was eyeing an MA-1 bomber but I have a feeling they're everywhere already.

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Hey /fa/, I'm a visitor from /k/ and I need your advice. What is the most RELIABLE brand of jeans on the market that I can trust will last me years of daily use?

I keep hearing that Levi's is the best, but does anyone here think the same?

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ralph lauren always last long. get them on sale
Levi's Made & Crafted are pretty nice
you can usually get them for half price when they go on sale
>Levi's Made & Crafted
>no 36 inseam
What the fuck Levi's?

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g nurse.jpg
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post effay art from popular artists
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>there are people on this planet that think Richard Prince is fa art
This looks terrible. Get some taste.
wanna know the best part?
its most likely a book cover he printed and painted over
thats why the face and hand looks decent and the rest is shitty art 101 tier

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Would the Richard Spencer still look good on me if my hair is a lot longer on the top and kind of curly in the front?
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The alt right needs a new leader. This guy looks like an effeminate faggot. I nominate literally any other White person.
He played football in college at UVA and lifts as a hobby, he would fuck you up.
He wouldn't. I would pick him up like a toothpick and flex on him in full Rick. He's just a betacuck like yourself.

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jokes aside, what do you think about pic related?
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People who hate Supreme:
>fedora faggots
>jokes aside
>talk about supreme
I thought you said jokes aside


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This is ideal body type from muscles to skin tone to the tattoos that are suttle. Prove me wrong
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Also body hair
i don't think i need to
Giving gramer nazi "subtle"

File: static1.squarespace.com.png (1MB, 1500x1500px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1500x1500px
want to cop that Caspian Bragg shirt. What do you think?
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Stop trying to promote your shitty brand no one cares about.
Try selling it to Topman
This is low quality even for a startup brand. Back when I shopped at pacsun there were tshirts that looked just like this. 5 years ago.

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Let's all agree. Brown eyes are gross. And there's nothing we can do about all these disgusting brown eyes all around and in your fucking sockets.
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They're pretty cute desu
I have woken to see the brown eyes as really annoying

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Any cologne recommendations /fa/?
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smell likes Terre D'Hermes but add Musk
Oh shit sorry man, didn't know about this. :)

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