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Apart from the yeezys.
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absolutely, he has been at the forefront of urban fashion for a long time now. a real pioneer
during the yeezus era he def. was, really interesting style

nowadays its all sweatshirts and trackpants
No. he isn't even street. He grew up middle class. He's rude and has no taste.

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what's so cringe about this?
go into any /fa/ waywt thread

it always kills me how we have these threads making fun of other boards when we equally dress awfully

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D I Y.jpg
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Do it yourself/ re-purposing general

What the fuck just happened edition edition

Anything about making your own clothes, customizing and/or tailoring goes here. Talk about your projects. Ask Questions. Share information. Help each other out.

(if you think the pastebin lacks any information, just ask)
Japanese magazines, just in case you need them

Last thread:

Looking good dude!

We're waiting

Seems like a good idea, what technique would you use?

Seems like your product would be difficult to mass produce. . . If you find a way I'll definitly buy one tho
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File: Versuchen.jpg (727KB, 988x1460px)Image search: [Google]
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I managed to get the edges straight. It's difficult, because it's precision work. 3 millimeters off and it looks bad. Going to practice some more with triangles, trapezoids and circles.

I also found a green letterbox without a key.
File: IMG_3175.jpg (224KB, 1280x960px)Image search: [Google]
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I made a backpack recently. It has pleats for an armadillo effect - otherwise a fairly normal roll top.
Looks nice, do you have more pics?

Hi, I'm looking for aesthetic running shoes to wear at the gym, help me find them, FA!
Pic above is a pair I kind of like; help me find more!
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your feet are gonna be fucking hurting if you run in those. why do you want stylish running shoes? go for comfort above all else. think rationally.
>Hender Schemes
>a full leather shoe
>at the gym
>to run

I'm not sure if you're an idiot or just b8ing?
Just get any pair you like from adidas/nike running section.

If you're stupid (or super rich) and want to spend more for running shoes get something from the y-3 sport line.

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Previous one >>12221738 like the Romans
No japanese yellow fever edition.
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orł 2.jpg
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tattoos make me puke
File: 1483677965681.jpg (65KB, 517x768px)Image search: [Google]
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good thing no one cares about your worthless opinion then

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So the two day old no shave look is in style now. Women seem to love it. I fucking hate it because I have to buy one of those fancy electric shavers to maintain it. I've resisted for years because I like my clean shaven face, it's consistent and part of my morning routine, but it's just not working out anymore. I'm 25 and have never used an electric shaver before so I honestly don't know what to expect.

Why the fuck are stubble and beards in style again? I really thought this fad would end by now, but nope. Fuck you Hugh Jackman, you started this shit and just had to look good doing it
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or just, you know, shave and then not shave for 3 days.
Tried this. Not consistent, and I hate that. It drives me crazy and looks like I'm reckless or something.
>looks like I'm reckless or something.

Insecure faggot, I hope you have kneepads.

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/degenerate/ thread

>pic related me during a pill head phase last year
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w2c shirt
gas the kikes
eat something

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Chuck Taylor's All Star's or All Star II's?

Can anyone tell the differences? I miss the shiny eyelets of the old model, but the added padding seems like a real nice addition desu
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the all star IIs look a lot cleaner IMO, go with the original if you want a more retro style
Yeah, the red lining on the white ones and the eyelets really catches the eye when compared to the II's. But a local store is selling hi-top II's for 49€, compared to the originals which are currently going for 69€. But last year i copped a pair of black hi-top All Star's at the same store for 39€. Should i just wait 'till spring?
File: chuckii_n.jpg (43KB, 960x639px)Image search: [Google]
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I bought a pair of these leather Chuck IIs because I wanted a cleaner alternative to my regular Chucks, the black toe cap and no racing stripe gave it a different profile that works better for certain fits. Very happy with them but I don't see them as a replacement.

File: riding_pants.jpg (37KB, 346x500px)Image search: [Google]
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What are those pants called that are like skinny pants but have a wider top part? They're sort of like riding pants, pic related, but less extreme.
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They're called "fucking retarded"
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>winter is almost over
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did you even see friday's forecast, fuccboi <_<
Reddit weather all this week
It isn't, it's going to snow for about two more weeks

so i have two weeks left of being effay

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Terrorwave thread, discuss which army is the most /fa/ within
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It's always dutch.
Mujahideen: Are they terrorwave?
They're goatfuckerwave.

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Is it socially acceptable to wear a hat in the 21st century or does it make you look like a fool?
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It 100% makes you look like a retard.
Not that hat. You can wear a hat. Different hats suits different heads and faces though
Baseball cap or beanie

Cowboy hat if you live in the South or are Latino.

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How many coffees do you drink daily and how many cigarettes do you smoke?
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I drink tea not coffee, so usually 6-8. I don't smoke.
4-6 coffees a day
no smoking
also drink double the amount of water than coffee
Drinking too much tea, especially green tea, weakens your immune system.

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Post your eyes in thread, anons decide if they are /fa/ or not.
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> pink cumskin
You're not effay. Only black people can be effay.
nice try special agent Johnson

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Anyone plugged in LA plugged in for Zebras?
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The only thing I'm plugged in is my dick in your ass, bitch boy.
Not from LA but I'm getting a pair backdoored sz.10
Am I crazy for thinking these things are absolutely hideous?

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