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Anywhere here tried to 'naturally' lighten their hair color ?

What were your results like?
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if your hair is any darker than medium brown then it doesn't really work and you just end up with weird orange splotches.

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hair dryer.jpg
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Redpill me on hair dryers as a man with fairly long free flowing hair.
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it damages your hair and towel drying is way better
You can influence the way your hair falls for the next few days and use less product if you blow dry properly
Can I use less/no heat to avoid the damage or does that completely defeat the purpose of the blow drying?

Also, how much of a difference does an expensive hair dryer make compared to a budget one?

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What are some /fa/ skate brands?
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Skating is not limited to brands, it's a lifestyle. You probably just carry one around for fashion.
Raised by wolves
i wear cheap clothes and vans when I skate bc u know i'm bouta eat shit

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post grails! also give a few reasons why.

>tfw size s sold out while i was waiting for some other things to sell

it's the silk and quilted versions of these that get the most hype but something about the simplicity of this really gets me. the pocket placement, the ties and trails on the side. it's so perfect.i think about this jacket constantly.
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It's very nice
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got a couple
lemaire owl maxi coat
it's fuckin gorgeous
i like the details, especially the bit on the right arm

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Regular Edition

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
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To those doing OMAD IF: what are you having today or what did you have?

I'm having chicken with avocado and lemon pepper along with some spinach, deviating from the usual scrambled eggs and cheese.
just missed new thread, so reposting

Period came back today after a 2 year absence. I'm on the edge of thinspo now. I don't know what to do, /thinspo/ friends
Been thin all my life, can't get any weight.
Have I been blessed with some god-like metabolism or have I been cursed by the silly stickmen?

Favorite guilty pleasure mall/fast fashion brand?
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uniqlo is great but boring

urban outfitters has some okay stuff sometimes

zara can be cool but isnt worth retail

h&m usually has decent basics and comfywear if you care to dig, their statement pieces are usually shit tho
joe fresh at walmart can be pretty good

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Haio fa, it's me again.
My hair is getting too long again, and I'd like to, once again, ask you for advice. I'd like to know which hair styles would suit my facial shape.
Thank you :**
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pic 2
jfc imma turn homo for you
anon I need your instagram and Twitter for uh..... research

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What does /fa think about the tubular x? Could get them for 80 bucks
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dooms or nothing.
they're okay but yeah dooms are by far the best choice

I've been using this, but gotten bored and it's only good for night time

Any recommendations for male perfumes? I like wood/tobacco scents.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla was good smell but weak strength.
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sport version of that is nice
i also like dior fahrenheit 32 and amouage reflection
I use David Beckham but for some reason it barely gives off any smell
Is it an Eau de Toilette?

Try Eau de Perfumes. Toilettes don't seem to last longer than 30minutes on me, but i can smell perfumes on my clothes the next day

Does anyone know what would be used to write on clothing like Richard Hell's in this picture? I would appreciate it
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That's a really shitty pic you can't really see anything. Could be embroidery. I'd go with an embroidered patch if you were to try to do anything like that. Look at the ann D pieces with writing on them.
bleach and or paint,
also his clothes are ripped up because his GF flipped shit on him

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?? ????? ??????.jpg
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Last is 2 days old. Post yourselfs and rate others, you know the drill.
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Start this off with the best fit ever constructed
File: 2017-02-26-09-50-38-069.jpg (776KB, 1500x1683px)Image search: [Google]
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Haha nice meme
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from other thread

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What are some effay water bottles?

Me? I'm thinking about picking up a S'well bottle
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>Me? I'm thinking about picking up a S'well bottle

you sound like this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhRQsBICnPY
How do you intend to effectively clean it?
is this a joke or have you never seen one of these

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...due to popular demand
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the populus demands more!
more icelandic fashion!

New thread
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those are hideous
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Is marc ecko a bad choice to cop?

wut you think? Cuppernauts

This is an Old/Classic atire thread, post classic fits, preferred decades : 30's,40s,50's,60's

Also post watches.

Theme thread : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeM0JMgj358&spfreload=10
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pls don't let me down/fa don't tell me we all streetwear now.
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