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Wanna buy this hoodie
Not sure if legit
Pic related + gonna post more pics
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Another one...
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>What trends can we expect as we pass through SS17?
>What can we expect longer term?
>Discussion on the future of Rick, Raf, etc.

Pic Related: I'm anticipating a crazy spike in hazard yellow either next season or SS18. Speaking of which, anyone have any suggestions for pieces in this color. I made the mistake of buying MKI once already. Their tee are glidan reprints.
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Im moving into purple and melon green myself. I expect raf is going to get better as a result of working at CK, the sponsor t shirts he did were reminiscent of kollaps
Slightly offtopic, but I wouldn't have said MKI made their tees on gildan. They always seemed like a cool brand and I was planning to buy some outerwear (mainly leather) from them for a long time. Anyone has opinion on their jackets?
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OP here: Buddy it's not an exaggeration. I purchased the signature tee and there was a glidan tag underneath the MKI tag on the back of the neck. Super disappointing. Can't speak on any other their other items though. Pic Related
I'm optimistic for raf as well, but not excited about the FW18 runner discussed here:>>12482581 looks a little goofy to me.

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Ok effay do i keep the chinscruff or not, this is as long and thick as its gonna get at this point
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no, you look disgusting
you look like you never your mum's basement
also, this should be asked in the fuccboi general, not its own thread

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Grunge/military style thread, post pics and stuff
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I hate drop crotch, but the guy on the left is pulling them off super well. Props to him.

Pic related is a recent runway look from The Viridi-Ann
Little over the top isn't it

And yeah, I ain't a fan of left guys outfit. I like right guys.
Pretty sure the guy on the left is Horikawa but I could be wrong. Right is Knoch or Trunks? Was this taken in Germany?

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Is Bones /fa/ ?
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as someone who's heard every single song in his discog multiple times over and has been a regular supporter of team sesh for years i can confidently say that he's hit or miss. He does some pretty interesting stuff style wise, stuff i've never seen anyone else, particularly rappers, do before (i.e the deadsesh combat vest he and SK are designing that he's wearing in pic related.)
too edgy, even in his interviews
i enjoy some of his tracks, but he is not effay
yeah he is a qt i would fug

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Are flat caps the next fedoras?
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autism hat.jpg
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Flat caps are more fedora than fedoras and have been for a long time.

Also these are what furries wear. (I'm just guessing because the girl in the foam video wears one)
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>he lets internet memes dictate his sense of fashion
File: gustavus.jpg (18KB, 189x218px)Image search: [Google]
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>he thinks the internet is the only place where people who wear flat caps look dumb

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skinny swole.jpg
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is this the ultimate aesthetic, those fucking flawless abs what's this physique called how easy is it to achieve it i'm the same height as tyler 6'2 but i weigh 180
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no lats, arms look dyel, this is a shit aesthetic and a better physique would take 1.5-3 years depending on multiple factors
>wanting huge arms
>wanting to look like a cartoon character
i bet he could do a lot of pull ups despite not having visible lats
Huh Tyler the Creator never struck me as the type of person who would be yoked

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This guy is old yet has all his hair, and it's even cool...
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I doubt he got one but hair transplants are a thing
The show is already out?

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My girlfriend started a part time barista job and needs sneakers. I want to cop her these in a women's size for her birthday next week. Black ultra boosts specifically for women are also relatively easy to find. What should I do anons?

She's a qt and wears black skinnies, Allsaints tees, and mules usually.
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out of the 3 big boost shoes (UB, NMD, 97/13), 97/13 is the best for standing, UB is the best for walking around, NMD is the best for looks/practicality. That's all my opinion though.
File: IMG_3767.jpg (45KB, 750x643px)Image search: [Google]
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The lady boosts
also if you get her NMDs do NOT get mesh, they are shit. primeknit or nothing

Anyone else tried of seeing Adidas products? Shit is so outplayed and basic at this point. Shoes are fine unless it's those meme-y allstars but other than that, why the fuck are people stuck on this ugly shit?
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it matches, is inoffensive, and it lets them fit in

Wearing all adidas - track pants shirt and shoes - is the most sell out boring trend
Anyone else tried of seeing [your favorite brand here]'s products? Shit is so outplayed and basic at this point. Shoes are fine unless it's those meme-y [your favorite brand's popular shoe] but other than that, why the fuck are people stuck on this ugly shit?
found the person who wears adidas and cant come up with an original rhetoric either

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Is decorating laptops with stickers effay?
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fuck no but god going to college is where you'll see so many people who LIVE for letting others know their interests through laptop stickers
Pointless story: Two years ago in uni some autist in my philosophy class had this sticker/print covering his WHOLE laptop

easiest spot of a 4channer I've ever had

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Would you consider wearing subtle anime clothing?
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File: 560.jpg (112KB, 470x560px)Image search: [Google]
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I already do
I want to FUCK Sagiri-chan.
File: disappionted best korean.png (311KB, 429x360px)Image search: [Google]
disappionted best korean.png
311KB, 429x360px

No.Fuck off. I want to share my autism with everyone.

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Can we just agree that cultural context is a much underrated aspect of being /fa/

it's so tiring to see kids posting on /fa/ dressed in internet memewear about as divorced from their immediate social surroundings as possible. Dressing for yourself is important yes, but the internet has removed this kind of context by 'globalising' what looks good, to the point where what is appropriate for Tokyo is imported wholesale to middle America, where it is entirely out of place

Be inspired by various things yes, but uninformed aping of metropolitan high-culture fashion into suburban environments is just cringy af

It's like tumblrinas idealising some distorted ideal of 50s americana, or high school kids wearing fedoracore suits with anime ties to class
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bump for chat
I agree to an extent
seems like today's fashion is mostly internet-based and celebrity-driven, items and styles become popular because kanye wore them or something
and it seems like subcultures aren't really a thing anymore, most highschoolers dress pretty much the same
Agreed. Like seeing southern californias in parkas. I understand parkas were really "in" in 08 but wihout a globalized sense of context due to the internet, youd be seen as a complete oddity for that choice in coat. Like seeing dreadlocks on a line cook or long johns and a denim tux on a guy from the gulf coast. Your identity wasnt built organically, so you come off as extremely calculated and, I hate this word, inauthentic. Not going so far as to say if you wear a cadet cap in college youre a complete posuer, but it robs you of that identity you would have had.

For instance, I met an extremely interesting girl from southern oregon who worked in agriculture. She wore romeo boots, denim overalls and a fleece sweater. Wear that in say, tampa and you'd get laughed at, but discerning her character and how it led to her outfit was more fun than tag comparisons because you could make sense of her outfit based on her lifes narrative.

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Tattoo thread
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Gonna be getting a cover up chest tattoo, that'll go from chest to either one, or both shoulders. Not sure yet. Might get full sleeve at one point though. Gonna be getting something incorporating Icarus, the Fibonacci Spiral, and the Vitruvian Man. It'll look dope af, and definitely better than what I have now.
Just filled in some empty spots on my arm this week. My next piece is either gonna be a traditional panther head, or gorilla. Id say I have about 15% left to fill on my arm. Until there is no room left.
What do you have now? Sounds like your going to have get a bold tattoo for a cover up, might be hard to put in fine detailed stuff like a virruvian or fib spiral
thanks for that dude really cool

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I see people wearing Carabiner shackles on their belt loops as a key chain, but the type of people who wear them always seem to have a slight edge to their personality. Is this a certain look? Does it carry certain associations?
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It is summer.
Janitor core is the final red pill
File: 1334609929-33600200.jpg (66KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Best carabiner comin through

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