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I got a fever and the only cure is your footwear. Post your shoes immidiately!
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pls don't rotate
what does the rest of this FIT look like?

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finger fedora.jpg
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we now know the mouth fedora (vapes) and the finger fedora (pic related)

what is the ultimate foot fedora though?
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is and has been ultraboosts/yeezys

lurk more
theres nothing wrong with tanjuns
Anything made by Adidas.

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Is thick the new skinny?
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no, thicc is.
no way lmao
No, thick has always been thick. It's more celebrated now.

Real, naturally thicc girls are pretty rare.

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Do you have a personal style like something for which you get recognized?

Example: Chris and his stripped shirt.
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vans for me
I hang my sunglasses from my shirt's button holes.
i mess with my hair a lot does that count

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Palewave thread? I'm interested in some summer fits for it.
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Discuss sneaker news, ask questions, get advice etc.
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I have a question if anyone knows. I'm looking into finally getting a pair of Jordan 1's. Looking at 1's today I noticed something--that the "Shattered Backboard" 1's are made of a very supple, nice quality leather. The other 1's at the shop were very plasticky. Are there any other releases with the leather quality of Shattered Backboards? I'd rather get another colorway.
these are just worse reeboks desu

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So I've just discovered this Orthotropics thing and how our posture, breathing, swallowing, toungue posture and chewing changes how your face is.

The question is, do you guys think this is bullshit or not? Did you guys ever try any jaw line exercise or shit like that?
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another pic
>Ancestral Health Symposium
>Our goal is to examine current health challenges through the context of our ancestral heritage. In modern science, evolution is the default perspective for inquiry, yet in modern healthcare, evolution is almost nowhere to be seen. The Ancestral Health Symposium is dedicated to providing a forum for sharing scientific theories about how diet, lifestyle, and environment can shape human health.

does it make me autistic or edgy?
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If you are asian you will look fine, if not, you will look autistic AF
*in asia

really its just a cultural thing imo, i think they look cool and are super practical but anyone outside asia will think ur a fuckin edgelord weeaboo
if you need to ask

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Legit check also what to wear with it
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put them in the bin
fuggin normies...
will suit pants/dickies do well? in beige

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A very poorly chosen image, perhaps I've scared the good replies away, we'll see...

I'm going to Paris next week, and I wanted to see what you think is classically French.

Let me elaborate by example:
When I go to London I like to get quintesentially British things, such as tweed and courderoy. Barbour is a given visit.
When I travel to the US I think preppy; Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren.
In Italy it's suits.

But what is typically French?
What springs to mind is Louis Vuitton, but I am looking more for classical or traditional.
The best example I can think of is Le Chameau rubber boots, but I already own a pair.

So what's as French as a button down shirt is American? I'm obviously not looking for a beret and striped shirt.
Any brands or stores I should visit?
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JM Weston. YSL.
Came here for the sweet pic, OP. Nothing else to contribute.
Thank you, exactly the type of feedback I was hoping for. More of this please :)
This commant was good too ;)

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Ur literally payin 5 times the shoe price for a brand thats called 'clothes' in french
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thats next level as fuck if you think about it
My fake seoul hoodie cost $30 and it's my favorite thing to wear while at home.
about to cop fake ozweegos from a russian. 100$

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any fellow big ballers here?
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I love big black bitches

Get this trashy garbage out of here.

This is for chimp worshipping cornballs.
The logo is ugly, shoes are basic. Only a thing bc they cost 500

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Explain why you still wear boxers in the year of our Lord, 2017.

Do you never run in them/exercise in them?
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covers a hole in my pants, without boxers my dick would pop out
Really? I found the opposite to be true. The tighter fabric of boxer-briefs help keep it from slipping out.
File: SunspelRepton-boxing-club-4.jpg (66KB, 460x578px)Image search: [Google]
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>Do you never run in them/exercise in them?

they're literally called BOXER shorts

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/fa/, Wouldn't normally come here but I'm from the UK and going abroad with the GF and was thinking about wearing something like this for the formal meal at night?

anybody know where to cop similar shit to this?
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That's not formal at all, anon.

>Wrong type of shoes
>No socks (naked legs are a taboo)
>Belt and shoes do not match
>Phone showing through the pocket
>Shirt should have at least one more button closed, best would be a tie
>Black shirt

Those are just the things I see, probably there's more
not an actual proper formal meal, just something to go out to one of the reastaurants or something man, I'm not going to a wedding
then its ok

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Why do International Asian Students in College wear brands like MCM Worldwide, Gucci, Prada and other shit like that. Can someone explain?
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cos its expensive. asians, especially chinese are very materialistic

Why MCM tho?

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