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need new stuffs for my inspo folder
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All black inspo thread.
Starting with the GOAT.
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What do you think? Thought I was doing well, until I shaved. Then I remembered I'm a turbo chinlet.
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Your chin is the least of your worries. You clearly have undiagnosed autism.
Is it because I tucked in a sweater? What'd you pick up on.
The sweater itself is the problem. Don't wear cotton, you tool!
Start lifting and wear a buttoned wool blazer without shoulderpads with that, preferably from the 1920. That cap looks like a shitty repro btw.

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There are two ways people pronounce this brand - one marks you as a brainless, consumerist, pleb zombie, the other signifies your status as an erudite, dignified patron of fashion.

So, which one are you?
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if you care about copping Ralph Lauren you're a China man fag
No dignified patron of fashion would give 2 shits about Ralph Lauren
purple label

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Can graphic tees be /fa/? Examples?
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If you think it's remotely okay to wear this, you need help
>inb4 bait
anyone got a source on any of those?
looks like the work of turtle.fish.paint

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are bape hoodies still a thing?
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for spics, niggers, and white's who don't know how to dress, yes they are still a thing.
I hope you're sad that roger ailes is dead.
>nice trips
who the fuck is that?

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is /fa/ basement approved?
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Paid to promote hyped items and their fits are shit, ex: red bogo, so they grab a pair of red sneakers and a pair of pants with red stripes. 0 fashion knowledge.You need to be 12 or bellow to think that they look cool.
If you're 14 yes

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>that guy that wears basketball shorts to the gym
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Why not and what is the acceptable alternative?
swim shorts
what would i wear then?

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what's an fa website for getting a shirt custom printed? what fabric is best for everyday wear, just normal cotton? is this shirt fa?
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if you're in the philippines there's customthread
I have a similar tshirt that I bought on red bubble that came out pretty well for me
pics or it didnt happen

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What are the best Adidas shoes?
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wish i was effay like t-time desu
y-3 Qasa, Tubular dooms, 1.0 Ultra boost, Samba
Ironwork 2

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are skinny jeans still in fashion or are slim jeans better now?
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>following trends
just wear what you think looks good my dude
Fashion's pretty versatile at the moment if you can make it work, work it, but in general slim is a better look just in general especially if you're getting non black jeans

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I feel like I'm gonna cry
>go into gas station to buy cigs
>ask lady for a pack
>she looks at me like i'm a fucking IDIOT
>asks for ID while smirking
>after showing her she ACTUALLY started laughing and said "dude you do NOT look 18"
I've legitimately had people ask me if i'm old enough to drive when getting fast food. I'm 19 years old.

What are the cures to baby face? Please /fa/, it's actually a lot worse then you think. At least I'm 6'0 and have a deep ass voice, but people still think I look like i'm a freshman in high school.
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fucking own it you loser
don't dress streetwear. stand up straight

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Beaters general thread.

My meme parchment Chuck IIs just died on me, and I'm in need of new beaters. I'm thinking of copping black Chuck IIs as they're on sale for 67,95€ right now, but I feel like trying out something new for a change. What are some effay beaters? I'm looking for

>black colorway
>under 80€, but can go up to 100 if I really like them
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reebok inferno
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My pythonskin diemmes have held up for some 3 years now
Palladium's? I prefer the silhouette to chucks desu

backpacks thrread
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File: Proviz Reflect 360 Rucksack.jpg (47KB, 880x587px)Image search: [Google]
Proviz Reflect 360 Rucksack.jpg
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not really /fa, more /n, but still looks cool and is functional
File: 71vFJCgSN3L._SL1000_.jpg (187KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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I got this one a few months back.
Absolutely sorts it out.
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i have the bottom left one

burton kilo, had it for a year with no problems, liked it so much i got my gf the burton prospect.
would recomend

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LAST THREAD >>12448669

BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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If you want recs, provide as many criteria as possible: including sex, price range, seasons/weather, occasions, other frags/notes/accords you like/dislike, special conditions i.e. can easily be found in mall department stores, other ephemera i.e. personal style/aura you want to project, etc...
Heaven or hell

Received a sample of Rive Gauche (can) in a trade with Kouros Guy. Quality barbershop scent, maybe the best I've tried. Would be amazed if Azzaro pH comes close to the YSL in terms of quality.

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