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>The "My Parents don't get me" starter pack

Yeah, okay.
great album but i'm not digging that graphic tee. i'm not digging anything about this fit if i'm keepin it real.

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they look like concept art of the cyborgs from mortal kombat
trashy like almost everything alt in 1998
Does this subculture still even exist?

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where do I get clothes this fucking dapper

i feel like the modern equivalent would be "male lolita"

>inb4 get called a fag or a cosplayer
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Lurk /cgl/, they are far more knowledgeable on the subject.
You cannot ever dress like an anime character, it will never ever work. They are drawn perfectly and you will always look like shit in comparrison.

I don't know what to do anymore, I want to wear nice looking sneakers but I just can't seem to find any that fit my very wide feet. Who else widefeet here? What did you do to help
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NB 990v4 is in wide sizes
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size 13w, same problem... every time i find a pair of shoes i like, cant even find them in 13 or 14
>Have to buy a size up because my feet are a 1/4 too large to fit the half size

>Shoes still feel oversized

Do you ever feel like fashion is beginning to get a bit pointless?

I didn't like a single thing from this year so far apart from maybe a sweater or two, I'm tempted to just buy white, black and grey sweaters, shirts and t shirts and wear them with similar coloured trousers and CP/derbies forever since it's so convenient, versatile and never looks objectively terrible.
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your tastes have just changed.

Tastes have changed in regard to fashion as a whole or in regard to not being able to find a style in fashion specifically?
Old clothes still exist you know..
A month ago I bought a sick leather jacket from a church fair for the equivalent of 3 US dollars.
It's not necessary to ONLY combine this season's clothes with eachother in some kind of incestuous relationship.

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Found those old reeboks in a shitty store. Not sure if cop or not
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bruh, they might be fake, look at the fake NMDs above them.
dadcore asf
they look like what the special needs kid would wear in the 90s

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rate and get rated

Here's the template
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just made this
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I just got a new corporate job.
Due mostly to a rebranding I've still been able flex and express my fashion choices extremely freely. They try to create a comfortable, casual business environment in general. How can I mix street wear with formal wear without looking like a child and without being so basic. ive been googling this for a little while and have mostly found garbage fits. pic related amount the best I've seen. help me out guys.
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bumping with some more from the set
File: SILVERxZALANDO-12.jpg (1MB, 1024x1536px)Image search: [Google]
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Just dress business casual with well fitting, high quality clothes.

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W2c vaguely rock star collared button up shirts that aren't ridiculously priced?
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Nice constructive post kiddo
Sorry, anon! I just really love him and he makes me happy!!!

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How's my fit, /fa/?
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you look like stanley kubrick
Nothing too bold or outlandish, except for those shoes. Bad color choice, all black and gray then you have Dorothy prancing through.

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/stone island thread/

is terrace wear dying?
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This brand is okay. Not worth the price but I'll deff cop a sweater in the future
OP here what do you think of places like cruise outlets? worth it?
Never heard of that

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What are good techwear shoes besides RAF or rebooks
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File: nike-presto-acronym-shoes.jpg (188KB, 940x660px)Image search: [Google]
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nike x acronym
File: rainboots.jpg (331KB, 700x700px)Image search: [Google]
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yall aint shit post real tecwear
do you have these in size 11?
i'll give you $400 shipped

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/fa/ places to live.

is Brooklyn effay?

what are some other /fa/ places to live?
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no Brooklyn is not effay get out were sick of gentrifiers
>were sick of gentrifiers
why do people from NYC think they are so much better than everyone else and everyone in bk think they are better than everyone in the city?

whats the deal with you guys? is the shitty air down there getting to you?

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Other one is basically dead, let's get another one going.
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Just now learning how to dress. Any advice?
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Recommend me a better shirt.
you dress like someone from the early 2000's but not really in a good way. i don't like the bracelets or the glasses. the shoes are decent. the pants are meh and the shirt is meh.
i mean overall it's pretty normie-tier and not UGLY but i would research a specific style you like and try to stick with that because right now it's kind of all over the place i guess.
good luck senpai!

i like the shirt

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There is no rational reason for owning more than 3 pairs of shoes.
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yes there is
WHat d'ya want? A reply? Here you go.
Have a sage too
I fucked you're mom

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