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Just got the aw14 lows in black.
Can we get some discussion/inspo on this very slept on collab?
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w2c jacket?
shoes feel too matchy desu

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How did I do?
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fok off
Get a better haircut
Get better glasses
Ditch most graphic tees and go with basic stuff or wear polos or button shirts
get better fitting jeans, not too tight just not as long so the legs don't bunch up so much

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oiled slacks.jpg
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how often do you oil your slacks?
how would you rate Grandpappy's Traditional Slack Oil vs SlakLube?
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wait what
you apply oil on your slacks
are you telling me that you don't know what slack oil is?

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So I just got pic related in the mail. In a size 10 and the width feels perfect, but there is about a thumbs worth of space at the front. Maybe a bit more. Walking around they feel fine, but I'm curious if yall can tell me if going down a size would be a better fit before I decide to send them back.
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I got the high top ones in my size and they fit like clown shoes.
Well mine don't look long on my feet, they look right. Im just curious if that is to much space to have at the front.

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I see this on the gym all the time.

Why do gym girl dont wear a fucking thong or nothing at all with these pants?

fucking hell girls are so bad at being /fa/ some times?
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I see this on the 4chan all the time.

Why do manchildren dont fucking proofread or nothing at all with these terrible grammer?

fucking hell manchildren are so bad at being rationally thinking adults some times?
>dont fucking proofread

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Looking for some good shorts to wear during summer.
Any advice?
Also, outfits to wear them with.
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From the summer thread
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56 Sal Mineo.jpg
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Just Sal mineo.

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Is This effay
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stop posting tasteless youtube faggots
No, its lame
i know this post is ironic but that is seriously one of the most tasteless hypebeast outfits ive seen. the only thing that could make it worse is a bape hoodie

Backpacks are autistic what's the alternative
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a messenger bag?
I'm fairly certain you're autistic if you think this. Just get cargo pants and fill the pockets with all your stupid shit.
just use double sided tape to keep your ID and credit/debit card together and stick them between your ass crack BOOM no need for anything else

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Why can't American men dress properly?
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because we don't have a care in the world. when you know that you're superior, you don't worry about the things that could made you look inferior. it's a sign of big balls confidence which we are overflowing with
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looking gif.gif
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because in America we are free, free to dress like shit if we choose.
they're not trying to 'dress well' they're just dressing for work in their dress code which seems to just be a formal shirt and trousers. the majority of 40+ people just don't give a shit about clothes other than practicality

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What's the most effay outfit to wear in a battle? I'm thinking about getting this one but idk
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Quality shitpost
>no slashing
what, are you a fag or something?
Objectively Napoleonic cavalry

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post all the hair shit here thank u have a great day
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Best products for curly/wavy hair?
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how to get hair like this mans
File: 1494169427585.jpg (118KB, 600x896px)Image search: [Google]
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I have curly hair that would be fluffy if I didn't fight the curls, how do I achieve hair like Harry's?

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Give It All You've Got.mp4
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for old times sake
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What advice do you have for finding good clothing that is 100% cotton? I.e. stuff that isnt crossed with polyester.

My own findings:

1. you have to go light, heavy cotton is living hell to wear in spring/summer
2. shop from asian and middle eastern online markets for clothes that are authentic
3. avoid crew-necks. They almost never have enough room for your neck.

Anything else? Pic related is a shirt Im currently looking at trying. I blanked out some info so it wont appear that Im shilling.
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there's nothing wrong with polyester if you're buying something that's decent quality. it's how it's used/made, not simply what it's made of
I am literally allergic to polyester, unfortunately.
also, polyester doesn't decay. Everytime you wash it, microscopic poly fibers get into the water and pollute ground water and back into our tap water, as well as bodies of water (rivers, seas, oceans) and end up in sea food, and back in us people.
We're literally eating plastic from our own clothes.

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