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Which do I look best in?

The small frames are the ones I wear now and the other two are ones I'm thinking about getting
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Nice try faggot they're all the same
They all look bad so just get the Ray-Bans. Basic girls will like the brand.
"give me the cuck look please"

"say no more"

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Can anybody give me a breakdown of the differences between jean styles for April77? I like the look of the joeys but i dont want something insanely tight. And are nightrider, and heart attack black the colorways?
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Bump, because also curious
Dictator is the best fit
I did a small one a while ago. Check it out!


Feel free to ask any other questions.

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Where do you guys get your plain tshirts from? Stupid question I know but the high quality shit that doesn't feel like paper is too expensive (e.g. Sunspel) and the cheap stuff is (in my experience) really thin, shrinks like a bitch, or fits really poorly
pic related is essentially my ideal tshirt: material isn't flimsy and it isn't too expensive
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inb4 literal garbage like h&m, uniqlo etc
Lands end
Ralph Lauren
Eddie Bauer

I usually just thrift mine but they are few and far between.

It really isn't brand dependant because every brand has made good ones and shit ones.
How do reigning champion shirt sizes compare to uniqlo dry?

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So I inherited a pair of vintage cowboy boots from my aunt. I am 90% certain pic related is the exact same model, but it doesn't matter anyway. They seem to be in pretty good shape, and the quality seems amazing.

So my question is - is there any conceivable way to wear cowboy boots and not look like a meth addicted country fan who blows guys who own pickup trucks?

Also, cowboy boot inspo, I guess. :/
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this type of fit is something i pretty much wanna avoid
This picture for ants is the only non-disgusting way to wear cowboy boots I found so far.

Anybody? Help?
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don't wear them outside of your pants like that, it's gross

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What would you wear to a music show (if you were alone and wanted to blend in)?
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Something bougie as fuck
Is this a real question? Like, you really don't know what to wear?
I usually just wear whatever but I don't want to stick out on this occasion

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reply to this thread with "dear gramme may i be blessed with good fits and good grades" to ace your finals
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instagram: @josefcaspian & @josefraf
why dont you smile
i only let my friends see me smile bro

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Last thread: >>12464778

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"

New /thinspo/ tumblr:
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Posting my pic from last thread
File: 61zRRzVirBL._SL1001_.jpg (110KB, 708x1001px)Image search: [Google]
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you dont even need to see the body
File: 1467388567354.jpg (133KB, 540x810px)Image search: [Google]
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Post your Grailed profiles and try to score some deals.
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What does fa wear to bed?
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Looking primitive af
no socks EVER

Can tennis be /fa/?
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Tennis and golf are the sports of old money. I always see tennis racquets in Ferraris at car shows.
ye if u don't suck at it
File: 1477101775355.jpg (21KB, 237x281px)Image search: [Google]
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>old money

and the sports of new money are mma and dota?

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electra beach cruiser.jpg
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which type of bikes do you find to be /fa/?

My personal favorites are the beach cruisers
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File: chopper.jpg (78KB, 480x360px)Image search: [Google]
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Me and my chopper bike in 2008. Still have it and still ride it from time to time. Taken the edgy flame stickers off tho.
It's pretty chill

Both bikes are shit guys.

look at that cannondale track
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums

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Heading down to London overnight on Wednesday to Thursday.

What are the places I need to hit up?
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Since no one replied ill hekp ya.

Depending on what you wanna do, check out places like Soho and Shoreditch, Camden too if you're feeling for a bit of a different feel.

High end stores are near the soho area, particularly bond street, but also many of stores. Selfridges carries alot of designer stuff too.

Great restaurants around, depending on what food you like though. China town isn't too far from Soho too
This but avoid Camden.
Only recommended it cos I've only been there once but it seemed quite interesting. What's so bad about Camden if I may ask?

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what's wrong with my outfit
i can't figure it out
is it the cuffs? the shoes? the jeans?
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Maybe the shirt is too big
And don't do that thing in your pants down there
In my opinion, the jean cuffing by the shoes looks a bit bulky, and the shirt looks a little large.
Other than that, I really like what you're going for
i'm nervous about getting them hemmed but they stack so much so i have to cuff them which i don't really want to do

i just noticed these have a 35" inseam and stack but the jeans that i don't need to cuff have a 30" inseam

which is weird because i'm 6'4" but they fit perfectly

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt smoking.png
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Hard to explain but it just does, smoking is like the ultimate accessory, you just look cool doing it.
because a well lit and posed shot looks good. the content inside can be total wank (or just stanky unhealthy shit like smoking) as long as the shot is aesthetically pleasing you think it looks cool
It reminds us of older days when people always wore suits and looked cool 24/7

It gives actors/models something to do while taking a shot, as opposed to just standing there

It gives off the impression that the person doesn't give the fuck about their health because yolo

Smoking detaches you from the environment somewhat, since it's a lonely activity. And seeming detached from your surroundings is pretty much the definition of "cool".

And possibly more importantly, cigarette advertising has been fucking everywhere for the past 70 years so even modern efforts to curb smoking still can't really destroy the effect of decades of product placement.

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Hey, /fa/. I have a diema. I realy would want a full beard but it only grows as in the picture. So thats why i grew it out. But honestly... does it look good at all? Should i just shave it all off? Trim it down aloooot shorter? I have some weird love/hate relationship with my beard, my girlfriend loves it, but im starting to think i look like a total hobo with it. Opinions please?
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Yeah i have a receding hairline and should probably just shave my hair of aswell. And yeah my face is long and pointy as fuck so that might even look more retarded.
The beard looks good but you should start over on that haircut. It's cut too high. Without a proper fade you look like a pineapple. Good news is, if you start from a buzz (which will also look good on you) you can just fade the sides yourself as the top grows longer and if you do it right will have the best-looking undercut you can imagine. Oh, and the beard really does look good. Don't let the powerbottoms tell you otherwise.
My plan was acctualy to buzz it down when school ends this summer to let it grow during the summer. However since im traveling to China to study instead i don't want to go there with a brand new haircut i've never had before.

One thing that buggs me with the beard is that when i have a bad "beard day" it points everywhere and i can't seem to do anything about it.

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